5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (2024)

Most Minecraft players tend to focus more on the exterior of their builds than the interior. This is great and all; however, a solid interior design is equally as impressive. As seen in the image above, some players take their interior design very seriously and can spend hours in a single room.

Interior designing in Minecraft is a bit more complicated than exterior designing, as it requires smaller and more subtle additions rather than large walls and windows. The image above showcases this very well, with tiny additions such as the buttons on the left or the potted plants on the counter.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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Top 5 interior design tricks available for any Minecraft player

5) Drawers

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (2)

Drawers are a great addition to almost any room in a house, whether that be a bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

The drawers seen in the image above look absolutely amazing, and that is because a lot of detail goes into them. These drawers consist of an item frame placed on a block, a slab is placed in the frame, and a sign is placed on top of the frame. The slab acts as the handle of the drawer door.

Anything can be placed on top of the drawer, and this will likely vary depending on which room they are located in.

4) Greenery space

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (3)

This amazing design consists of very few blocks. However, it looks absolutely amazing.

The middle consists of a few trapdoors, with two barrels in the middle. A pot with a sapling is placed on top. The sides consist of bamboo placed in pots, which look better than most players may have realized. These bamboo pots can also be placed in many other spaces and still look great.

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (4)

Similar interior design tricks can be viewed in the video above.

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3) Layered rooms

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (5)

The room above consists of one room that has a layered space inside. It is not considered a second story. However, it almost acts as its own room.

Both rooms are gorgeous and provide many interior design hacks such as trapdoors along the bamboo plants to cover the dirt, iron trapdoors acting as stairs, and armor stands in a dresser.

Minecraft players looking to up their interior design should study this room, as a lot can be learned from it.

2) Kitchen tricks

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (6)

Minecraft players looking to create an exquisite kitchen do not need to look any further. The kitchen above showcases dozens of tricks to take that kitchen to the next level.

The central island is beautifully crafted with trapdoors with signs placed on the side to give depth. There are multiple item frames with food placed on top to cover some of that extra counter and table space. The light fixtures are also quite nifty, consisting of lanterns surrounded by signs.

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1) Modern living room

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (7)

Most Minecraft players who view the image above will notice the fire first, which acts as a centerpiece for the entire room. This modern Minecraft room is likely to provide tons of inspiration for players looking to create a living room.

The leaves placed on top of fence posts are a great touch, as well as the potted plants inside of the wall. The couches and the center carpet put the whole room together, giving it a hang-out spot vibe.

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About Me and Expertise

I'm an avid Minecraft player with a deep understanding of the game's mechanics and intricacies. I've spent countless hours honing my skills in both exterior and interior design, experimenting with various building techniques and decorative elements. My expertise in Minecraft interior design extends to creating immersive and visually appealing spaces that elevate the overall aesthetic of any build. I've also actively engaged with the Minecraft community, sharing my insights and learning from other passionate players to continuously improve my craft.

Concepts Related to Minecraft Interior Design

Minecraft Interior Design: Interior designing in Minecraft involves creating detailed and visually appealing interiors for various structures, including houses, buildings, and other architectural designs. It requires a keen eye for aesthetics and an understanding of the game's building mechanics to effectively utilize decorative elements and furniture.

Exterior vs. Interior Design: While many players focus on the exterior of their builds, interior design in Minecraft is equally important for creating immersive and captivating environments. It involves smaller and more subtle additions, such as furniture, decorations, and functional elements, to enhance the overall appeal of the interior spaces.

Interior Design Tricks: The article discusses five interior design tricks that are available for any Minecraft player, including the use of drawers, greenery space, layered rooms, kitchen tricks, and modern living room designs. These tricks involve creative placement of blocks, furniture, and decorative elements to elevate the interior aesthetics of Minecraft builds.

Creative Techniques: The interior design tricks mentioned in the article showcase creative techniques such as using item frames, slabs, signs, trapdoors, barrels, bamboo, and various decorative blocks to enhance the visual appeal of interior spaces. These techniques demonstrate the versatility of Minecraft's building mechanics for interior design purposes.

Community Engagement: The article emphasizes the subjective nature of interior design in Minecraft and encourages players to explore and learn from the diverse range of creative designs shared within the Minecraft community. It highlights the role of community engagement in inspiring and refining interior design skills.


Minecraft interior design offers a wealth of creative opportunities for players to express their artistic vision and attention to detail. By incorporating the concepts and techniques discussed in the article, players can elevate their interior design skills and create captivating and immersive spaces within the game. Whether it's through the use of clever furniture arrangements, decorative elements, or innovative building techniques, interior design in Minecraft continues to be a source of inspiration and creativity for players worldwide.

5 best interior design tricks in Minecraft (2024)
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