7 Best Studio Apartment Layout Ideas — LANGRIA – Langria (2024)

How to layout your small studio apartment in order to maximize space

One of the most exciting things when moving into a new apartment is decorating it. I remember long ago, even before I had my own apartment, that I could spend hours checking room layouts in Pinterest and online magazines. I had everything planned in my mind: a Japanese décor style for my master bedroom, a reading corner, a big kitchen aisle… Little I knew that my first home would not be a Hollywood mansion, nor even a home like the one I lived with my family, but a small city studio apartment. Nevertheless, when I first saw my current studio apartment, I couldn’t stop thinking about the best ways to layout furniture and decoration into that small studio. There are many do’s and don’ts, so I decided to compile some of the best studio apartment layout ideas that I used to decorate my home. If you are now, like I was, moving into a small studio apartment, or you want to refurbish yours, keep reading. You might find some good décor inspiration ideas! And yes! Some of these ideas I still got them from Pinterest.

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Accent wall vs. No accent wall

Let’s start talking walls. I love accent walls and watercolor walls. These wall decoration techniques add a lot of personality and visual interest to the room. But, shall you consider accent walls among your small studio apartment layout ideas? Many say yes because an accent wall can serve as a giant piece of art, however, I would say no. Do not go for it. It was a hard decision, but an intelligent one (keep reading, as we will discuss a way to create a small accent wall). Accent walls look great in larger spaces, but in a small studio apartment, you will feel crowded. Instead, it is better to paint the walls in one color and texture and if possible, a light color, so it can create the visual illusion of a larger space.

Don’t treat your studio as one single space

Sometimes it is hard to define different spaces in one studio apartment, but just because of its openness you shouldn’t be scared of drawing a line between rooms. The best way to do this is by using floating furniture, for example, room dividers like modular closets or bookshelves or if you have a little bit more space, you can float a sofa. Floating a sofa is, against what many people think, a smart idea in studio apartments. It can easily create corridors and help you move around the room easily. For me, separating the bed from the rest of the space is a must-do. Why? Because…

7 Best Studio Apartment Layout Ideas — LANGRIA – Langria (1)

Putting your bed right out in the open is a no-no

Bedrooms are the most intimate rooms in a home. It is a place to relax and recharge your energies for the next day. In a small studio apartment, this concept should remain. When you leave your bed out in the open of your studio, it can easily turn into your sofa, your place to work on your laptop and even your dining area. It can lead to suffering some sleeping disorders, because your mind doesn’t see your bed as a place to sleep, but on the contrary, as the place to be when you have to study, watch TV or even eat. In order to separate your bed from the rest of the studio, you can use – as mentioned before, a bookshelf, or create a bed nook with a couple of closets and… a wallpaper! Yes! Before I said that accent walls shouldn’t make it in your small studio apartment layout ideas, but you can create a small version of it to create a bedroom within a studio as shown in the picture above.

Curtains. Yes, but as high as possible

Speaking of defining spaces, curtains can be another cool way to do so. But keep in mind a very important trick: whether you use curtains as a room divider or you put them in a window, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. If you mount the rod low, you will break the illusion of large windows and high ceilings.

Multipurpose furniture is a must-have

Nowadays it is very easy to find smart pieces of furniture that can help you to hide stuff to free your studio apartment from clutter. LANGRIA has some fine furniture ideas that can do the trick. You can have a full-length mirror hiding all your jewelry inside, a bed that folds into a minimalist sofa or ottomans which double as storage units to keep bed linen, books, or anything that can easily make your space crowded.

Define the color palette of your studio

In order to keep things cohesive in your entire studio apartment, it is necessary to think about colors. What color palette should you use in your apartment? This is not an easy task for us, the non-interior designers. However, it is pretty easy if you follow a few tips and guidelines. Have a look at our Good Color Combinations for your Home Décor article and identify the colors that you want your studio apartment to have.

Go big on the art!

Last but not least, don’t be afraid of big pieces of art hanging on your walls. Tiny apartments can also rock big, bold pieces of art. Great places to hang them are above your bed, where it can act as a sort of headboard, above your desk, or in that empty “boring” wall. It will be a colorful addition to the white walls of your apartment. What do you think of these studio apartment layout ideas? Let us know if you give any of them a try on the comment section below or #langria if you share your pics online!

As an expert and enthusiast, I can provide information and insights on a wide range of topics, including small studio apartment layouts. While I don't have personal experiences or preferences, I can offer guidance based on general knowledge and research.

Small Studio Apartment Layout Ideas to Maximize Space

When it comes to maximizing space in a small studio apartment, there are several key concepts to consider. Let's explore each of these concepts in more detail:

1. Accent walls vs. One-color walls: Accent walls, which add personality and visual interest to a room, are often recommended in larger spaces. However, in a small studio apartment, they can make the space feel crowded. Instead, consider painting the walls in one color and texture, preferably a light color, to create the illusion of a larger space.

2. Defining different spaces: In a studio apartment, it can be challenging to define different areas for sleeping, living, and working. To overcome this, consider using floating furniture, such as modular closets or bookshelves, as room dividers. Floating a sofa can also create corridors and help you move around the room easily.

3. Separating the bed: It's important to create a sense of separation for the bed area in a small studio apartment. Leaving the bed out in the open can lead to using it for various purposes, which may disrupt your sleep patterns. To separate the bed from the rest of the space, you can use a bookshelf or create a bed nook with a couple of closets and even a wallpaper to create a small accent wall.

4. Using curtains: Curtains can be a useful way to define spaces in a studio apartment. Whether you use them as room dividers or for windows, hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. This technique creates the illusion of larger windows and higher ceilings, enhancing the overall spaciousness of the apartment .

5. Multipurpose furniture: Opting for multipurpose furniture is a smart choice in a small studio apartment. Look for pieces that can serve multiple functions, such as a full-length mirror that hides jewelry storage, a bed that folds into a minimalist sofa, or ottomans that double as storage units. These furniture pieces help keep the apartment free from clutter and maximize the available space.

6. Color palette: Choosing a cohesive color palette for your studio apartment can create a sense of unity and spaciousness. Consider following color combination tips and guidelines to select colors that work well together. You can refer to resources like the "Good Color Combinations for your Home Décor" article for inspiration.

7. Artwork: Don't be afraid to incorporate big pieces of art into your small studio apartment. Hanging large, bold artwork can add a colorful and visually striking element to the space. Consider placing artwork above your bed, desk, or on an empty wall to create a focal point and add personality to your apartment.

These studio apartment layout ideas can help you make the most of your small space while creating a functional and visually appealing living environment. Remember to adapt these ideas to your personal preferences and needs.

7 Best Studio Apartment Layout Ideas — LANGRIA – Langria (2024)
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