Far From The Others | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 52 (2023)


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With the magic of the apogee solstice having split the party across Exandria, half of Bells Hells must contend with the dangers and surprising connections of Northern Wildemount...

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"It's Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme Song)" by Peter Habib and Sam Riegel
Original Music by Omar Fadel and Hexany Audio
"Welcome to Marquet" Art Theme by Colm McGuinness
Additional Music by Universal Production Music, Epidemic Sounds, and 5 Alarm
Character Art by Hannah Friederichs

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Matt: Hello, everyone, and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role, where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons.

TRAVIS: We play Dungeons & Dragons! ASHLEY: We pla, la la la dern de dern, dees! LIAM:, We do.

MATT: We have a couple announcements to get to before.

We start the show.

First up.

There is no sponsors, so, Marisha, I think we just go straight to you.

SAM: Wait, what? Sorry, no sponsor? I.

Had this whole thing.


I was going to be Mr.

Tea and make the grossest cup of tea ever and then drink.


MATT: No, there's no sponsor.

So you don't have to worry about it.

So-- SAM: But.

If I don't have anything to advertise..

who am I?, MATT: Right, so..

Marisha, you got some announcements to get to? MARISHA: Uh, I, do, I, do., Is, that-- LAURA:, Sorry, Sam., MARISHA: Are, you okay?, SAM:, Yeah., Go, on., MARISHA:, We, still, love you., SAM:, Yeah., MARISHA: We got a moon, lore video!, (laughter), Yeah, Order of the Cobalt Soul Archivist Dani Carr will catch you up on everything.

You need to know about Exandria's moons., TRAVIS:, Dani, Carr!, MARISHA: So.

If you want to get caught up or refresh your memory about all of the crazy moon stuff that we've been exploring as Bells Hells, you can watch it right now.

On YouTube.

TRAVIS:, Yeah., MATT:, Woo!, MARISHA: Yeah, you see that-- Oh, shit, he'd, be-- (gasps) He wants to crack into a Slim Jim.

LAURA: Omar, come over here.

MATT: Oh no.

LIAM: You know that the audience is just watching.


No one is listening to a word: we're saying.

LAURA: Yeah, no.

TALIESIN: Moon video.

MARISHA: Put, your butt-- Just sit.

LIAM: Aww.

MATT: We got to-- LAURA: He can come over.

MATT: We're, almost done.

We're, almost done.

LIAM: Look at that butter, butt.

MARISHA: Okay, sorry., SAM: Oh.

This is big! MATT: We.

Also now have-- LAURA: Oh! This is huge!.

Matt: "Till, the Last Gasp" from Darrington Press is out.

(cheering) MATT: This is an amazing two-player storytelling game of dramatic duels in any genre of choice, really, designed by Will Hindmarch and a great creative team of wonderful people.

It features.

Ready-Made, scenarios complete with maps in the box and pre-generated characters to dive right in, or you can make your own characters or use characters from your RPGs or really anything else that you enjoy and want to pull into this system.


You can find it now at all Critical Role shops and Darrington Press, Guild stores and coming to other friendly local game stores, real soon.

But at the Guild stores.

You can look out for exclusive sets of pre-made characters from the Vox Machina campaign-- ASHLEY: Woo! MATT: --.

That can also plug right into this, which is awesome.

LAURA: Look.

How pretty that box is.

MATT: It's such a fun, game., MARISHA: It's, so pretty., TALIESIN:, Finally., Percy/Grog., MATT:, Seriously., LIAM:, We're, making games! MATT: I.

Hope you get a chance to check it out and I hope you enjoy.

TRAVIS: It is the coolest.

TALIESIN: I've been waiting.

TRAVIS: Finish, the duel.

(laughs) MATT: (laughs) Ashley.

LAURA: Omar, come here.

ASHLEY: Oh! So, our wonderful friends at Shanti Bhavan, recently opened the doors of the brand new girls' dormitory-- LIAM: Yes! (cheering) ASHLEY: -- that we all funded, at their school campus in India.

See? LIAM: Not, the time.

ASHLEY: Look at all, this.

The students are expected to move into the dorm at the end of the month and we cannot thank you enough for your support.


ASHLEY: As, a reminder.

All donations when we don't have an active campaign, are split equally between our partner organizations, like Shanti Bhavan.

So check out criticalrolefoundation.org for more information or to donate to support our wonderful partners., SAM: Yay!, (cheering), SAM: Sometimes.

We do good things!, TRAVIS: That's, so great.

MATT: Thank, you so much, Ashley., ASHLEY:, Sometimes., (laughter), MATT:, And I do believe.

That concludes our announcements.

ASHLEY: Oh gosh.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy., LAURA:, No!, No!, MATT:, So-- TRAVIS:, It's, fine!, MATT: Let's go ahead and jump into-- TRAVIS: Everything's, fine!, MATT: -- tonight's episode, of-- SAM: What.

Does it mean? MARISHA: Omar? Is the comfort dog.

SAM: What? Does it mean? MATT: -- Critical Role.

TRAVIS: What? Does it mean?! ♪ Critical (It's Thursday), ♪, ♪ It's Thursday night ♪ ASHLEY: ♪ One-by-one, we climb until we reach the top ♪ ♪ Two-by-two.

We fall ♪, LAURA:, ♪ Will.

We meet our end or meet our destiny? ♪ ♪ Hold your breath and roll ♪ MATT: How.

Do you want to do this?, ALL:, ♪, It's, Thursday night ♪, ♪, All, ye Critters, ♪, come join us ♪, ♪ It's time to ♪ continue our plight.

♪ ♪ There is ♪ magic and mystery.

♪ ♪ Who knows ♪ what will happen.

♪ ♪ He might ♪ ♪ But one thing's for sure.

♪ ♪ We never give up ♪ on the fight.

♪ TRAVIS: ♪ From, the healer ♪ LIAM: ♪ To, the renegade ♪ MATT: ♪ We all share the same goal: ♪ TALIESIN and MATT: ♪ Adding, more allies, ♪ ♪, Taking, more chances, ♪ SAM:, ♪ Hold, your breath and roll ♪ MARISHA: You can certainly try.

ALL: ♪ It's Thursday night ♪, ♪ All ye Critters, ♪ come join us ♪, ♪ It's time to ♪ continue our plight.

♪ ♪ It's Thursday night ♪, ♪ There is ♪ magic and mystery.

♪ ♪ From darkness, our ♪ friendship will rise.

♪, ♪ But, one thing's for sure.

♪ ♪ We never give up ♪ on the fight.

♪ ♪ Oh, get ready.

(Get ready) ♪ ♪ It's Thursday night ♪, (fire crackling) MATT: And welcome back., So, half of Bells Hells, after heading towards the specific point of the leyline nexus that was gathering at the moment of the Apogee Solstice.

Your troop happened upon an arrangement that Ludinus had been designing for quite some time, him and his compatriots in the Ruby Vanguard, the Paragon's Call.

A number of other allies, seemed to briefly alter time through some additions to this odd device.

Jumping you and other nearby individuals ahead to the solstice, therein, which a number of other machinations came together to both bring your allies to bear.

Summon some individuals with utility to them, and in a handful of moments, seemed to successfully do what they were, trying to do.

Though, how successful, we'll have to see, as you did quite a bit of damage to some of the energy sources and mucked around with a bit of what they were.


But nevertheless, in those heightened moments, an extreme amount of magical energy was unleashed.

In a flash.

You found yourselves separated from your other friends, from everybody, else.

Suddenly, shunted, far away from where you last were, now standing in a freezing, cold, tundra-like, snow, desert of small beads of crystal and frozen snow that lie across these endless dunes, rocky outcroppings, and oddly shaped bits of earth that poke from the landscape.

As you see, this endless, continuous snowfield that crawls out in all directions.

You see in a northern direction a frozen ocean just barely visible as the sunlight begins to creep past.

The horizon.

You see some mountains to the far east, forests to the south, and above you in the darkened, slowly warming sky.

You can still see the magnificent technicolor shifting visual of the now shifted leylines across Exandria, as still the Apogee Solstice remains.


As you stand here shivering now in the early morning, hours.

What do you wish to do? TRAVIS: Ah! SAM: What, the fuck? ASHLEY: Ah! TRAVIS: Ah! SAM: Calm-- Calm Emotions., Calm, Emotions., TRAVIS:, (relived), Ah., Ah, fuck, yeah.

It's, so good.

ASHLEY:, Ah!, TRAVIS:, It's, so good., SAM:, Where?, TRAVIS: Give me another hit., SAM: Where? TRAVIS: (relieved), Ah., SAM:, Calm, Emotions., TRAVIS: Oh.

That's too much.

LAURA: No, but really.

What just happened? ASHLEY: Is the moon, still-- SAM: Did! You do that? LAURA: No, it's not in the sky.

ASHLEY: That's right., SAM: Did! You do that?, LAURA: I, don't think I did that.

SAM: Last time this happened, you did that.

LAURA: I didn't do that., At, least, I, don't think I, did., I didn't lose.


I saw everything go to white again, though.

Did! You see that? SAM:, Yeah., ASHLEY:, Yes., TRAVIS: I, don't smell any of the others for some reason.


Just us four.

LAURA:, Oh god.

What? If they-- SAM:, Okay.

ASHLEY: How? Do you know? I'm, just kidding.

(laughter) SAM: Just, a sense that I get.

I get the same sense that they just seem-- ASHLEY: Me too, me too., TRAVIS:, No, I've, memorized, all of our stanks.

SAM: Oh.

What do I smell, like?, TRAVIS: Yeah, it's very specific., SAM: Because I, can't smell.

What do I smell like? TRAVIS:, It's nice.

You have a greasy grime, but it's also mixed with a high tinge of metallic sweetness.

SAM: Oh, thank you.


TRAVIS: And, a hint of soul, baby.

SAM: (laughs), ASHLEY: Woo! LAURA: What do I smell like? TRAVIS: Don't worry about it.

Like hay., LAURA:, Oh., SAM:, Oh, okay., ASHLEY: What do I smell like?, TRAVIS:, Oh., ASHLEY:, (laughs), TRAVIS: All, the vibrant colors of the Feywild.


You could taste a rainbow, if you could kiss-- Listen, it's not the time for that.


We have to repopulate the world, we'll focus on that later, okay?, SAM:, Oh, no, I won't be able to participate.

LAURA: What if it worked? What, if they succeeded? What.

If Predathos is free right, now?, SAM: What.

If we're the only ones left, alive? Why, don't we find out? Why? Don't we reach out to our friends and find out if they're, there, right?, TRAVIS:, Oh yeah, that's a great idea.

LAURA: Let me see what kind of spells I have left.

Yes, I can do.


SAM: I can do it, too.

TRAVIS: Let's hope you have actual spells.

MATT: Okay.

LAURA: I'm, going to try to cast Sending.

MATT: Okay.

LAURA: To Laudna.

MATT:, To, Laudna, okay.

LAURA: Where are you? Are, you still there? What happened?, We're-- I, don't know where we are.

It's snowing.


Please tell me: you're okay.

MATT: Roll, a d100 for me.

TRAVIS: Ooh! SAM: Ooh, wild magic!, TRAVIS: Why? Why? SAM: What is happening? TRAVIS: Holden's right, here!, LAURA:, 100?, TRAVIS: Is it because we're close to-- LAURA: I, don't know.

SAM: A, d100!, TRAVIS: We're, pretty far north.

LAURA: 98.

MATT:, 98., SAM: That seems bad? LAURA: Is that bad? MATT: (laughs) SAM:, Great.

It, seems great.

Laura: I feel like that's really good.

ASHLEY: It's really good.

It's really good.

It's really good, Matt.

LAURA: Maybe! It's like a, oh god., MATT: As.

You begin to speak through this spell-- SAM: ♪ Speakin' a spell ♪ MATT: -- a heavy bit of static, seems to come through your mind, like the actual weave of the message, seems to unravel amongst the arcane patterns that allow you to reach out to your friend, to Laudna.

And, as the words have been pushing through, the static, gets louder and louder and louder and louder.


Then you hear a pop in your head, and you take-- LAURA: Oh no.

MATT: Six points of psychic damage.

SAM: Ugh., MATT: And.

The spell is spent.

LAURA: Does it.

Even though I'm resistant to psychic damage? MATT: You take three.

LAURA: Okay.

SAM: Whoa.

TRAVIS: Oh, did we know if it goes through or no idea?, MATT: You didn't hear a response.

SAM: Maybe I should try.

Maybe I should try, just in case.

TRAVIS: Definitely double down.

SAM: Same, group, right?, Yeah., ASHLEY:, Yeah, yeah, yeah., SAM:, Okay, I will reach out this time to Orym.

He's got a sound mind.

TRAVIS: Uh-huh.

SAM: I'll reach out to Orym with Sending and see if it works.

Wait, do I have Sending? I must, yeah.

Yeah, I got it.

d100? MATT: d100.

SAM: 51., MATT: 51, okay.


Do you say? SAM: Oh! Orym, smiley day to you.

We're in some sort of an icy tundra.

Where are you? Are you okay? Are you seeing this shit? That's it.


That's good., MATT: As.

You begin to speak these words as part of the incantation and concentrating on Orym and letting the message reach out into the cosmos towards him, like it always has previously.

You feel it begin to fall apart as the words leave your mouth and that heavy static begins to get louder and louder.

For a moment.

You feel like it's about to pierce into your mind and you shrug it off and the spell is lost.

SAM: But, no damage., MATT:, No.

TRAVIS: I can't tell if that's because of what just happened or because of where we are or-- SAM: Yeah., LAURA: What.

If we lost all of our magic? SAM: Cast, a spell.

Just cast any spell.

ASHLEY: I try to produce flame.

MATT: Fire.

SAM:, Okay., ASHLEY:, I'm, fine., SAM:, (laughs) Oh, it's us., ASHLEY: I'm, perfectly fine.

Everything works for me.

TRAVIS: It's true.

MATT: It also is welcomely warm in this freezing temperature.

ASHLEY: Get close to me.

If you'd like.

LAURA: I'm going to try to force shove, Chet back five feet.

TRAVIS: The fuck? MATT: Whoomp, into the snow.

SAM: Okay, magic works., TRAVIS:, Ah, help! It's, real deep! I got it!.

I got it! LAURA: I force, pull him back.

Five feet.

TRAVIS: Ah! (laughter) TRAVIS: Endo.

MATT: Yep., (laughter), TRAVIS:, Full, scorp., MATT:, Yeah., TRAVIS:, The, fuck? We got to stick together.

SAM: Let's, not turn on each other.

Laura: I was only seeing if it worked! ASHLEY: All right., TRAVIS: Maybe.

You give the emotion wheel to Imogen.

SAM: Okay.


Maybe we just can't-- What if-- I, don't want to say it.

What if.

What if,? What if-- SAM:, They're dead? ASHLEY: Well, just that, I know, I'm, not going to say it.

I, just..., TRAVIS: We can't go there.

We can't go there.

We got sent miles and miles and miles away that they.

Maybe the same thing happened to them.


We can see the boof, right? MATT: No, you have no visual.

TRAVIS: Not us.

We can't see shit.

LAURA: It's, not nighttime, anymore?, It's, morning., MATT: It's, beginning to push into morning.

You, see the low blues in the horizon are turning into a brighter light.

Orange coloration., TRAVIS:, Do I recognize these hills or mountains or the location of the ocean from where we are? MATT: Make a perception or survival check for me.

ASHLEY: Guidance.

SAM: Yeah.

Do we know where we are? Do.

You know where we are? MATT: With Guidance.

SAM: Oh, Guidance., ASHLEY:, I, Guided, him.

But, you can-- SAM: I thought you were reminding me.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Guidance is..

SAM: Ooh., TRAVIS:, Dirty, 20., MATT:, Dirty, 20., Glancing around.

You do recognize this landscape.

You've been around Exandria in your years, but this place in particular, looking at the landscape, the texture of the snow and the odd, quartz-like sand.

Beads that make up this desert beneath it., I mean, you've looked around and thought you recognized it, in a weird way, maybe hoped you didn't.


You do recognize this landscape to be the Crystalsands Tundra on the Greying Wildlands of Wildemount.


Think I know where we are.

I spent a lot of time in Uthodurn on Wildemount.

We're, just west of that whole mountain and underground city is where elves and dwarves live together in harmony.

LAURA: We're on Wildemount? TRAVIS:, Yeah.

Have, you heard of Uthodurn? SAM: I, think you've mentioned it to us.


TRAVIS:, Right., ASHLEY: I've heard it from you.

SAM: And.

You grew up.

Here? TRAVIS:, Oh, no, no.

I just ended up here in my, I, don't know, 200s, 300s.

It's hard to keep track, but-- SAM: You lived here for a time? TRAVIS: Oh, a number of decades, yeah.

SAM: Is.

It always cold.

Like this? TRAVIS: Yeah, it's pretty titty.

SAM: And.

Is there a civilization or is it just like this everywhere? Like,? Did you roam around or are there houses and stuff? Like,? Did you roam around or are there houses and stuff? TRAVIS: Oh, no, no, Uthodurn's, actually built down into a mountain.

It, actually spirals downward.

So it's all underground, which will probably be nice.


We start walking, oh.

It's going to be a walk.

We could try and get there.

At least the sun's coming.


SAM: Uh-huh.

ASHLEY: Yeah, it'll get warmer.

SAM: Okay.

And, it's friendly? Like, you know, people, there? TRAVIS:, It's, friendly., I, didn't leave on the best terms.

SAM: What's that mean? You were chased.

Out? TRAVIS:, Oh, wait, who has the hole? SAM: Who, does have the hole? LAURA: Ashton.


Think Ashton has the hole.

SAM: Wait,? What stuff,? What do we need in there? TRAVIS: I wanted to go in there.

SAM:, Oh., TRAVIS:, I, didn't-- Let's, try and get there first, and I'll.

Tell you on the way.

SAM: Okay.

TRAVIS: It's-- Can I point eastward?, MATT:, You, can., It's, east southeast.

You can see the Flotket Alps from where you're currently standing and you can see the gentle rising gray, plume of the fiery mountain of Kravaraad on the northern side of the alps.

That's, your initial key to its direction, and you know to head towards and south from where that is.

And, eventually with some traversing of the mountain range that surrounds it and with a little luck, you'll, eventually come upon.


TRAVIS: It's going to be slow., SAM:, Like, days?, TRAVIS:, Yeah, I, think we'll know a little bit closer once we-- Or we'll know a little bit better.

Once we start moving, but-- SAM:, And Imogen, can you, are you.

I mean.

Are you cold? Do you,? Are you okay? LAURA: Oh, um..

MATT: As? The shock is now wearing off of you of what just transpired, you realize that your hands are shaking, and for the most part, I mean, you're, pretty fur covered in places.

ASHLEY: I have a lot.

Of, I've got a lot of fur.

MATT: But yeah, it's borderline, freezing.

LAURA: I'm, going to put my hands in the pot holder.

MATT and SAM: (laugh) SAM: Taste of Tal'dorei pot, holder? LAURA: Oh wait.

Did he take that from me? SAM: Goddamn it., LAURA:, Goddamn it, that bastard, he took it and he didn't even get me teleport out of the fucking Fey Realm for it.

ASHLEY: Rude., LAURA: He just took it from me.


Don't have a pot holder.

I'm going to wrap my hands in my "Whitestone is for Lovers" tee.

(laughter) LAURA: Because I also got that.

MATT: Perfect.

TRAVIS: And Matt, just for clarity, depending on where Kravaraad, the tip of it is, would I know that going towards the northern shore towards the Palebank Village would be closer for refuge for a hot second, or if we made our way-- MATT: You're.

Probably a little bit closer to the mountain range.

Palebank is much further north than where you are.

TRAVIS: North, right, okay., MATT: And.

It's only at one of the highest nearest dunes.

Can you barely see the glassiness of the ocean beyond you., You're, technically, I would say it's almost equidistant.



Oh, boy.

LAURA: I'm, going to, I'm sorry.

I'm, going to try to contact Laudna, again.

Just, what the fuck happened? ASHLEY: That's a good idea.

LAURA: I'm, reaching out, I'm, reaching out, I'm, reaching out, I'm, reaching out, I'm, reaching out.

ASHLEY: Guidance., Oh, wait., SAM: I, don't think it-- ASHLEY: I! Don't think that matters.

LAURA: 11? MATT: Okay.

What are you going to say? LAURA: Just, the same thing.

Where-- Are, you all right? Are you alive? We're in Uthodurn, I, guess?, MATT: (static, with increasing volume) The spell slot leaves you, the energy expended and scattered.

LAURA: I hate, not knowing.

Sam: We have to just believe that they're okay.

Maybe they're somewhere close to us.


We all got sent somewhere close and we'll find them on the way.


LAURA: How did we get sent here? ASHLEY: What? If we're the last ones? What.

If we're the last ones, it's just us.

TRAVIS: On, the planet? ASHLEY: Yeah.

TRAVIS: It's, a big responsibility.

What? To find a way to bring everybody back.

Where'd you go? MATT: (laughs) SAM:, I, mean..., ASHLEY:, All, right., SAM: If.

It has to be, it has to be.

LAURA: How would-- SAM: I would just-- I, guess I'd just watch and film.

LAURA and SAM: (laugh) ASHLEY: Yeah, yeah., SAM: That's.

My role in the new world, is just to watch-- TRAVIS: And, oversee., SAM:, -- and film.

TRAVIS: Be the guiding hand of the FCG.

This is getting weird.

ASHLEY: That's not going to be what is.


All got separated.

Something happened and we all got separated.

SAM:, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know what? I'm going to try not to.

This is a different thing than I'm going to try.

MATT: Okay.

SAM: What.

If there's interference because of where they are? I'm going to try to cast sending to Dorian.

MATT: Okay.

LAURA: Oh, that's smart., SAM: And, see if anyone on Earth exists, or Exandria exists.

MATT: Sure, okay., SAM:, Still roll, a d100? MATT: Yeah, go for it.

SAM: Okay.


MATT: Three.

LAURA: You rolled a three?! SAM: I did., MATT:, Okay.

(laughter) MATT: What.

Do you say? SAM:, I say--? This is at level four, by the way, because I'm out of level three.

Dorian, a cataclysmic event has happened-- MATT: (static increasing) SAM: -- and we are.

MATT: Spell unravels and the-- LAURA: What.

Do you have to roll in order to get it to happen? SAM: 69.

MATT: It's, not to get it to happen,? It's to see how bad the reaction? Is.

ALL:, Oh., SAM:, All, right, I'm, going to try again., MATT and LAURA: (laugh) LAURA: Good to know.

Of course.

We would've just kept trying.

MATT: I know, I was going to let you, I was like.

You get the gist after a few attempts that like-- SAM: Something's stopping it.

MATT: Yes.

There is for some reason this spell that you've relied on a number of times in the past and it feels like it slips through your fingers.

Every time you try and cast it.

LAURA: I wonder if it's just that particular communication spell, or if it's anything, that's a higher-- SAM:, Level?, LAURA: Yeah, whatever level means.

I, don't know what that, but you know, like uses more of our power.

SAM: Yeah.

Of, our slots.

TRAVIS: We're, walking doing this.

We're walking.

MATT:, Okay., ASHLEY:, Walking, walking and talking.

MATT: You're, guiding everyone? TRAVIS: I'm guiding everyone, but keep an eye on the horizon.

If things show up, we're going to have to be smart.

SAM: Are there creepy crawlies out here? TRAVIS: Sure! SAM: Oh no.

LAURA: Should.

We be moving stealthily? TRAVIS: No.

SAM: We got to get out of the cold.

TRAVIS: Probably quickly.

LAURA: Okay.

TRAVIS: It's, not like there's a lot to hide in.

It's just flat and white.

LAURA: Yeah.

TRAVIS:, Yeah., MATT:, Okay., SAM: I.

Think I have some torches in my pack.

MATT: Okay.

SAM: Might just light one for warmth.

MATT: Okay.

So, you light up a torch., (flame, erupting) The flame erupts from it.

SAM: I have a bed roll that I'll also wrap.

I, don't know if I'm carrying that or if that's in the hole, but whatever.

MATT: We'll, say maybe you like a little pou-- (laughs) SAM: Sure.

MATT: Kind of.

LAURA: Just, going to hold my hands next to Fearne's, hand.


Think I was in my wolf form when we got bamfed, Let's just say it kicked me: out.

MATT:, It very much did and you still had the scar where you were impaled, but thanks.

To-- You were basically, essentially pulled off of it.

When Keyleth landed and healed you.



When you came to, you just caught the tail end of it closing up right before this.

All happened.


MATT: But, first, roll a survival check with advantage, because this is territory that you're familiar with., TRAVIS:, Okay.

Survival with advantage? MATT:, Survival or nature, your choice.


Where did it go? Oh, natural 20, fucking, amazing, 22., MATT:, Great.


You guide your group of four individuals for the next few hours through the safer regions of this immediate, open, space.

The tundra.

You do know that there are massive insectoid creatures that hunt in some of these grounds.

There are yetis, some intelligent that you see hunting grounds and accidentally can have crossover, or some that tend to be a little less kind and inviting to outsiders.

You know of other creatures that call these lands home.


You keep everyone on the down low, carefully and quietly heading in the direction.

While, maybe not a direct beeline, definitely zig and zagging between the dunes to not draw too much attention, especially with a torch light, which does tend to draw the attention of any flying predators that might use the area as hunting grounds., LAURA:, Right., MATT: But I would like everyone to make a constitution saving throw for me, please.

You both have advantage because of the heat proximity.

ASHLEY: Okay., TRAVIS:, 21., MATT:, 21, all right.

SAM:, 13., MATT:, 13., TRAVIS: Getting.

All of the good rolls out of the way.

ASHLEY: Eurgh..

Advantage, thank god.

LAURA: 17.

ASHLEY: Still dog shit., MATT: Okay., ASHLEY:, Seven., MATT:, Seven, okay., The cold.

As the day goes, on, the falling snow gets thicker, the wind gets stronger, and those brief glimpses of the sky and the horizon that you enjoyed upon arrival vanish to the grays of a light.


While, not a blizzard by any means.

You are not dressed for this cold sort of weather and in spite of the torch being helpful.

Eventually, it still begins to cut through.

You've been bundled up heavily enough and you all stay together for this, but it cuts through you more than you expected, and you take a point: of-- LAURA: Those're, just so silky.

ASHLEY: Yes, it's the silk., SAM: You, wear clothes? ASHLEY:, I, do., LAURA: She hasn't been dressed since we filmed that porn.

ASHLEY: Yeah, just been naked and free.

MATT: You take a point of exhaustion.



SAM: Oh no.


Can I? How can I? MATT: But a very uncomfortable day's travel on foot.

You find yourself getting closer and closer to the mountain range and right as the sun begins to set once more.

At the end of the day, you begin to come, not directly towards, but you can see the mouth of the valley that will cut far enough into the mountain range where you are not having to climb the entire way.

It's, the closest you can get in before.

You have to hit actual clamoring up the sides and down these mountains to reach your destination.

But you may need to rest for the evening.

LAURA: Is there any kind of shelter we can find? SAM: Oh shoot.

We don't have anything.

LAURA: Like, a cave? MATT: Make, a perception, check.

Perception or survival.

LAURA: Okay.


That was such an aggressive.

It bounced both of my other dice and gave them really good rolls and the one that I rolled was pretty shit, but 10.

MATT:, 10, okay., In, glancing around.

You do see at the base of one of the nearest mountains, there might be.

You see some elements of dark pits of shade and shadow that look like they could be caverns that are available for safety, but the distance it will take for you to get there.

You won't get there before the sun sets, but if you keep pushing through into the early part of the night, you might get there.

LAURA: What do y'all think?, TRAVIS: It's worth it, otherwise we're just out here in the open.


We can't be out in the open.

SAM: Yeah.

We got to go.

TRAVIS: We got to move.

MATT: Okay.

LAURA: Well.

Let me see, wait.

I could-- ASHLEY: I.

Could maybe fly us there.

LAURA:, I know, that's what I was saying.

I could fly and we could get there faster.

If we're not going through the snow.


MATT: If, you can make everybody fly.

LAURA: I can do.

If we can get some sleep.

ASHLEY: Yeah, that might be a good idea.

LAURA: Yeah, I can do.

I can get two of us flying.

If you can carry somebody.

ASHLEY: I can carry somebody.

SAM: Mm-hmm.

LAURA:, All right, so I'll make me in Chet fly.


SAM: I'll attach my propeller blade to assist.


ASHLEY: I can fly now in my Wild Shape.


SAM: You can become a beast that flies? ASHLEY:, Yes., TRAVIS: This cataclysmic event has given great gifts.

LAURA: Wait.

When did that happen? SAM: What is the story, reason for it: happening? MATT:, So, here's the thing.


As druid of your level.

You can transform into-- ASHLEY: Oh, yeah.

MATT:, Eighth, level., Yeah, you're, eighth, level, right?, ASHLEY:, Yes., MATT: So.

You can be a giant eagle, if you'd like., ASHLEY: Okay., LAURA:, Ooh, ooh, ah, ah ah!, TRAVIS:, Oh, wah, ah, ah ah!, ASHLEY:, Oh, wah, ah, ah ah!, LAURA:, Ah, ah ah! ASHLEY:, All, right, I'm, going to be-- Actually, could I be a giant shoebill? LAURA: What is a shoebill? SAM: Is that, like a stork?, ASHLEY:, Because, they're kind of like storks, but they're, even more-- LAURA: That's, so cute.

ASHLEY:, -- weird-looking., MATT:, They're, very weird-looking., SAM: I'm, going to look it up.

TRAVIS: Is the shoebill going to be able to hang in the snowy, frozen, nasty-- SAM: Still has all the stats of the eagle.

MATT: It's fantasy, Travis.

TRAVIS: (laughs) MATT: We'll go with it.

ASHLEY: I just want a little flavor.

TRAVIS: Yeah, all right, I'm, not the DM.

ASHLEY: Is that okay? MATT: Yeah.

If you want.

ASHLEY: All right.

MATT: Okay., ASHLEY:, (horse, snorts), MATT:, All, right, so., ASHLEY: That's, a horse.

MATT: You, lift up.

You're grabbing Chetney on this or you're grabbing FCG? TRAVIS: What, the hell? LAURA: FCG.

I made Chet fly, so FCG.



The two of you can coast.

(whooshes) TRAVIS: Oh yeah.

MATT: Just, take off.

TRAVIS: Easy rider.

LAURA: Yeah.

MATT: Into, the freezing-- LAURA: What's, your fly, speed? MATT:, -- snowy, winds., TRAVIS:, It's colder, the higher you get.

MATT: Yep., LAURA: Yeah, so we'll just keep above the trees.

So we can move faster., MATT:, Okay., LAURA:, Right? That makes it easy to get there.

Travis: Yeah, yep., MATT:, Coasting, around., LAURA: In, the sky.

Do we see anything more obvious than the caverns that I spotted from the ground? MATT: You can make another perception check, if you'd like., TRAVIS:, I'll, assist!, LAURA:, Perception or survival,? Does it matter? MATT: Go with survival, I? Guess for this one-- LAURA: Should it be a perception? MATT: I'll allow either in this regard, because one has an understanding of the landscape.

The other is looking for.


LAURA: Oh, that's way: better.

23., MATT:, 23.


You begin to get close to where you were looking.

What looked like a cavern is actually a section of carved cliff side that is very shallow and as soon as you begin to approach, you realize that it's probably not going to be worthy of housing.



There is , a little ways: past it, a little further in, a very wide cavern.

Almost a 150-foot wide by 30-foot tall cavern, like some sort of a heavy lava tube from long ago that has now been left empty in, is partially filled with snow on the inside.

LAURA: Does.

It look like there's any kind of footprints in the snow in front of the cavern? MATT: At.

This point, you don't see any in front of the cavern, no.

LAURA: Okay, as we get closer, I'm going to keep an eye out for that.

Just in case, because you said they are what, like yetis or stuff? TRAVIS: Yeah, all sorts of creatures.

Maybe we'll get lucky and it won't be any.

(shivers), SAM: Are, you too cold? TRAVIS:, No, I'm, fine., MATT: Okay.

So you all fly in, you keeping your terrifying bird visage, gathered., LAURA: Did, you look it up? What! Does it look? Like?? Ashley: I'll show you.

I'll, show you.

SAM: It's cuter than I thought.

ASHLEY: Yeah, they're cute.

They're big, though., TRAVIS: Are, you looking it up right, now?, MATT:, They're, cute.

The way sun bears are cute, where you're like.

LAURA: Oh yeah.

That's what I thought it was going to be.

ASHLEY: They kind of look like big-- LAURA: I had a feeling that was the type of storky thing that you were talking: about.

MATT:, Yeah., LAURA:, Cute., That's, cute., MATT: As.

You all eventually come to the mouth of this massive cavern.

You can see the icicles, the heavy icicles that are gathered towards the roof of its entrance and some of these coast down eight, nine feet and have been maintained over a long period of time, slowly gathering with subtle summer months to grow a little bit before they refreeze.

You can land in the soft snow, you can see.

The heavy winds often can blow and move blustered snow into the interior of it, giving it a soft blanket on the inside, but immediately stepping beyond the threshold.

You can tell that it does maintain temperature a little better here than it does out in the middle of a freezing windstorm.

If you will., TRAVIS: Stand back! SAM: What, are you going to do? TRAVIS: I'll check it out.

I, take out my wood chisel, I draw it across my chest.

(igniting fire) SAM: How.

Did you do that? TRAVIS: Please,? If anyone should die, it should be you.

I, walk in and I'll take a (sniffs) before I move in to see if I can detect any scents or anything from the cavern within.

MATT: Yeah, make a perception: check., TRAVIS:, Ah, 14., 16., MATT: 16, got it.

You (sniffs) smell and it's that cold sense on your nose from the cold temperature in its own right.

But then you smell rock and the absence of smell that is ice and snow.

TRAVIS: That's good.

It seems like it's clear.

SAM: Great.

TRAVIS: We should be cautious, though., I mean.

It's not just regular animals.

Up here.

Further north, you go, they say the crazier, it gets.

SAM:, Crazy, how?, TRAVIS: I, don't know, there's an ocean, but there's supposed to be land beyond that and nobody really goes up there, but we're about as high as it gets.


SAM: Oh, my gosh.

You're, our expert here, though, right? You can defeat anything that might attack us? TRAVIS: No.

SAM:, Oh., TRAVIS:, I, mean, I've been all over, but let's be honest, the four of us, we are...

We're a formidable group.: SAM: We are! Of, the Bells Hells, I, feel like this group is probably pretty powerful.

ASHLEY: Yeah., SAM: Those, other ones: are-- ASHLEY:, The, more powerful end of things? TRAVIS: Yeah.

They were kind of dead, weight., SAM:, Yeah, I didn't want to say: it.

TRAVIS:, Yeah., ASHLEY:, Chet., TRAVIS:, What?, ASHLEY: Why.

Don't we just planeride back to where we need to go? SAM: (laughs) LAURA: Oh, my god, Chet.

That's such a good-- SAM: But.

The static thing might affect that spell as well.

TRAVIS: No, she's right.

We should try.

SAM: Okay.


TRAVIS: Thank you.

LAURA: I, just realized-- TRAVIS: I carve a little Z in my forehead.

SAM: Oh god.

TRAVIS: I hold my chisel in the air.

ASHLEY: Zorro.

TRAVIS: Let's ride! Oh! Oh! The sound! Oh! SAM:, The, static?, TRAVIS:, It's, all-- Ah!, It's, all-- LAURA and MATT: (laugh) TRAVIS: Oh!, MATT: The, echoing screams of Chetney, echoing off the inside of the cavern walls.

You can see.

There's these large-- LAURA: Can.

You keep it down? MATT: -- lumpy sections of ice and rock that outcrop, like a big rock archway and dozens of icicles that coat the roof.

Of-- TRAVIS: I gave it my best shot, but it seems even my great powers are nerfed in a place like this.

ASHLEY:, That's, all right.

It was worth a shot.

TRAVIS:, Yeah.

ASHLEY: It was worth a shot.

TRAVIS: Let's go.

Let's go a little further in and we can get-- ASHLEY: Yeah.

I'm going to help look around as well.

TRAVIS: -- warm.

MATT: Make, a perception, check.

ASHLEY:, All, right., TRAVIS: Around, the mouth of this cavern, any fauna, dead or alive? Bushes, shrubs, tinder, potential, tinder?, MATT: Make, a perception, check.

ASHLEY:, 15., MATT:, 15, okay.

So, looking deeper into this tunnel.

You don't see anything that catches your attention as immediately dangerous or worrying., ASHLEY: It's, very safe in here.

MATT:, Okay., TRAVIS:, Perfect., 17., MATT:, 17., ASHLEY:, We're, safe., MATT:, You, look towards the entryway and there's no bushes or tinder necessarily, but you do see in the shifting snow in the ground as it's blowing in from the outside-- (soft rumble) ASHLEY: What is that? SAM: What? TRAVIS: A little roll in the snow? ASHLEY: Movement? MATT: Just a little bit of movement in the snow.

SAM: Outside or inside? TRAVIS: Freeze.

MATT: Towards, the entrance.

SAM: Are.

We inside or outside? MATT: You're inside., SAM:, Okay., TRAVIS: About.

What size are we-- Are? We thinking size of a badger or bigger? MATT: Actually, with a 16, or 17.

You don't know.

You just barely saw some movement.

TRAVIS: I saw some movement in the snow.

On your guard.

SAM: Why.

Are you so scared? LAURA: Wait, I'm going to-- TRAVIS: Look.

LAURA: Do I have a spell?, Hold on.

Let me see if I have spells left.

I'm going to Detect Thoughts and see if I can sense a creature out there and see if it's intelligent., MATT: What's the range on that one? LAURA: I, don't know.

(laughs) I should know.

♪ Hold on.

Let me look ♪ ♪ It's within 30 feet of me: ♪ MATT:, Okay, gotcha., Nothing., Nothing., Then, there's something.

SAM: (gasps) MATT: Close, quick, from beneath.

(explosion) SAM: Oh, my gosh! MATT: The ground erupts in an explosion of rock and snow, as you all suddenly have to cover your eyes and back away from the heavy impact of whatever this was that blasts out of the ground.

Suddenly? The dust begins to settle.

The snow begins to settle, and you see there crawling out from it.

This massive, deep cerulean-skinned, lizard-like creature, (deep growls) its glowing, white-blue eyes, and it looks like it's pinned you within this cavern.

I need you to roll initiative.

LAURA: It's, not nice., TRAVIS:, Oh!, (laughs), SAM:, Roll, initiative?!, LAURA: I was trigger shy, afraid we're going to attack something nice.

You know?, ASHLEY:, Yeah, yeah, yeah., SAM:, This early combat is brought you by WizKid Minis, the Mighty Nein Box Set.

The Mighty Nein Box Set is available for pre-order.


These and many more Critical Role miniatures at WizKids.io/crminis--.

Laura: I just used a fucking Detect Thoughts.

I'm, an idiot.

SAM: -- in your local game, store.

Mighty Nein Box, Set, everybody., TRAVIS:, Mighty, Nein, Box Set, that's amazing., SAM:, Yeah.

Oh, my god.

TRAVIS: We're, going to die.

We are going to die.

LAURA: Ooh, but look at the pretty snow.

TRAVIS: We're going to be fine., SAM: It's, really pretty.


Last time we were in snow like this, I, remember getting attacked.

SAM: WizKids.io/crminis TRAVIS: FCG.

Have you ever been in the snow before? LAURA: Oh! SAM: Oh! LAURA: That's larger than I-- MATT: It is.

LAURA: I was picturing a person, like a lizardperson.


Much larger.

LAURA: Okay, I would have attacked that right.


SAM:, Oh, boy., MATT:, Well good.

Let's roll initiative to see if you attack that right, away., Okay., MATT:, All, righty., LAURA: It doesn't get a surprise attack on us, though, because we sensed it.

MATT: Because of Detect Thoughts.

It does not.

LAURA: Great.


Let everyone know what's coming and then-- So.

It does not get an ambush on you.

LAURA: Great.

MATT: That did help you out.


You were noticing that movement.

So 25 to 20.

ASHLEY:, 20., LAURA:, Nice., MATT:, Hell, yeah., SAM:, ♪, (background, music), ♪, MATT:, All, right, 20 to 15.

SAM:, 17.

I bet it doesn't speak.

Common, does it? MATT: 15 to 10.

TRAVIS: Race you to the bottom.

MATT: 10 to five? (laughter) TRAVIS: My dex is higher.

LAURA: Yeah.

TRAVIS: Yeah, okay.

MATT: All righty.

TRAVIS: (laughs) LAURA: I think-- TRAVIS: It's 14?, LAURA:, Oh, I'm, 15, dex., TRAVIS:, Oh., Oh!, ASHLEY:, Oh, shit!, LAURA:, Oh!, TRAVIS: I'll, just move myself to the bottom then.

LAURA: Well, I'm, ahead of him, then.

MATT: Well, Fearne, you're up first, as this creature-- (explosion) (deep growls) ASHLEY: Ooh! Oh! MATT: You see its saliva.

Is this thick, almost crystalline saliva.

As it falls,? It leaves icicles under its chin, like its actual breath, is colder than the entire chamber.

You're inside.

LAURA: Uh-oh, that's not good.

Ashley: I am going to cast Dominate Beast.

SAM: Ooh!, MATT:, Dominate, Beast., SAM: That seems high level.

TRAVIS: Right out the fucking gate.

Let's go! Definitely not wasting our spells.

ASHLEY: No, it's almost nighttime, so I'm hoping we can make a decision.

Here., MATT:, Okay., ASHLEY: It has to make a wisdom, saving throw., TRAVIS: We're okay.

We're okay.

We're, okay., We're, okay., We're, okay., ASHLEY: He's, a big boy.

Look at that big belly.


A big boy!, ASHLEY:, He's, cute.

SAM: Oh, he's got six arms.

Well, four legs.

MATT: He does.

The spell has no effect-- SAM: (groans) MATT: -- for he is not a beast.

SAM: Oh, he's some sort of aberration or something.

LAURA: He's a monster.

ASHLEY: Got it., Okay., All, right, all right, all right.


You finish the spell, hoping that it'll find some sort of purchase within its mind, and its eyes, stare at you with hatred and hunger.

LAURA: Was it a huge, high level, spell? ASHLEY:, Yeah., LAURA:, Aw., ASHLEY:, That's, all right.

MATT:, (deep, roaring), SAM:, Oh, god., ASHLEY:, Ooh!, MATT: Do.

You want to move? ASHLEY: Yes.

I will-- I would like to move behind one of the little ice, either the little one or over here.

MATT: Over here? ASHLEY: Yeah.

MATT: There's that there.

ASHLEY: Perfect.

MATT: Okay.

All right.

That brings us now to FCG.

SAM: (sighs) First, oh man.


How far is he? 25, 30 feet?, MATT: About 25 feet from you, 30 feet., SAM:, Okay.

We, don't have Orym.

We, don't have Ashton.


We got to stay clear.

SAM: We have to cause damage.

LAURA: We got to stay clear of it.

SAM: Stay clear of it? I was thinking the opposite.

LAURA: I mean.

Don't let him get close to us.

We, don't have anything to like-- We're-- Well, Chet, he's-- ASHLEY: Well.

What do you mean? You were thinking the opposite? You're going to run up to it? SAM: Well, I mean.

We don't have our people-- LAURA: Do something!, SAM: We! Don't have our people who do the big damage, so we got to do the big damage., LAURA: Yeah., ASHLEY:, Ugh!, SAM:, All right, so I'm going to spin my saw blade-- MATT: Mm-hmm.

ASHLEY: Oh god, don't go down.

SAM: -- and rush right at it.

MATT: Okay., LAURA:, Oh, gee-bees., MATT:, (FCG, vrooming, forward), LAURA:, Oh, gee-bees., SAM:, Slice, away!, MATT: Just, coasting through on your wheel with the blade spinning.


You have a damage: spell? SAM: I, mean, I'm, hitting it with my saw blade.

TRAVIS: (laughs) You're such an asshole.

SAM: We got to cause damage! MATT: Do it.

Go ahead and roll to attack.

SAM: That's, a 18 to hit.

MATT:, 18, hits.

Go ahead and roll damage.

Sam: Wait, is that right? No, I'm sorry.

A 16 to hit.

MATT: 16, just misses.

TRAVIS: Oh, fudge., SAM:, (laughs), TRAVIS:, Fu-- SAM:, Okay, okay., TRAVIS:, (tune of "Deck, the Halls") ♪ Fu-hu-hu-hu-hu, ♪ MATT: You go blade, out, you're, screaming, and right as you get close to it, you just boof, right into the snow.

Your wheel hits an ice patch and you slip and land right into the bit of burst in ground and snow.

Before it.

LAURA: This is going--.

Sam: Oh no.

I'm right here, too., MATT:, Bonus, action?, SAM: I'm, going to bonus action.

I'm, going to cast Shield of-- I call it Shield of Help-- on myself.

MATT: Okay.

SAM: So, my AC goes-- TRAVIS: Shield of Help.

(laughs) SAM:, My AC goes up by two.

MATT: You got it.

All right.

That finish your turn? SAM: That'll be it, yep., MATT:, All right, the creature now standing here, goes-- (low, growl) You, see it begins to inhale, and the air around its mouth seems to form this freezing fog that it then pulls into its body as it-- (low growl) TRAVIS: Fuck., MATT:, (forceful, exhale), LAURA:, Oh no.

MATT: -- unleashes this torrent of freezing air.

TRAVIS: Okay, you guys., LAURA: Ruh-roh.

TRAVIS: Ruh-roh is right.

Oh god., LAURA:, (silly, voice), Oh no.

MATT: So I need everyone but Fearne to make a constitution saving throw for me, please.

ASHLEY: Oh no.

LAURA: (silly voice) Oh no.

Oh no.


SAM: Oof, brutally bad.

TRAVIS:, (scoffs), Fuck., (laughs), Oh no.

I have a feeling it's going to have to be a really high save in order to not get damaged.


If we all die? MATT:, All, righty.

SAM: We got a healer.

MATT: What is it? TRAVIS: 14.

MATT: 14.

That's, going to be 42 points of cold damage., SAM: (exhaling roar), ASHLEY:, What?!, SAM:, Seven., MATT:, 42 points of cold damage., SAM: 42., TRAVIS:, Guys, I'm in big trouble.

LAURA: 17., MATT:, 17? That is 21 points of cold damage., LAURA: Jesus, H., ASHLEY:, Uh-oh., TRAVIS: Are.

We still flying? Can.

We fly the fuck out of here? LAURA: You still have still Fly.

SAM: You can.

MATT: Well.

You have to make a concentration check to maintain flight.

LAURA: Oh, for the Fly.

MATT: You need make a concentration check to maintain your shield, right? LAURA: Okay.

SAM: Oh shit.

There's, no way.

LAURA: It's a-- It's, the d20, plus your con save to maintain concentration? MATT: It's, a constitution, saving throw.

LAURA: Okay, yeah.

That's, great.

That's, a 25.

MATT: 25, yeah.

You maintain concentration.

SAM: I, do not maintain concentration.

MATT: (shield powering down) SAM: Oh no.

ASHLEY: Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no.

LAURA: What.

Did you drop? SAM: Just, my little AC buff on myself.

LAURA:, Oh no, that you just put on yourself.

SAM: Uh-huh.

MATT:, All, right., SAM: Well,? This isn't good.

MATT: It's going to go ahead.

And-- It would move, but you are right there in front of it.

After it blasts forward.

You can see the whole area here, you watch as the freezing breath.

Hits-- ASHLEY: You have a healing, spell.

MATT: --.

It creates crackling glaciers of ice around you, and you begin to now realize that a lot of the terrain in here is layers and layers of this creature.

Essentially hunting things that wander into this wide cavern.

SAM: Oh no.

You swear.

You can almost see faces frozen in some of these ice.


TRAVIS: Oh jeez.

ASHLEY: Oh, come on!, SAM: Why, didn't we see any of that? TRAVIS: My nose, can't see! TRAVIS and MATT: (laugh) MATT: Imogen, you're up, with Chetney on deck.

TRAVIS: Oh, my god.

LAURA: Okay.

This is probably good., It's, probably really strong, so I'm not going to do that.

TRAVIS: Fire, probably helps., LAURA: I, don't have fire attacks.

TRAVIS: I do., LAURA:, I, am-- Okay, I am going to-- Jeez Louise.

I'm going to-- Oh, I can fly, but this is probably not a smart move to fly right.


I'm going to fly up to the top of that thing.

Above Fearne.

MATT: Okay., TRAVIS:, Up, here?, LAURA:, Yeah., MATT:, All, right., LAURA:, Just land on it.

I, don't want to.

If I-- TRAVIS: Snow came off, it.

That was awesome., LAURA: Yeah, I, don't want to-- SAM: Oh, there's snow out, there.

LAURA: Then I'm going to-- SAM: How.

Does he do it? Is that salt? What is it? I'm, going to taste, it.

TRAVIS: No, don't taste, it! LAURA: -- Lightning Bolt him.

MATT: Okay., LAURA:, At, 4th-level., MATT:, Woo!, All, righty., TRAVIS: Yeah, come on., MATT: Describe this Lightning Bolt.

LAURA: Oh god.

As I fly up, my eyes light up and smoke starts to come out of of my eyes.

SAM: Oh no.

LAURA: I'm, going to freak out and hold my hand out and try to shoot a Lightning Bolt from my hands.

MATT: All right.

As, you back up your arm.

You watch as energy seems to gather at your shoulder like (crackling) (powerful, bolt) TRAVIS:, Yeah, dope., MATT:, As, it arcs outward.

You see it arcs about 15, feet., TRAVIS:, That's, dope!, MATT: At.

First, you think you miss, but you actually pull your arm upward and the arc carries with it, ends up slamming into the creature and tearing through it, just narrowly missing you in the process.

SAM: Ah! MATT: That is going to be a failure, I think, 15, right? LAURA: Yeah, dex save 18., MATT:, All right, so yeah.

It failed.

Its saving throw.

Roll, full damage., LAURA: Okay, so that's nine-- SAM: Is that eight, 9d6? LAURA: 9d6, because I rolled it at a 4th-level.

MATT: 4th-level, yeah., TRAVIS:, Damn., LAURA:, One, two, three, four, five, six., TRAVIS:, That's, a sick, description., LAURA:, Seven, eight, you mean-- TRAVIS:, As she's doing that, are any of the markings on her arm.

Changed, like, the post-bamf out? SAM:, The veins or whatever? MATT: You can't tell from this distance.


Oh shit.

LAURA: Okay.


Don't like the way you said: that.

LAURA:, Okay., Three, seven, 11, 24., SAM:, (quick, breaths), TRAVIS:, I, know., (laughs) I just want to take a nap! Please! LAURA: It's, not great.


TRAVIS: Baby is tired! MATT: 33 points of damage.

(crackling) It slams into the creature.

You watch as it recoils, and ends up backing up against the large outcropping of stone behind it and backs up across it halfway before preparing itself for what its next round is going to be.

Does that finish, your turn, Imogen? LAURA: Oh god.

I mean..

Yeah, I'm, going to use my sorcery points to regain a spell slot.

MATT: You got it.


My bonus action.

MATT: Go for it.

All, right.

Finishing up your go, Chetney.

TRAVIS: Chetney's a-running.

Chetney is running that way.

MATT: This way? (laughs), TRAVIS:, Yeah, I'm, trying to wide out as, yeah, 35, feet, and then maybe I'll knock off.

I won't go that far.

Maybe I'll stay over hereish.

MATT: You got it.

TRAVIS: A little closer.

Yeah, okay.

I'm, going to take out, ooh! I'm, going to take out Turmoil and unleash the scythe with the magic word: Done! I'm, going to cast Shatter at the butt of this thing.

MATT: Ooh! (explosion) The ice section over here on this side of the cavern splinters and explodes, sending shards of ice all across the back of this creature, protecting you-- SAM:, Oh, great., MATT: As.

All that blast actually sinks towards the back of its body.

Is it a constitution, saving throw?, TRAVIS: Yes, it is., MATT:, Ugh, natural two., TRAVIS:, Yahoo!, MATT: That's, a 10.

TRAVIS: Great.

It's a 14 save.

MATT: Yeah, so it fails.

Roll damage on that., TRAVIS: Amazing, so I'm aiming at the bottom of that column.

Maybe, some rocks will fall, I, don't know.

We'll, see how lucky we get.

Eight, eight.

MATT: The.

Back of this one here, you said?, TRAVIS: Yeah.

MATT: Okay, got you.


If we get that archway to go down, too.

MATT: This is gone.

You completely destroy that piece of ice terrain and you can see damage at the base of this.

LAURA: Like salt it., TRAVIS: That's 19 points of thunder damage.

LAURA and MATT: Nice.

MATT: All, right., (booming, explosion) It echoes through the chamber.

You, see as icicles fall from the ceiling, the actual blast of the sound and energy.

The inside causes a few elements of the cavern to shake free., You, know, snow, dust, and chunks of ice fall for a moment before it comes to settle.


My bonus action, I'm, going to use the scythe like a back scratcher and pull up and there'll be flames dancing off the top of the scythe.

Six points.

MATT: All righty.

(fire whooshes) The scythe is now filled with flames.


A lot of damage that I just took.

I didn't need to do.

That., Jesus., TRAVIS and MATT: (laugh), TRAVIS:, Okay., MATT:, I'm, sure you're, fine., You're, fine., TRAVIS:, I'm, fine., MATT:, You're, fine., All, right., ASHLEY:, All, right., TRAVIS: I've.

Seen this mistake, made before.

MATT: It's about this time, Chetney-- SAM:, Oh no.


Does that mean? MATT: -- that you, as you run past and have the explosion, all the dust and ice begins to settle, that you see more movement behind this creature in the cavern.

LAURA: Oh no.

MATT: Two shapes running from the mouth of this cavern, MATT: Two shapes running from the mouth of this cavern, joining up behind this creature, and you realize you are outgunned by this creature and quickly becoming matched in numbers.


These are smaller, though.

You hear a loud crack, like a gunshot.

(booms) Could I invite the other two players to the table, please? SAM: (cackles) TRAVIS: What? What? (shouting) (cheering) TRAVIS: What's up? AABRIA:, Excuse, me., (cheering), (screaming), SAM: The rescue party has arrived! AABRIA: Hi! I love, you!, ASHLEY:, I love, you! Oh, my god.

TRAVIS and AABRIA: (excited noises) TRAVIS: Oh no! LAURA: Oh, my god.

MATT: Got.

To get the hugs out, you know.

SAM: One second.

ASHLEY: Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

TRAVIS: We got people! ASHLEY: Yes! TRAVIS: We got people! MATT: Hey! AABRIA: Oh, it's bad here., We, leave., TRAVIS:, Unless, they're, baddies., MATT:, (laughs), AABRIA:, That's bad.

No thank you.

CHRISTIAN: I cast Fireball on the group.

(Laughter) LAURA: Oh, my god.

MATT: That would be amazing., LAURA: Oh, my god.

They come in, and they just kill.


AABRIA: We got to go! SAM: I, like how there's-- ASHLEY: OMG.

SAM: -- instructions for us up, there.

"Scoot to yellow mark close to you." MATT: There you go., AABRIA: That's for me! Kyle, don't be mad., I did it.

(laughter) ASHLEY: We did it.

We did it.

MATT: So, welcome to the table, Christian Navarro and Aabria Iyengar.

AABRIA: Hi! TRAVIS: Holy shit.

MATT: Let's.

Have you both roll initiative? So we can put you in this initiative order, if you don't mind.

LAURA: Oh, my gosh.

AABRIA: Okay! It's, only plus one, 17., MATT: 17, all right.

What's your dexterity? AABRIA: Not great! TRAVIS: (laughs) AABRIA: It's, a 12.

MATT: Got you.

TRAVIS: Not good.

LAURA: I, like how Ashley and I AABRIA: Hey, guess who I'm not!, Laerryn! LAURA: -- took over this side of the table.


AABRIA: This is going to hurt.

TRAVIS: Oh! MATT: All righty, Christian.


LAURA: Oh, look, five, just like, I rolled five, and Chet rolled five., SAM: Rollies, Rollies.

LAURA: What's, your dexterity? CHRISTIAN: 19.


MATT: Yeah, you're, going first.



MATT: All right, so-- ASHLEY:, All, right.

TRAVIS: You got high dexterity.

MATT: So out of the shadows after this loud crack.

You see two figures begin to step into the light of the torch that you were carrying.


You wouldn't mind describing what they see as you approach.

AABRIA: Oh, my god.

MATT: We'll start with you.


CHRISTIAN: Sure, okay, you see-- SAM: Also, introduce yourself to the people.

LAURA: Oh yeah.

AABRIA: Yeah! CHRISTIAN: I am Christian Navarro.

(cheering) CHRISTIAN: And I am overjoyed to be here.

(Cheering) CHRISTIAN: And this is-- LAURA: Not looking.

CHRISTIAN: Not looking.

We'll just go with-- SAM: We'll, get there later.

CHRISTIAN: You, see an emerald.

Green, rose gold, framed, plated Aeormaton., TRAVIS, ASHLEY, and LAURA: (gasping) TRAVIS: What? CHRISTIAN: In, a very elegant, beautifully designed, emerald green trench coat with a collar up that sort of frames.

His neck.

Their, neck, pardon me., A rose gold plated face that is feminine in appearance.

A rose, gold plated face that is feminine in appearance and slender and soft.

You see that there is no sleeve on the right.


Instead, the Aeormaton configuring has broken apart so that you can see the inner workings.

Where you see a blunderbuss gun.

SAM: Whoa!, TRAVIS:, (sharply, inhales), MATT: Where.

The smoke is currently pouring from from that crack shot you just heard., TRAVIS: You got the big funnel nozzle, like the big-- Oh, you rule., CHRISTIAN:, The arm would come apart and the nozzle would sort of poke out.

From-- SAM: You got wheels or legs? CHRISTIAN: I got, I have legs, yes.

LAURA: You got legs.

MATT: And much taller than you.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, I'm about six feet: tall.


CHRISTIAN: A, muscular frame.

The plating is textured like Guilloché.

SAM:, Oh, I love, it, you're, wearing your own colors.

LAURA: I know.


ASHLEY: No! MATT: (laughs) TRAVIS:, Holy shit., CHRISTIAN: And.

That is what you see.

ASHLEY: Oh my god.

MATT: All right, and coming alongside, Aabria.

Do you want to describe what they can? See? AABRIA: At, roughly half of their height,? You see a little gnome.

She's got dark skin and chubby cheeks that are red and frosty with the cold.

She's wearing heavy plate in gold.

You can see, even prominently from the back, a massive symbol of the Dawnfather around her waist.


AABRIA: But over top of that, a beautifully chunky, knit pale pink sweater, blanket situation., TRAVIS:, What?, AABRIA:, She sort of runs up in Uggs.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Uggs?, Yeah!, SAM:, She's, like, comfy?, AABRIA:, Yeah., MATT:, I love, it., AABRIA:, I'm, cozy, bo., TRAVIS: Is.

She packing any obvious weaponry? MATT: You can't really tell at this distance.


TRAVIS: Okay, okay, okay.

AABRIA: He's running by me.

MATT: Yeah.

LAURA:, We're kind of blocking.

TRAVIS: Oh, oh, oh!, AABRIA:, They're next to me.

TRAVIS: Oh, oh!, MATT:, With that, we're at top of the initiative order.

Fearne, you're up, with FCG on deck.

SAM:, Oh, smack., ASHLEY:, Oh., All, right!, MATT: So.

You see some more things.

Some new figures.

Rush from behind.

Things are going south already.


Do you do? SAM: We got company.

ASHLEY: All right.

Do they look like friendlies? MATT: They, look smaller., ASHLEY: Do.

We know where the shot was.

Coming, was going towards, or we didn't see any of that? MATT: You don't.

You just see smoke emanating from this entity.

SAM: Did it hit? MATT: If.

You want to make a quick insight check for me, I can help you gauge that.

ASHLEY: Sure., SAM: Did.

It hit the creature? TRAVIS: Yeah.

We didn't see any, like-- MATT:, You, didn't see any impact, no.

ASHLEY: Dirty 20., AABRIA:, Ooh!, MATT:, Dirty 20? They.

Certainly don't seem to be in league with this creature.

ASHLEY: All right.


MATT: From, what you can tell.

TRAVIS: I mean, it's help, but they're shit, aim., ASHLEY:, I'm, going to peek around.

(laughter) ASHLEY: I'm, going to peek around and I am going to cast-- AABRIA: Can I hear that? MATT: Yeah, you heard it, but you didn't see where it was coming: from., AABRIA:, Okay, okay., ASHLEY:, I'm, going to catch Scorching, Ray., MATT:, Okay., SAM:, Scorching, Ray., ASHLEY:, At, 3rd-level., All, right, so third, so that'll give me three.

MATT: It's three normally, so it would be-- ASHLEY: It's three normally.

MATT: Four on the next level, I think? ASHLEY: I'm a little confused by this, because I keep, I'm reading-- MATT: Well.

It depends on what level.

Well, it's every two levels, I think.

ASHLEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay., LAURA: Oh, so yeah, don't cast it up.

ASHLEY: All, right, yeah, I'll deal with it.


You create an additional ray for each level above second.

So yeah.

It would be four rays, if you do it at 3rd-level., ASHLEY: Let's do it.

MATT: All right.

TRAVIS: Let's do it.

MATT: First one is? ASHLEY: 15? MATT: 15, misses, unfortunately., (whooshes) It goes wide past it.

You, see this flame column shoot off.

And-- ASHLEY:, Shit! MATT: -- hit the top of the cavern.

AABRIA: Language! ASHLEY: 16.

MATT: 16.

Unfortunately misses, as well.

ASHLEY: 16 misses as well? MATT: 16 misses as well.

TRAVIS: Fearne, stop fucking around! SAM: It's, the cold.

It's the freezing, cold.

ASHLEY: 19! MATT: 19 hits.

SAM:, Hey., ASHLEY:, All, right, good grief., All, right., CHRISTIAN: These are so pretty.

ASHLEY: Aren't they so lovely? LAURA: Aren't, they?, AABRIA:, That's, good., ASHLEY:, Seven points of damage.

MATT: Seven points of damage.

(impacts) As, the flames impact, you could see its frozen outer scale layer seems to blacken unnaturally quick in the presence of flames.


It actually takes 14.

LAURA: Oh good., ASHLEY:, Oh, okay., LAURA:, You guys, use fire, damage., TRAVIS:, Fire, damage., ASHLEY:, 17., MATT: 17, just hits.

ASHLEY: Okay!, LAURA: I can't do fire damage.

ASHLEY:, Nine., MATT:, Got you.

So that's 18 points of fire damage to it., ASHLEY: All right, all right.

MATT: The, two columns of flame impact, it.

(monster, roars) It, looks like it didn't enjoy that, and it looks over in your direction.

(monster roars) You see the icicle breath around its outside of its open jaws.

The strange, needle-like teeth are semi-translucent in its mouth.

It seems to immediately, in a fit of fury, begin to pull that inhaled breath in once more and it regenerates its breath.

LAURA: Oh no.

ASHLEY: Oh no, oh no.

LAURA:, Oh no.

ASHLEY: Oh no, oh no.

MATT:, So, Fearne-- LAURA: I'm going to die if he goes-- Oh no, no.

MATT: Fearne, anything else.

You want to do your turn? You, going to stay.

Put? You want to move? ASHLEY: I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to-- I'm going to stay, put behind, I'm going to make, I want to be behind.

I want to be behind that, so that stuff can't bother.


MATT: You got it.


ASHLEY: Okay., MATT: That finishes your go.


MATT: FCG, you're up., ASHLEY:, Oh, boy., SAM:, Well, I, don't know what to do.

I got to get out of here, but I cain't, so-- ASHLEY: "Cain't"? SAM: I cain't.

LAURA: Where's that? Where was that? SAM: So I'm going to-- I will, saw blade's still spinning.

I will rake it across the beast's chest and see if I can hit this time.

MATT: You got it.

SAM: Terrible, no, misses.

MATT: (laughs) (woosh) TRAVIS: Get out of there, FCG! SAM: I'm, going to rotate around it without leaving its melee.

If possible, and-- MATT: Four, five, six, you can get right about there.

If you want., SAM: Then I will, I got to do damage.

I'm going to cast Spiritual Weapon on it.

MATT: Okay.

All right., SAM: I was told to hit it with something hot.


SAM:, So I will make my spiritual weapon in the form of Nick Jonas.

TRAVIS: What, the fuck.

(laughter) ASHLEY: Who's that? (laughter) MATT: He's, a historical bard who came from the College of the White Duke 40 years ago in Tal'dorei.

TRAVIS: The College of the White Duke.

AABRIA: He is burning up for you, baby.

MATT: I'm, going to say this mace represents-- SAM: Sure.

MATT: -- Spiritual Nick Jonas.

SAM: This is cast-- MATT: The great bard of Tal'dorei.

SAM: This is cast at 4th-level.

MATT: Okay.

SAM: See.

If it can hit.



MATT: 17 hits.

SAM: Okay, okay, I did something.

AABRIA: (laughs) MATT: So, that's two weapon: dice.

SAM: Yep., Terrible., LAURA: That's, so cool.

SAM:, Awful., AABRIA:, Roll, better., SAM: That is seven points.

But can I also do Divine Strike into this? MATT: Divine Strike is your physical attack., SAM: It says a weapon.

This spell is Spiritual Weapon.

MATT: It does say weapon attack., SAM:, (laughs), MATT: I'll, allow it, why not? (cheering) AABRIA: Yay! MATT:, Why, not?, LAURA: Why didn't I ever fight for that in the last campaign? TRAVIS: It's, the only thing you didn't fight, for., SAM:, So, that's 14., MATT:, 14., Okay., SAM: We can look at the rules.

Later, Matt.

MATT: I'll allow it in this instance.

SAM: Thank you., AABRIA: It's good to be back.

Matt:, (laughs), All, right.

That finish your turn? SAM: Yes.

MATT: All right.

You're up.



What's happening? What? Are you doing? I, just yell-- SAM: Who are you? AABRIA: What? What? Are you doing in that-- TRAVIS:, Help, us!, MATT: You do see this small, in some ways.

Familiar, metallic form to your companion, though, in a squatter and wheel-based physical apparatus., AABRIA: I'm going to look over, but I would not assume that all automatons know each other.

(laughter) AABRIA: That would be bad.


Just going to-- SAM: We have a handshake.


(laughs) Does, everyone look kind of jacked up, the people that I can see? MATT: The people.

You can get a glance at, they're, not having fun.


TRAVIS: Please., AABRIA: Let's attempt a Mass Healing Word.

SAM and ASHLEY: Ooh.

MATT: Okay.

ASHLEY: All right.

MATT: All, right., ASHLEY:, All, right., MATT: The range on that is-- AABRIA: It's 60 feet out and a 60-foot diameter.

TRAVIS: You helping us? MATT: Okay.

Do you want to get closer? Because come of the folk over here a bit far away.

AABRIA: Ooh, ooh.

Sure, yeah.

I'm, going to skirt me out that way and try to-- MATT: Over.

This way? AABRIA: Yeah.

MATT: Okay.

TRAVIS: You're, most welcome here.

AABRIA:, Do I, hear that? MATT: (laughs) I, don't know.

TRAVIS: There's a sound coming from beyond the rocks on the other side.

MATT: Yep, that'll do it.

AABRIA: What is happening? Okay., MATT:, All right, so that'll get everybody but Fearne.

ASHLEY: I'm okay., I'm, okay., That's, perfect, actually., MATT:, So roll Mass, Healing Word for everybody, there.

AABRIA:, Yeah., Oh, god., Okay., MATT:, Mass, Healing Word, or do you mean Mass Cure, Wound., AABRIA:, Mass, Healing, Word., MATT:, Mass, Healing, Word is-- AABRIA: 3d8, plus my spellcasting, which is-- SAM: 3d4.


MATT: Mass Healing Word is 1d4, plus your spellcasting modifier.

SAM: 1d4 or 3d4? AABRIA: I didn't read: that.

Oh, it's 3d4.

What am I doing? Get out of here, Aabria.

I've, never played D&D before.

ASHLEY: Look at those dice! MATT: At, a 3rd-level spell.

It's 1d4, plus your spellcasting modifier.

SAM: Oh, just one.

MATT: Just one., LAURA:, Yeah, Mass, Healing Word is balls.

Aabria: It does suck, I forgot.

SAM: He said 1d4.

AABRIA: It's, just one? MATT: Yeah.

Unless you cast it at a higher level.

AABRIA: I'm going to cast it-- MATT: If, you cast it at 5th-level-- AABRIA:, Hold, on, hold on, hold on.

MATT: -- then it's 3d4., AABRIA: Do I have to touch? CHRISTIAN: That's a problem.


It's a 60-foot, radius.

Can I change that to Mass Cure Wounds.

So I can give you my original roll? MATT: Sure.



Sweet, because I don't have to touch them.

MATT:, Yeah, Mass, Cure Wounds.

You don't have to.

AABRIA: Yeah, we're doing Mass Cure Wounds at 5th-level., MATT: So yeah.

So that is exactly what you did: then.

AABRIA: That's, what I meant to do, and that's what I said: the whole time.

MATT: (laughs), AABRIA: I, don't know what everyone's talking about.

MATT: It's all good.

We got this.

We got this.

AABRIA:, Yeah., Okay, yeah., At 5th-level, that's going to do! 30 points of healing.

LAURA: Whoa., SAM:, Ooh., ASHLEY:, Sheesh!, AABRIA:, As, I grab my symbol of the Dawnfather and all of you.

Feel-- ASHLEY: That was needed.

LAURA: That's clutch.

AABRIA: -- like you're, walking from the shadow into the light, that just, those first rays of warmth after being in cold shadow, hit you and bring you back.

SAM: Wow.

ASHLEY:, Come, on.

TRAVIS: That's, very welcome right, now., MATT: It's, a tiny sunrise in an unexpected bit of darkness.

SAM: Oh man.

MATT: Fantastic.

AABRIA: Ah! Then I want to keep moving behind the rock.

MATT: You got enough room for two more steps there and you're good.


MATT:, All right.

That finishes your go.

Next up is the creature.

LAURA: Uh-oh.

MATT: It's, going to angrily-- Oh man, it is-- That loud noise, definitely caught its attention.

It's, going to shift around this way-- ASHLEY: Oh no.

MATT: -- and is going to-- (roaring inhale) LAURA: Oh no.

(roaring wind) SAM: Oh no! MATT: -- unleash another blast of freezing breath.

TRAVIS: How dare you.

AABRIA: No, thank you., MATT: Towards, the one, the direction of the loud crack, but also the one that's nearest to it., So I.

Think at FCG's direction, it's going to try and hit both of you there.

So I, need-- AABRIA: Son of a bitch.

I need you and FCG-- LAURA: Both of the clerics? MATT: -- to make constitution saving throws for me, please.

AABRIA: Perfect.

(laughs) SAM:, Sure, sure, sure., TRAVIS: Matt.

You got no chill, bro.

I, don't like it.

MATT: That's fine.

TRAVIS: I am not down.

SAM: 16 and 18.

MATT:, 16 and 18? 16 does not succeed.

SAM: That's me.

MATT: That's, you.

So, you take-- ASHLEY: Don't point at me.

MATT: 38 points of cold damage.

CHRISTIAN: Oh my., SAM:, Mm-hmm., Mm-hmm., I'm, fine., LAURA:, You saved all of our lives-- SAM: You did.

LAURA: -- with your Mass Cure Wounds., MATT:, You, take, I, think it's 16, no, sorry-- SAM: It's 17., MATT:, 17, points., AABRIA:, That's still so many.

I, miss Laerryn., SAM:, Wait., No., AABRIA:, Can I be Laerryn?, MATT:, No., SAM:, No, 14-- MATT:, No, 38-- I, don't even fucking-- SAM: 19., 19., 19.

MATT: 19, thank you., My brain., SAM:, It's, 19., TRAVIS: Could.

She just be a level 20, wizard?, AABRIA: Can I be Laerryn instead? MATT: No, sorry.

AABRIA: This sucks.

MATT: Sorry.

She blinked out a while back.

AABRIA: Too soon! MATT: Yeah, I know.

TRAVIS: She had her chance.

AABRIA: Too soon! Shut up, Cerrit! TRAVIS: (laughs), (squawks), MATT:, With that.

It's going to shift forward and close the gap here to actually rush towards you.

TRAVIS: You may not.

MATT: You do get an attack of opportunity.

AABRIA: Help, help, help.

SAM: An attack of opportunity! TRAVIS: You do not! SAM: I'm going to slice this thing.

One more time.

This is a 17.

MATT: 17, just hits.

SAM: Eyy! LAURA: Yeah!, SAM:, All, right., TRAVIS: That.

Aesthetic must be protected, Matt.

You may not.

SAM: That's five more points of damage.

MATT: Five, more points.

Technically this is a different turn.

SAM: It is? MATT: As, a reaction, yeah.

SAM: Sure.

MATT: It's, like sneak attack, can happen multiple times as long as it's a reaction: attack, so., SAM: Then.

It's another six points on top of it.

MATT: All right, great., AABRIA:, Let's, go., MATT:, The creature's, like (growling) It's, starting to show some wear and tear.

It looks like it's--.

It went from being confident to a little nervous.

Nevertheless, that finishes its go.

You're up.

CHRISTIAN: I will say: Deanna, stay behind there! And I will..

I will shoot again.

MATT: Go for it.


TRAVIS: (laughs) CHRISTIAN: That is a 25 to hit.

AABRIA:, Woo!, MATT: 25, definitely hits.


Then it's 2d8.

Ahh, d8s.

That's, a d6.

LAURA: That's, an eight.

CHRISTIAN: Ah! I need another one.

MATT: There you go., CHRISTIAN:, 2d8, plus four.

I don't-- is FCG in range for sneak attack? MATT: Technically, just out of range.

SAM: Yeah, because he just left my-- CHRISTIAN:, No, problem., Two, seven, nine, plus four.

13 points of damage.

MATT: 13 points of damage.

CHRISTIAN: Bonus, action, reload., LAURA:, Christian's good at math-- CHRISTIAN:, Attack., LAURA:, You, guys., MATT: Go for it.

CHRISTIAN:, Second, shots., MATT:, (gun, firing), CHRISTIAN:, 25, again., MATT:, Woof, all right, roll damage, another time.

CHRISTIAN: That's, not so good., Three, plus four, seven points of damage.

MATT: Still 20 in one round.

CHRISTIAN: Action, surge., MATT: Go for it.

AABRIA:, Let's, go., CHRISTIAN:, Take, a third shot.

AABRIA: Get, 'em!, CHRISTIAN: Is that a-- that's a six or nine? When.

It's down.

It's the-- TRAVIS:, Six., CHRISTIAN:, A, six., So, plus 10, 16., MATT: 16, just misses.

AABRIA:, Oh, shoot., (groaning), CHRISTIAN: But.

That's a new action, because I action, surged.

MATT: You did, but it takes an action to reload.

CHRISTIAN: Right, but I can bonus action and reload it on the second.

Matt: You only get one bonus: action, though., CHRISTIAN: So.

That's that and then I will-- I would stand there and say: Hey, fight, me.

SAM and LAURA: Oh.


That's my turn.

MATT: Okay,! You got it.


Your go.

That brings us to Imogen, with Chetney on deck.

LAURA: Okay.

I'm going to fly.


MATT: Cool.

LAURA: And, try to get-- MATT: And away.

LAURA: I'm, going to just fly.


Bye, guys., If I can get around here.

So I can do.

A-- I want to shoot a Lightning Bolt through its head.

SAM: Ooh.

LAURA: Without hitting-- MATT: Yeah.

You can do that from about here.

LAURA: This new friend that has just arrived.

MATT: Yeah.

You can do that.

LAURA: So I'm, going to bring my arm back and going to (gunshot) again.

MATT: Okay.

SAM:, (gun, cocking, firing)., MATT:, Go ahead and roll damage.


It's here, with-- LAURA:, Dexterity., MATT:, Dex, save.

LAURA: No wait, is it-- Yeah.

It's a dex save.

MATT: Dex save, yeah.

14, lower than last time.

LAURA: All right.

MATT: So no.

SAM: Whoa.

CHRISTIAN:, My, gosh., LAURA: Oh, that's better., MATT:, It's, a lot of dice.

LAURA: That's, a 10.

Six, no, 16, 17, 18, 19, blech., 23, 27.

Oh, it's like..., 31.

So, less than last time.


MATT: 31 points of lightning damage., (lighting, crackling), As it arcs through it a second time, you can see.

It leaves this burn mark across the back of its long, salamander-like body.

It crumples for a second into the snow and thrashes for a second in pain, its body reeling from the impact of the spell before it.

Flips around, gathers itself again, and looks up in your direction: angrily.


It saw me.

MATT: Oh yeah., LAURA:, (chuckles, nervously), MATT: Shift it to represent that.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Tail whip.

LAURA: We-ell., MATT: That's, your movement.

That's your action.

CHRISTIAN: I, can't fly! LAURA: Yeah, I used all my movement to do: that.

Yeah,! That's all I'm going to do.

MATT: All right.

Now it is Chetney's go.

TRAVIS: Yeah! Bitch.

I'm, going to run-- AABRIA: Land fish.

TRAVIS: -- into the archway, because my little legs, they can't carry me that far.

I'm going to get up on the ledge and then I will use with my bonus action.

Blood Curse of Bloated Agony.

MATT:, Okay., TRAVIS: On.

This thing.

TRAVIS: "30 feet of me until my next turn-- "The creature has disadvantage on strength and dex.


"It takes 1d8 of necrotic damage.

If "it makes more than one attack on its turn." MATT: You got it.

TRAVIS: I'm, going to then (babbles) and I'm, going to peek back behind, take cover behind the rock.

Since he's spitting cone of cold shit.

MATT: Okay, you got it.

That finish your turn? TRAVIS: Yeah, he's wielding freon with viciousness.

MATT: Okay, all right.

Top of the round.

Fearne, you're up, with FCG on deck.

ASHLEY: All right, I'm, going to peek back around.

I'm, going to Scorching Ray again.

MATT: Go for it.


MATT: 3rd-level, 2nd-level?, ASHLEY:, Let's, do-- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's do 3rd-level.

SAM: Don't hit Nick Jonas.

MATT: All, righty., (laughter) ASHLEY: I can't make any promises.

Magic is a little weird right: now.


MATT: 19 hits.




MATT: 17? That, hits., AABRIA:, Nice., ASHLEY:, Ooh, natural 19., MATT: That, hits., TRAVIS:, Ooh., ASHLEY: That's, a natural one.

MATT: Okay.

But, that's three hits.

That's 6d6 damage doubled.

ASHLEY: Okay, starting with five.

AABRIA: That's, my handwriting.

ASHLEY: Eight.


MATT: Okay.

ASHLEY: Seven? MATT: Okay.

ASHLEY: Seven.


What was the first one? MATT: It was eight-- The five, eight, seven, right? Remember? ASHLEY: Five, eight, seven., MATT:, Yeah., ASHLEY:, So-- MATT: So, that's 20., ASHLEY:, 20., MATT: 40 points of fire damage.


Do you want to do this?, (cheering), ASHLEY:, What?!, Oh!, All, right, all right.

So I'm, going to peek around and the fire-- MATT: (growling) ASHLEY: Oh, hello.

SAM: (laughs) ASHLEY: As I make eyes at him, I'm going to shoot the Scorching Rays, one through each eye and one through his mouth.

SAM: Nice.

MATT: (laughs) Perfect.

Like, well-- This is like making a smiley face in the snow, but-- ASHLEY: Yeah.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Happy little jack-o-lantern.

AABRIA: Nice., MATT:, All right, so (blasting) as they all blast in.

It rears back and is ready to blast out, to destroy FCG and probably you in the process as it begins to charge.

Then (fire, blasts), impacts.

There's left behind these two black cinder holes where its eyes were.

It, seems to try and exhale and just, (dry cough), this cough of dark smoke as it lumbers forward-- SAM:, Oh no.

MATT: -- and is about to step on you, FCG, before it collapses into the snow and you watch as now.

The cold air begins to freeze ever so slightly over the outside of its skin.

It no longer moving.

SAM: Whoa! ASHLEY: Whoa! SAM: Whoa! ASHLEY: Whoa.

SAM: Whoa! AABRIA: What? CHRISTIAN: Deanna?, AABRIA:, Yeah?, CHRISTIAN: Are, you okay? AABRIA: I'm fine.

How are you? CHRISTIAN: Oh, I'm fine.

TRAVIS: We're friendlies! Friendlies., ASHLEY:, Friendlies., AABRIA:, Okay., LAURA: Who are you? AABRIA: I walk out.

Hi, my name's Deanna.


AABRIA: Do I, see him? MATT:, Yeah.

AABRIA: Okay., No! Oh, my god.

As I live and breathe.

SAM: Wait, you know-- TRAVIS:, No, it's-- SAM: You, know each other?, TRAVIS: No, couldn't be.

AABRIA: Mm-hmm.

SAM: You couldn't be.


Do you mean? TRAVIS:, Mm-mm., SAM: You know each other? You're from here.


SAM: Wait.

Are you a gnome? AABRIA: (gasps) Yes.

ASHLEY: Has? He talked about his-- LAURA:, Wait-- AABRIA: She said in character.

LAURA: Is it out of character that we heard-- SAM: Hold on, I'm, going to go-- LAURA: -- him talk about before? SAM: I take notes, I take notes.


There was somebody that he talked about.

SAM: I'm looking., I'm, looking., LAURA:, Was, that a character we heard? CHRISTIAN: Is that-- SAM: I'm looking.

LAURA: What city was that? AABRIA: Yeah.

SAM: No, I'm looking.

AABRIA: Yeah! CHRISTIAN:, Wow., AABRIA:, He's still alive! ASHLEY: He was talking about back home in Uthodurn., LAURA:, Wait., AABRIA:, He's old, as shit.


He is old.

As shit.

AABRIA:, Mm-hmm.

CHRISTIAN: He looks old as shit.

TRAVIS: I've been around., SAM: Deanna.

TRAVIS: I've been around., LAURA: Wait.

What does it? Say? SAM: I wrote a heart and it says former lover.

ASHLEY: Yes, yes, yes.

MATT: (laughs), SAM: Well.

It says two names, actually, Deanna and Frudell.


Don't talk about her.

TRAVIS: Don't worry about it.


Don't talk about her! AABRIA:, Hi, hey, hey.

I want to walk over and slap the shit out of him.

SAM: Oh.

TRAVIS: Ah! MATT: (slap reverberating) TRAVIS: Why.

Would you do that? AABRIA: You know why.

TRAVIS: I, don't remember anything beyond a couple years: ago.

AABRIA: Mm-hmm.

TRAVIS: That's not going to work.

SAM: Chetney.

That's not true.

You tell us about the old days all the time.

ASHLEY: All, the time.

All, the time.


AABRIA: Kill him.

TRAVIS: No, no, no, please, please, please.

ASHLEY:, Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait., LAURA:, Wait, seriously., Don't., AABRIA: I, just hide behind.

ASHLEY:, Hang, on., SAM: I spin.

My saw blade threatening towards you.

Don't you dare.

CHRISTIAN: You're, like me.

AABRIA:, (gasps), I, wasn't going to say: it.

LAURA: They're, like you! CHRISTIAN:, Are, you-- Are, you from Aeor? SAM: Do, you-- Are, you-- I, don't know.

I've been told that yes, maybe, but-- You can talk.

You can think? CHRISTIAN: I'll, look at Deanna as if to say, worth a shot.

Do you know..., D?, LAURA:, (gasps), D!, AABRIA:, You, all know D.

ASHLEY:, Sorry, I didn't mean to touch you.

Sam: We've heard that D is the one who sold me to somebody in the past.

LAURA: I've talked to D! SAM: Yeah.


You know D? AABRIA:, What?, LAURA:, Well, before-- Have, you guys-- You've, seen all the stuff in the sky? AABRIA: Yeah.

What is that? LAURA: This is a good conversation.



Before all of this happened, yeah, I sent a message to D.


They reply? LAURA:, Yeah.

AABRIA:, What? SAM: How.

Do you know? AABRIA: Hey,? Let's all put our hands: down.

TRAVIS: Hands down., AABRIA:, Not, you., TRAVIS: Ah! Hands are up.



CHRISTIAN: The hand will turn back into an Aeormaton's hand.

SAM: Oh, wow.

I clumsily, remove my saw blade and hang it on a hook on my backpack and clumsily, take out a hand and attach it.


Don't have that cool thing that you have., CHRISTIAN:, Forgive, me, I, want to know all of your names.


What is your name? SAM: Well, smiley day to you.? My name is Fresh Cut Grass., CHRISTIAN:, Smiley, day., AABRIA: Oh, that's so nice.

SAM:, What's, yours?, CHRISTIAN:, I'm, FRIDA., SAM:, FRIDA., TRAVIS:, That's, a great name.


Oh, my goodness.

Oh boy., I'm, sorry, Imogen and Fearne.

We seem to have taken up all the conversation.

These are our friends.

ASHLEY: My name is Fearne.



CHRISTIAN: And, you're, Chetney., AABRIA: You're, so tall.

ASHLEY:, I'm, very tall., TRAVIS: Chetney, Pock, O'pea-- CHRISTIAN:, Oh, I, know Chetney Pock O'pea.

TRAVIS: -- from C-POP Industries.

Pleased to meet you.

You, look love-- wonderful, by the way.

AABRIA: I know.

SAM: Oh.


Is this awkward because-- LAURA: Yeah.

SAM: -- because of Fearne and-- CHRISTIAN: (gasps) SAM: You know., TRAVIS:, No!, No., No, no, no, no.

SAM: Because-- TRAVIS: That is not a thing.

It-- Look.

I made a carving for her, and for all of them, not just her.

I made carvings for all of them, but-- ASHLEY: I'll show you.

He made me a little bull.

LAURA: He made me a horse that is supposed to move.

Aabria: I never got a carving.

ASHLEY: This is my mother.

SAM: He made me an emotion, wheel.

TRAVIS: Maybe.

If you knew how to work.

It., AABRIA:, What?, ASHLEY:, My, father.

I think this was me as a baby-- CHRISTIAN: He made you all of this? ASHLEY: -- and then me as a grownup, I think.

AABRIA: All of that? SAM: I.

Think right now we're all surprised.

Travis: I was not planning on seeing-- AABRIA: Yeah.

That's a good one.

TRAVIS: -- a romantic person from my back story.

ASHLEY: I am not one to get in between anything.

AABRIA: No, you're good.

I get it.

ASHLEY: Let it happen.

Let it roll.

AABRIA:, It's, fine.

No, it's fine, it was-- CHRISTIAN: That's, so sweet.

Anyone, who spends that much time creating something for you, really likes: you.

AABRIA: Hundreds of years ago., You're, good., SAM: Hundreds of years ago., ASHLEY:, Well, I, mean..., AABRIA:, Yeah., ASHLEY:, Hundreds?, SAM: You guys were together hundreds of years ago? AABRIA: It, was-- Oh, boy., Yeah, he's old.

As shit.


We go back a ways., SAM:, Well I know that.

LAURA: Yeah, he's old as shit.

SAM: Does that mean you're old.

As shit too?, LAURA: We think he's going to die every time he falls: asleep.

AABRIA:, No., Yeah., No., No.

It's, a long story.


There's a corpse here.

SAM: Oh.


We go anywhere else? SAM: Well.

We were going to take shelter, here.


You have a hut or a village nearby? TRAVIS: (snickers) AABRIA: A village? SAM: I, don't know.

TRAVIS: Look, we're just going to come out with it.

We kind of got--.

Aabria: You can put your hands down.

TRAVIS: (sighs in relief) Oh.

My shoulder is so stiff.

Now., We kind of got dropped here out of nowhere, literally in the middle of the snow.


If you could-- CHRISTIAN: Do, you know where you are? TRAVIS: Well., SAM:, You, told us-- TRAVIS:, Roughly., CHRISTIAN:, Okay.

Well, we're not too far from Uthodurn.

AABRIA: We can make it back.

If you guys are okay.

ASHLEY: I have a question.

SAM: Do.

You live in Uthodurn? CHRISTIAN:, Yes., AABRIA:, Yeah., SAM: Oh.

Why were you-- Well,? You ask your question.


ASHLEY: I wanted to know when it was.

AABRIA: When what was? SAM: Like the year and month and day? LAURA: Oh.


LAURA: That's true.

What? If it's been years since we-- CHRISTIAN:, Since, you-- AABRIA:, Since, what?, LAURA: You know about the Apogee Solstice? CHRISTIAN: Yes.

AABRIA: The, what?, LAURA:, The, Apogee, Solstice., AABRIA: Is, that the thing you were talking: about? CHRISTIAN:, Yeah., AABRIA:, Okay., CHRISTIAN:, It's, the event.


CHRISTIAN: Big, event., AABRIA:, Mm-hmm., CHRISTIAN:, Mm-hmm., AABRIA:, Yeah., LAURA: We were at the big event and a lot of stuff was going on and then all of a sudden there was a big flash of white, and we were no longer there and we're here.

Now, and I.

Don't know if everybody there is all right.

I, don't know--.

Travis: We were on the continent of Marquet hours, ago.

CHRISTIAN: And, now you're here., AABRIA: And, now you're here., CHRISTIAN:, There, were-- Is.

This all of your party? LAURA: No., ASHLEY:, No., CHRISTIAN: No.

SAM: There, was lots of people at this thing that we were at, and some of them were our friends and they're-- We, don't know where they are and we can't reach them.


You both cast magic.

Well, no.

You cast magic, spells., AABRIA:, Yeah., LAURA:, And, you-- Wait.

You were a servant of the Dawnfather? AABRIA: Yeah.

SAM: What? AABRIA: What?, SAM: Why'd.

You say it like that? AABRIA:, Mm, it's fine.

Don't worry about it.

We've, all just met., LAURA: Have.

You felt any weird connection with him? AABRIA: Yeah.

Not, not-- It felt-- A little, while ago, I felt less of him, like he was leaning, away.

I, don't know what it means, though.

LAURA: How long ago, was that? SAM: How long ago?, AABRIA: Oh, a day or so.

ASHLEY: That's, a coincidence., CHRISTIAN: I think he has his favorites.

I do know a little magic.

And I'll walk up to you.

If you don't mind, I can-- ASHLEY: Has, his favorites.


Look a little banged, up.

SAM: I am.

CHRISTIAN: I will cast Cure Wounds.

When I do, you'll see that on that sleeveless arm, there's an etching of the Dawnfather symbol that will light up.

It'll travel through the arm, and I'll touch your shoulder and it's 1d8 plus six.

Eight points of healing.

SAM: Oh wow, thank you.

Christian: You're welcome.

I've never met another one of my kind.

SAM: Me neither.

CHRISTIAN: Our kind.

SAM:, Wow., CHRISTIAN:, Wow, indeed., ASHLEY: Can, you eat?, CHRISTIAN: Well.

Only metal.


Can you taste things? CHRISTIAN:, No., TRAVIS: Fearne, that's aggressive for a first meeting.


You have a tongue? ASHLEY: I know! AABRIA: Don't tell her what to do! CHRISTIAN: No.

ASHLEY: Thank, you., See?, Thank, you.

LAURA: FCG has a big old, fleshy tongue.

ASHLEY: I love you.

CHRISTIAN: As in an organ? AABRIA: I love, you! Do.

You need any-- Are, you okay? ASHLEY:, I'm, okay., AABRIA: Are, you sure?, ASHLEY: I'm, actually doing great.

AABRIA: Okay., CHRISTIAN:, All, right., ASHLEY:, I, didn't-- SAM: The tongue comes out when it's called.

You have to say tongue three times, and then it comes out.

Aabria: I.

Don't like whatever I just turned back towards.

That's bad.

CHRISTIAN: I, don't either,! That's scary.

AABRIA: Imogen?, LAURA:, Mm?, AABRIA: Are, you okay? Do! You need any-- LAURA: I'm, all right after your-- AABRIA:, Okay., LAURA: -- your big help.

SAM: How are you? AABRIA: Oh, I'm fine.

A little startled, but we can deal with that.


SAM:, Oh, sure., CHRISTIAN: I have never seen anyone that looks like you., ASHLEY:, Well, I, don't know if ever seen.

Anyone that looks like you.

CHRISTIAN:, Well-- ASHLEY: You're, just marvelous.

CHRISTIAN: As are you.

ASHLEY: Oh, thank you., Thank you., CHRISTIAN: And.

Your hair is gorgeous.

LAURA: Purple.

Oh, thank you., CHRISTIAN: Beautiful.

LAURA: Wow, thank you., CHRISTIAN: You're, very welcome., SAM: So, polite., ASHLEY:, So, complimentary., LAURA:, So, polite., CHRISTIAN: Oh, is that bad? ASHLEY: The rose gold-- LAURA: No, that's wonderful.

It's, so complimentary.

ASHLEY: Gorgeous, my god.

CHRISTIAN: Am I doing well here? AABRIA:, No, you're, doing great.

Keep going, keep going.

TRAVIS: Your trench coat is very nice.

I, like the color.

LAURA: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN: Thank, you, I had it made for me.

Personally, specifically for me.

I've, never owned anything, well, except the coat now.

AABRIA: It's, so nice.

CHRISTIAN: Thank you.

AABRIA: I go over and I'm just mending the bottom of it.

Like-- CHRISTIAN: She picked the fabric.

ASHLEY: It's, just lovely.

CHRISTIAN: She has quite an eye for these kinds of things.

AABRIA: Thank you.

TRAVIS: Were, you tracking this creature? SAM: Yeah.

Why are you out here in the tundra? AABRIA: We're, headed back towards Uthodurn, a place on the map that I guess you fucking forgot, existed.

TRAVIS: It's been a minute.

AABRIA: Mm-hmm.

You guys want to come.

Back? SAM:, Yes, please., LAURA:, It's just.

It was very cold.

And-- AABRIA: Oh, hold on! I want to reach into a little pocket and pull out a really big knit blanket.

TRAVIS: Oh, thank you.

That's, so considerate.

AABRIA: (grunts) TRAVIS: Oh.

AABRIA: Here, you go, baby.

SAM: Do, you knit things? AABRIA: I do., SAM:, Oh, wow! Did, you knit this sweater? AABRIA: I did, thank you., SAM: How long did it take? A couple weeks? AABRIA: Oh goodness, no.

Maybe, like 12 hours., SAM: You, mainly work-- Wow, that's great., AABRIA:, Thank, you., TRAVIS:, Mm-hmm., SAM: You, mainly work with yarn? AABRIA: What's, wrong?, LAURA:, His, hat.


You do the hat? TRAVIS: My little beanie., SAM: Did.

You knit that beanie for him? AABRIA:, Yeah.

SAM:, (gasping), AABRIA: But.

It's okay, because I didn't get a little carved anything from him, so, you know, reciprocal., Love, all your little toys, though, it's so nice.

TRAVIS: (laughs) This is unfair.

Aabria: I told you.

I was coming for your ass.

(laughter) SAM: Wow.

It must be fine craftsmanship if you knitted it for him.

200 years, ago., AABRIA:, Yeah, I'm, very good at this., SAM: So.

His chosen medium is wood and yours is yarn?.

Travis: No! (laughter) AABRIA: I, guess you could say: that.

SAM:, Wow!, TRAVIS:, Wow!, AABRIA: Well.

Why don't we walk? SAM: Yes,? Let's walk and talk.

There's a lot of topics.

We have to cover.

LAURA: In Chet's head, he's going to hear: How you doing? TRAVIS: Help.

(laughter), TRAVIS:, Send, help., LAURA:, All, right., CHRISTIAN:, I'll, nestle up next to Deanna and say.

Hopefully, so no one else hears me: Are we okay here? AABRIA: Oh.

They seem nice, enough., CHRISTIAN:, Many people seem nice, enough., AABRIA: Well.

If they are untoward, AABRIA: Well, if they are untoward, we've dealt with bad people.


Look, he's a jackass, but I, don't think he's bad.


My assessment is correct.

I think he may still have a thing for you.

LAURA:, (laughs), AABRIA: I gesture a little bit towards Fearne like, really? Come on now.

It's, hard to compete.

CHRISTIAN: Two different times., AABRIA: It's hard to compete.

CHRISTIAN: I, don't know.! She is gorgeous.

LAURA: I'm, going to take the big blanket that Deanna gave and wrap it around both of us.


You want to share? LAURA: Yeah.

Because, it's very cold.

Aabria: It is very cold.: ASHLEY: Yeah, we got real chilly.

My legs stay warm, but everything else-- (laughter), ASHLEY: -- gets a little nipply.


Are these blue crystals? Is this anything or it's just for flair? LAURA:, Oh yeah, there's a little blue crystally happening in the entryway here.

MATT: Yeah.

If you want to take a look, you can see that within the interior of this chamber, it looks almost intentionally grown ice.


Like they've been cultivated by a creature to utilize as partial, enticement or some sort of a boundary or barrier.

Not sure what the main reason is for it.

But as you glance within some of the larger clusters of it, you can see parts of people frozen in ice that have been chomped on and partially devoured by whatever took up residence here until recently.

ASHLEY: Nom nom nom., CHRISTIAN: Would.

We know if those crystals are valuable? CHRISTIAN: Do they carry any value? MATT: From.

What you can tell, most of the crystals you see here are based in some sort of magical ice creation or natural ice creation.

So, it's not an actual crystalline material.

It's just in ice.

But at the moment, the tunnel seems to be unoccupied, which is safe.

Are you pressing on for the evening?.

It is a little bit past.

The sun went down, so it is a cold night's journey.


SAM: Will we make it? LAURA: We, could camp here-- AABRIA:, Oh, probably not., LAURA: -- then go in the morning? AABRIA: Okay.


AABRIA: Please.

Don't try to kill us.


ASHLEY: I, don't think we would.

SAM: Oh no.


Unless you tried to kill us.

AABRIA: Not you.

CHRISTIAN: I won't try to kill any of you.

Unless you try to kill her.

AABRIA: Aw! SAM: How about just no killing in general? ASHLEY:, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We don't need to do that.

We, don't need to do that., CHRISTIAN: Except things like that.

We, kill those things.


Why was that thing attacking you? What'd you do?, LAURA:, No, I, just think we came into its home, is all.

(snickering), ASHLEY:, Yeah., LAURA: I've, never seen him so quiet.

Thank, you., (laughter), AABRIA:, You're, welcome., SAM:, Oh, man., TRAVIS: My eyes.

Don't stop watering.

(laughter) SAM: Do! You two have anything that we can use to make some sort of a shelter? Because.

We don't have most of our stuff right, now.

AABRIA:, Oh yeah, because you just appeared here.


We have some camping, things.

CHRISTIAN: Can I, investigate this tunnel and see if it provides enough shelter and space and all that? MATT: Yeah, sure.

Make a survival check for me.


LAURA: I'll assist., MATT:, Survival or investigation, I'll say.

Your choice.

LAURA: I've made a lot of homes.

In-- SAM: I'll, guide, you.


Are you guys doing-- LAURA:, -- random, places., TRAVIS: -- out here so late? In the day this far out from Uthodurn? LAURA: You can roll with advantage because I helped you out.

CHRISTIAN: Okay, well, that's a 20.


SAM: He's fine, he's fine.

AABRIA: Are you adding Guidance? CHRISTIAN: Also a 20.

MATT: All right.

There, you go.

AABRIA: Add a d4! CHRISTIAN: Add, a d4? SAM: I, guided you.

AABRIA: You beat me to it.

AABRIA and MATT: (laugh) CHRISTIAN: Oh, did you? Two.


That's a 22.

MATT: The race for Guidance I'm kind of here for.

ASHLEY:, Guidance!, MATT:, Take, it!, ASHLEY: No, take mine!, AABRIA:, (laughs), MATT:, This tunnel.

It looks like there's a partial collapse towards the back of it about 300 feet in, but the ground actually rises up to be not quite as snow-covered.


The snow looks like it was blown only a certain ways deeper into this tunnel.

Eventually, it just becomes rock.

That would be probably a safer and warmer space to set up camp.


What best you can tell.

There aren't signs of any other entity taking up residence at the moment.


A quick scan, I believe that this tunnel provides all the benefits of cover and we should be safe for the evening.

AABRIA: Okay! Let's set up camp! SAM: Okay, and we do.

ASHLEY: I can make a little fire.

MATT: Make a little fire.

AABRIA: Thank you.

MATT: Kind of arrange yourselves in a way for a semi-comfortable night's rest.

But eventually you settle down arrangements for the evening and prepare for a night's sleep.

Is there.

Anything anyone would wish to do, or--? SAM: So much.

(laughter) SAM: There's lots of topics to cover.

AABRIA: Yeah., SAM: I, don't want to chew up too much of your ears: here, but-- AABRIA:, No, you're, good., SAM: Can.

You tell us-- I mean, I want to know all about you, two.

ASHLEY:, Yeah., SAM:, Whatever, you're comfortable in sharing, though.

It sounds like there's a little bit of tension there and I.

Don't want there to be any unpleasant memories: trudged up.

But! You guys met a long time ago.

And--? ASHLEY:, Yeah, how'd, you meet? SAM:, Where?, AABRIA: Why.

Don't you tell it? TRAVIS: Oh.


Do you remember? (laughter) TRAVIS: (stammering), Me?, AABRIA:, Yep.

SAM: How long? Were you together? AABRIA: Oh, not that long.

TRAVIS: Forever.

It was-- (laughs) (laughter) CHRISTIAN: Oh gosh.

TRAVIS: You know.

There were nights of white-hot, passion, and mornings that I don't remember as much, but it was-- I mean.

We had a wonderful time.


AABRIA: It was a fling, years and years.


It didn't end when I wanted it to end, but that's okay.

We have beautiful memories.

Then I, shortly thereafter, met my husband.


It was fine.

SAM:, Oh, you're, married?, AABRIA: Complicated.

Don't worry about it.

SAM: Where is he? Who's he or she? CHRISTIAN: Oh.

That's a touchy subject.

AABRIA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN: Maybe, another time., AABRIA:, Yeah., SAM:, Oh, I'm, sorry., AABRIA:, Sweet., TRAVIS:, I'm, so glad to hear that you were able to find true happiness, and that you were able to find true happiness, and it's very good to see.


You seem like you're doing very well.

AABRIA: Thanks.

TRAVIS:, Yeah., AABRIA: Not bad for someone who died.

LAURA: Wait, what? SAM:, What?, Who, died?, AABRIA:, Oh, yeah, the age disparity here.

We're supposed to be roughly the same: age.

Maybe two or three years? No.

It's got to be five because I got back to Uthodurn and that's when I met Dustel, and we had a little family, and then I was brutally killed.

SAM: Wait, what? ASHLEY: Excuse me? AABRIA: I got better.


That would explain the May-Summer thing or May-December thing: you're, seeing right, here., SAM: Wait, one of our friends died and was brought back to life as well.


SAM: But, you don't look like her.

LAURA: She looks very different than you.

SAM: Yeah.

TRAVIS: How, were you killed? What happened?, AABRIA:, Look, I came up here after our time, because I wanted to see where you came.


Now that I'm thinking about it, Greying Wildlands, explains the monsters.

And I point out at that.

I was at a small event with some friends for Midsummer Festival and we were attacked.

SAM: Attacked? AABRIA: Yeah.

SAM: This was long, long ago, like after you were with Chet? AABRIA: Oh yeah.

What was that, like mid 600s?.

Sam: You were attacked by creatures? People? AABRIA: No.

It was a big creature., CHRISTIAN: Deanna.

You don't have to talk about it.

If you-- ASHLEY:, No, no, no, I, think you do, actually.

SAM: Yeah, yeah.

We don't have to-- Oh.

Oh, okay.

TRAVIS: I'm caught off guard.

ASHLEY: Sorry., TRAVIS: It's.

Not every day.

You learn that someone you knew-- Were you-- I'm, sorry., AABRIA:, Thanks., Got, better., (laughs, nervously), LAURA:, How?, SAM:, Recently?, AABRIA: Yeah, maybe a year or two ago? SAM: Oh, my gosh.

LAURA: Dawnfather related, I'm assuming? AABRIA: Yeah.

After, my passing, my husband became an adventurer.

SAM: Oh.

AABRIA: Towards the end of his career.

He found a cleric of the Dawnfather that was able to resurrect me.

SAM: Oh! LAURA: Wow.


TRAVIS: Years after? AABRIA: Yeah.

ASHLEY: How many years? CHRISTIAN: Too many.

AABRIA: Almost, 200., AABRIA: So.

He kept you with him.

The whole time? AABRIA: No, I passed on.

SAM: So, you were in the ground or something? LAURA: You were with the gods.

CHRISTIAN: She was happy.

Aabria: I was wherever you go.


Imagine life is like being like a snowflake, Imagine life is like being like a snowflake, and you are fragile and discreet, and you dance on the wind.

But when you cross over, it's like landing on the ocean.

For a little bit, you're, a snowflake on the ocean.


After a while.

You melt and you are the ocean.

It's hard to come back from something like that.

CHRISTIAN: Because you shouldn't.

AABRIA: Not now.

TRAVIS: What about your family? AABRIA: It's okay.

They've grown up.

They have families of their own.


They know you're alive? AABRIA:, Dustel knows, my husband.

SAM: Is.

He old? LAURA: Did.

He move on? AABRIA: Old as shit just like Chetney.

TRAVIS: Well, look., LAURA: Old, as shit.

Let's-- AABRIA: Thank, you., SAM:, But, you're, still together? AABRIA: No.

He moved on.

SAM: He moved on? But.

He brought you back.

AABRIA: He kept a promise.

SAM: Huh.


AABRIA: Anyway, that's so heavy.

SAM: That's, so heavy.

We, just met.

AABRIA: I have stew.

I, have stew.

SAM: You carry stew? ASHLEY: I love a good stew.


What? Do.

You want to get hungry? SAM: Why.

Did you break up with this woman? AABRIA: (laughs) SAM: She's fantastic! She carries around-- AABRIA: I'm, going to go busy myself in the corner over the fire.

LAURA: Is there any wood in here, anything we can-- MATT:, There's, no kindling within the inside, but you're able to create a fire magically.

That can be maintained.

LAURA:, Okay, great., TRAVIS: I'll just cut a couple.

Fingers off.

You could start it, it's cool.

(laughter) ASHLEY: Wait.

So how are you all friends? CHRISTIAN: Well, about two years, ago, I woke up pretty close to here, actually.

I found my way to Uthodurn, lost, alone, very confused as to why I was here.

I spent a few days, watching, learning, and I heard her laughter.

I realized, then that one of my primary functions as an Aeormaton, probably in the past, was to record.

I, have recordings of everyone's laughter that I've ever met.

Hers was unique and yet familiar.

It felt as if I was reminded that my programming was to protect.

I imagined.

This is what home feels.


So I protect, her.

AABRIA: I, protect you, too., CHRISTIAN: Of course.

You do.

AABRIA: A little bit.

CHRISTIAN: But I-- Like, Deanna, I was gone, asleep, charged off for a long time.

Then I was woken up by D, and I.

Don't understand, why.

SAM: He didn't give you, or.

Is it a he, D? SAM: He didn't give you, or,? Is it a he, D?, CHRISTIAN: I, don't know if-- SAM: Did, he give you any instructions or guidance.

Or-- You met, him?, CHRISTIAN:, No., I didn't meet him or them.

All I know is wherever I was, I was happy, or at least there was the absence of sad.

I was ripped from that and brought back to serve something else., And I.

Think that's selfish.

It seems like the gods like to play.

Games with our lives.


Think you're right.

SAM: But.

You have a symbol of the gods on you.

CHRISTIAN: I'm grateful that the Dawnfather brought Deanna to me and she's taking care of me.

This is emblematic of that.

AABRIA: I will never let you die.

(laughs) (laughter) AABRIA: Do.

You need more stew? TRAVIS: Yes., Oh., AABRIA:, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

This is so heavy.

LAURA: Is that around the same time you woke up? SAM: It is roughly the same: time.

CHRISTIAN: Have you spoken to them? SAM: Well, just through remote, means.

I, don't know him at all.


Don't know why I was brought back, but I've done.

Some digging and I found out that my original purpose as not to protect.

It, was quite the opposite.


Do you mean? SAM: I'm, not assuming that you were created like I, was at all, but--.

It feels like my purpose in the last few years has been to make people feel better.

Christian:, That's, good., SAM: To protect their feelings.


SAM: But, it also seems like I, was created to do the opposite.

A long time ago.


Instead to convince people that I was nice to.

Let me inside their walls and then kill them.

AABRIA: Hey, can I insight.

Check? MATT: Yes, you may.


That seems stressful.

LAURA: Wait.

Was it you that messaged D? It was you that messaged D.

SAM: It was me.

LAURA: I'm, an asshole.

SAM: That's okay.

ASHLEY: I thought you did, too.

LAURA: I thought it was me.

AABRIA:, 26., SAM: You're, the main character.

LAURA: No, don't say: that! (laughter), TRAVIS:, Whispers!, Whispers!, Whispers!, AABRIA:, My, first whisper!, LAURA: Don't, say that.

(laughter) ASHLEY: You did at one point.

LAURA: I thought I did, but it was him.

Ashley: I feel like you, did, too., TRAVIS: That was good., LAURA:, Don't, say that.

SAM: I tease because I love., LAURA: No.

SAM: I also love because I-- TRAVIS: You tease because you kill.

ASHLEY: You tease because you kill.

TRAVIS: This whisper, is brought to you by somebody.

SAM: Oh!, Yeah., MATT and LAURA: (laugh) AABRIA: I didn't get my full whisper.

You're supposed to do.

A-- You, ruined it!, SAM:, Aabria-- AABRIA:, No!, SAM: -- is available on Twitter.

(laughter) SAM: -- at @Aabria-- AABRIA: Nope., (laughter), SAM: I, don't know, actually., AABRIA:, Thanks!, SAM: What's, your thing? AABRIA: Thanks, man! Nah.

Don't worry about it.

(laughter) SAM: Anyway.

Oh, sorry! What did you-- AABRIA: No, it's okay., As you're talking, I'm, going to take my little pink knit wrap off and put it around your shoulders.

SAM: Me? AABRIA: Mm-hmm.

SAM: Oh! CHRISTIAN: It's, a nice color on you.

SAM:, Thank, you! That's, so kind! AABRIA:, Yeah, sweetie., SAM:, I, mean, I.

Don't really feel the cold, though, but that's a very kind gesture of you.

You should save it.

For someone who needs it, though, is what I'm saying.

AABRIA: I did.


I'm wondering.

Did you choose your name? SAM: No.

The young lady, who found me and fixed me up again, she named me.

It's, a funny story, actually.

SAM and LAURA: (laugh) SAM: I was named after one of her favorite smells.


SAM: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN: Fresh, Cut, Grass., SAM:, Yeah!, AABRIA:, Okay., CHRISTIAN: I thought it might have-- and I'll press the sides of my face and it'll move.


SAM:, Oh!, CHRISTIAN: I'll, remove the face.


SAM:, Oh!, CHRISTIAN: I have a gold face.

Plate, and I'll show you on the inside, around the chin, the jaw line.

It says: "Far-Ranging Integrated, Defense, Aeormaton.", AABRIA:, FRIDA!, SAM:, Oh!, AABRIA:, (laughs), ASHLEY:, Far-Ranging., TRAVIS:, Far-Ranging-- LAURA: Does, your face come off?, SAM:, I've, never tried., LAURA:, I, start-- AABRIA:, Yeah, I get in there., SAM: All right, get in there.

AABRIA: I cast Guidance! MATT: Make, an investigation, check.

AABRIA and LAURA: (laugh) AABRIA: You got to look for the edge.

LAURA: Oh no! Natural one! (laughter) SAM: Ah! Ah! Ah! MATT: You spend a solid, 10, painful minutes.

Trying to-- SAM: Ah! AABRIA: You really got to jiggle it.

SAM: Help! Help! AABRIA: If.

It's been stuck there for a while.

(laughter) LAURA: No?, Nothing., AABRIA: I thought.

You said you didn't feel pain.

Why are you yelling? SAM: I can feel pain, I just can't feel cold.

LAURA: How does that work? SAM: I, don't know.

LAURA: Maybe, you just don't realize you're cold., SAM:, Could, be., CHRISTIAN:, I, stop and think.

If I'm cold., Nope.


You spoken to anyone who might know a bit more about Aeor's history, or-- SAM: We've been trying so much!, CHRISTIAN: I, know someone.

He installed this.

I'll turn into the Blunderbuss.

SAM: That's, so cool! CHRISTIAN: He is so cool! SAM: Is.

He around here? CHRISTIAN: In Uthodurn.

LAURA:, (gasps), SAM: Wow! What's, his name? CHRISTIAN: Jaquoby Macyl.

SAM: Jaquoby., ASHLEY:, Jaquoby, Macyl?, SAM:, Great, name!, LAURA: Oh, my god.

You could get an upgrade! CHRISTIAN: He's a bit eccentric, but honest.


ASHLEY: What, a great name! CHRISTIAN: And true.

LAURA: Jaquoby, like Pock O'pea?, ASHLEY:, Jaquoby, Macyl., AABRIA:, No., TRAVIS: No attention on me right, now, please!, MATT and CHRISTIAN: (laugh) TRAVIS: I was just blending in over here.

AABRIA: How's Frudell? LAURA: (laughs) TRAVIS: You know..

It's been a minute.

AABRIA: Uh-huh.

TRAVIS: Mm-hmm.

LAURA: ♪ Been a while ♪ TRAVIS: Haven't seen anyone in a minute.

This is a trip, by the way.

AABRIA: I know, right? TRAVIS: Yeah.

AABRIA: I still got it.

(laughs) CHRISTIAN: Can I insight check, Deanna to make sure she's comfortable and feels safe? MATT: Yeah.

TRAVIS: Wow! And FRIDA is F-R-I-D-A? MATT: Yeah., TRAVIS: And, the I was? CHRISTIAN: F-R-I-D-A.



ASHLEY: Integrated, but with a D.

TRAVIS: Free-Ranging Integrated Defense-- AABRIA and CHRISTIAN: Defense.

LAURA: Aeormatons.

ASHLEY: That's, right., LAURA:, Wow!, CHRISTIAN:, 13, plus three for a 16.

MATT:, Okay.

Deception or persuasion.

AABRIA: I rolled a seven.

I am freaking out.

(laughter), AABRIA: I would scream.

TRAVIS: (laughs) AABRIA: I'm, trying to be very cool because they are very cool, but I do want to kill him.

CHRISTIAN: I will just-- AABRIA: Or the other thing.

CHRISTIAN: -- nonchalantly, walk close to Deanna and almost imperceptibly lean in, and with my robotic lips, give you a little kiss on the cheek-- SAM: Aw! AABRIA:, Ooh!, CHRISTIAN: -- and then pull out.

ASHLEY: FRIDA!, LAURA: They're, so cool! CHRISTIAN: Just.

So you know., ASHLEY: I love, them!, SAM:, I, know., AABRIA:, Thank, you., LAURA: You, don't have legs.

SAM: I have legs! CHRISTIAN: They seem more efficient than my hooves.


SAM: Sometimes I can have legs! I'll, pull them out of my bag-- TRAVIS: Ah! SAM: -- and put on-- LAURA: Oh! SAM: -- I have this fabric that dangles from my waist and attaches to two-- LAURA: Little wood, feet., SAM: -- two little wooden shoes.

(laughter) SAM: When, I move.

They just (smack smack smack).

Do this.

AABRIA: I can't tell if that's the cutest thing I've ever seen or the weirdest! CHRISTIAN: Would you like legs? SAM: I would like legs! CHRISTIAN: No promises, but he is quite skilled.

With the tinkering.

LAURA: Wait! What? AABRIA: Let's get him legs! MATT: Don't, look at me!, ASHLEY: Jaquoby! CHRISTIAN: I had legs, just to be clear.

SAM: Okay., CHRISTIAN:, But he's really skilled and he fancies himself a historian and happens to know a bit more than most about Aeor.

Sam: I can't wait to learn: more! TRAVIS: Just because we're starting to get our senses back.

We actually lost three of our-- SAM:, Oh, yeah!, CHRISTIAN:, Three?, TRAVIS:, -- group., LAURA: Yeah., TRAVIS: We haven't been able to reach out through magical means or otherwise.


Either of you have the ability to communicate or send a message or anything like that? CHRISTIAN:, Oh, unfortunately, I, don't., AABRIA: Not, right now.

But if you let me sleep on it.

TRAVIS:, Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!, Of, course!, CHRISTIAN: You all have talents, abilities, magical abilities?, ASHLEY: Oh, yes!, CHRISTIAN:, And, they-- AABRIA:, You, flew!, CHRISTIAN: Right! You were flying.

LAURA: Yeah., AABRIA:, That's, great!, CHRISTIAN: So.

You can access some of your magic.

Just not all of your magic? LAURA: Yeah.

It seems like our ability to communicate at long distances is being interfered.


It sounds like the same sort of static that was filling my head.

When we were on the airship.

I, don't know if I told you about it.

Yeah, I was hearing this static because of the leylines.

TRAVIS: All right.

All, right., LAURA:, Yeah.

It just feels really aggressive., CHRISTIAN: I, wonder if we know anyone in the city who can assist.

AABRIA: We can try.



You see Ruidus last night at all in the sky? CHRISTIAN: The red moon?, LAURA:, Yeah.

Did, you see anything happen to it? SAM: Do.

We see the moon way up here where we are? MATT: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN:, Yes., MATT: You can definitely see Ruidus, depending on the time of its trajectory in the sky.

Sometimes it's higher or lower, depending on the time of the year.

But yeah.

It's definitely present.

CHRISTIAN: Did, we see.

While we were coming from where we were coming, did we notice any flare or anything, especially concerning with Ruidus? MATT: Make, a nature check for me.

SAM: Nature.

AABRIA: Can I cast Guidance? TRAVIS and MATT: (laugh) AABRIA: Hey.

They look like they're thinking!, MATT, LAURA, and TRAVIS: (laugh) CHRISTIAN: Eight., MATT:, Eight? Man.

You can't recall.

You were so focused on getting through that storm and then get back from a long journey that you didn't really pay attention.


Maybe on the way, the last leg of the trip, you can keep an eye: out., CHRISTIAN:, Yeah., I, mean, I, know of the red moon, but I didn't notice.

Anything especially concerning.

Aabria: Weather's been pretty bad.

Sorry! LAURA: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN: Does that have something to do with you all, showing up here: now? TRAVIS:, Yeah., LAURA:, Oh, well, yeah., Some, really untoward folk were trying to do some pretty terrible.


I would just love to know if they succeeded.

But the fact that y'all have powers and, I'm assuming.

Are you a cleric of the Dawnfather? AABRIA: I am.

LAURA: So he's the one that gave you your abilities.

SAM: How? Did you choose-- TRAVIS: Insight check! SAM:, Oh!, AABRIA:, Ooh!, MATT:, (laughs) Make, an insight.


You can make persuasion or deception.

AABRIA: Yeah! MATT: Your choice.

TRAVIS:, 17., AABRIA:, Natural, 20., ASHLEY:, Oh! TRAVIS: Damn! This is not my night! AABRIA: Go fuck yourself! (laughter) AABRIA: I stare you down the moment.

I feel eye.


TRAVIS: I become even smaller., MATT: (laughs) SAM: How.

Did you choose the Dawnfather to be your teammate? AABRIA: Oh, baby, I didn't choose him.

When I was brought back by a cleric of his.

It just felt a connection.

SAM:, Hmm.

AABRIA: So I, held onto it a little bit.

Regardless of how I feel, it's important to be able to help.

If you can., SAM: Well, that's definitely true.

I also am sort of aligned with a god.

AABRIA: Wait, really? Which one? SAM:, The Changebringer.

Some fella gave me a coin and that's how I chose.

AABRIA: I'm sorry, run that back.

You were given a coin and you based a whole system of faith on the coin? SAM: I was looking for some sign-- AABRIA: Why?, SAM:, -- or meaning.

Well, because now that I'm, I guess, alive, Well, because now that I'm, I guess, alive, I, feel like part of being alive means you have to have a meaning, a purpose in life.


Do you believe that a god gives you purpose?, AABRIA: (laughs), ASHLEY:, Yes., Why?, AABRIA: They, said it, not me., SAM: Well, because I can't come up with one on my own.

AABRIA: Sure, you can! LAURA: What.

Are you talking about?, CHRISTIAN: Of course you can! ASHLEY: You did before you found the coin.

SAM: I had someone to tell me what to do.

I had Dancer to tell me what to do and I had a purpose and a program.

Then without that, I needed something, and so I found this fella.

He gave me a coin.


The Changebringer helps me, make decisions.

I just flip the coin, and she tells me yes or no or left or right.

So far it's been great! Every.

One of our decisions so far that she's helped me with has actually been perfect.


All of us going to survive.

The night? SAM: I found that if I ask questions about other people, it doesn't go so good., AABRIA: Are you going to survive.

The night? SAM: I could ask that.


AABRIA: Go ahead.

SAM: Am I going to survive the night? Well.

That's not the answer that I was expecting., (laughter), CHRISTIAN: Does! This coin have any particular marking on it? MATT:, You do.

You look at it, and it has a familiar relief you've seen in some of the smaller temples in Uthodurn.

There's only two within the entire city structure that carries it, but it's a profile of a woman and her hair sweeping into what looks like a road that goes towards the horizon.


So, watching this, I'll unbutton my jacket and pull out a handful of coins from my pocket and find one that is similar.

AABRIA: Woop., LAURA: (laughs) SAM: I also have eaten coins, but not this one.

This one's special., CHRISTIAN: So is this one.

MATT:, (laughs), SAM: It looks really tasty.

CHRISTIAN:, It, is., SAM: You, know what, though? I think that maybe she said, "No,", because you were just saying before that something happened.

You've lost a connection with your god or the signal is weak.


Maybe that's! What's going on here.

It's, just a weak connection.

Something's in the air.

That static is blocking the connection.

So I'll.

Probably try again tomorrow when it's-- LAURA: The whole reason.

You've, aligned yourself with the Changebringer is because you don't think you can find purpose on your own, FCG? I can't believe this is only coming up.


AABRIA: How long have you been together? LAURA:, (laughs), SAM:, Oh boy!, At least a few days! MATT: A few months.

TRAVIS: Months! LAURA: A few months! TRAVIS: For sure! LAURA: At, least!, For, sure!, AABRIA: It's, a new high score for you! Months!, LAURA: We, understand time.

SAM: Two weeks and a year and a half.

TRAVIS: A little less for me.

I haven't been around as long.

LAURA: It feels like a really long time, but it might have only been a few months.

SAM: (laughs) AABRIA: Okay.

CHRISTIAN: You take care of each other? SAM: We do!, LAURA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN:, And I.

Imagine love each other.

SAM: Absolutely! LAURA: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!, ASHLEY:, Yeah, yeah, yeah., CHRISTIAN: Is, that not purpose enough? LAURA: (laughs) SAM:, Well, yeah., I, mean, yeah., It's, purpose, but-- CHRISTIAN:, Fresh, Cut, Grass., AABRIA: I feel like we're sweating, Fresh Cut Grass.

Here a lot.

We could just-- CHRISTIAN: Yes, I don't mean to cause you any unnecessary, stress.

I just believe that, well.

You know how, when we are tired, we power, off?, I'm, so excited I can say: "we"! SAM:, Yeah!, AABRIA:, Oh!, CHRISTIAN: But.

When we're tired.

We power off, right?, SAM:, Sure!, Yeah!, CHRISTIAN: I, think the gods are sort of like Aeormatons, except we charge them.

And I have this innate feeling, And I.

Have this innate feeling, I suppose, that, after millennia, they'd want to sleep.

I, don't think we should..

I, don't place much credence in what a god wants.

AABRIA:, Yeah., Yeah.

That's, so heavy! Why, don't-- We could talk about anything else! CHRISTIAN:, Oh, I'm, sorry., I, didn't, I, missed-- AABRIA:, No., Sweetie, you're, perfect., CHRISTIAN:, Oh, I, will-- AABRIA:, So, good., CHRISTIAN: Turn around and walk to the lip of this cave.

AABRIA: No! No! CHRISTIAN: I will patrol first., AABRIA: Oh no! Well, okay., TRAVIS: Actually, sleep might be really good.

We've been pretty wrecked.

MATT: The exhaustion has hit pretty hard in a few of you, especially you, Fearne., ASHLEY: I'm, so tired! (laughter), ASHLEY: It's, so wild.

How tired I, am!, (laughter) ASHLEY: I just have to say, though.

(laughter) ASHLEY: You felt like you lost your connection-ish? AABRIA: I.

Wasn't too worr-- Yes.

ASHLEY: And that times up with-- LAURA: Potentially.

Actually, I'm, going to go outside with FRIDA.

Is it possible to look up at the sky? Is it clear? MATT: There is still a bit of snow.

You can see a little bit of breakage in the clouds a little ways away from here.

Might reach you in the next 20, 30 minutes or so.


It's light, snow.

The heavy winds have passed.


We see Ruidus in the sky? MATT: In that little bit you can see? Make a perception: check.

CHRISTIAN: May I as well? MATT: Sure.

AABRIA: You got it! CHRISTIAN: 26.

LAURA: Oh! (stammers) AABRIA:, (laughs), LAURA:, 17., (laughter), MATT:, 17., Okay.


The break that you can see, only maybe about a fifth of the sky is visible from where you currently stand.

The clouds still carrying most of the the air above.


You don't see a red moon at the moment, though.


There is enough light.

You can tell that.

Catha is high in the sky, because you can see a little bit of a glow coming through the cloud.


LAURA: But, no red?, MATT: No red at the moment.


CHRISTIAN: Are you okay?, LAURA:, Yeah., TRAVIS: Sure.

It's going to be fine.

LAURA: Are you going to be out here for a while? CHRISTIAN: Yes, at least the first few hours of the night.

LAURA: I'm, afraid something bad happened., CHRISTIAN: To your friends? LAURA: Yeah., To, everyone., CHRISTIAN: And.

You think the red moon has something to do with it? LAURA: Yeah.

I would just feel a lot better if I could see it.

In the sky.

CHRISTIAN: If I become aware of it, I'll wake you.

LAURA: Thank you.

CHRISTIAN:, Imogen?, LAURA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN:, Can I play you.

Something? I will play back the sound of her laughter, and it'll subside.

Your laughter is beautiful.

You have an honest, soul.

I can tell you care for your friends.

I would hold to that.

I'm sure, they're, fine., LAURA:, Thank, you., CHRISTIAN:, You're, welcome.

LAURA: I'll go inside., MATT: As, you keep your watch, looking up and occasionally catching the flicker of starlight cutting through different parts of the clouds.

You reminisce of strange meetings of new individuals with unexpected connections to friends.

The rest of you, bit of stew in your belly, huddled around the warmth of the fey-built fire that currently keeps alight the far interior of the cavern.

The tension of unexpected crossroads.

TRAVIS: That's fucked up, Matt! (laughter) TRAVIS: Fucked, up!, (laughter), TRAVIS: You came after my beanie, man! (laughter) MATT: As, Imogen, you contemplate, and taking those words and hope that FRIDA is right.

You go back and begin to prepare yourself for rest.

As you begin to notice that the strange markings on your body have spread further.

(gasping), MATT: And, you glance, you can see them rising, up.

It's, almost to the middle of your arm.


You pull back the thick blanket that you were using.

You can see, between the fingers, that slightly purple coloration is beginning to turn red.

TRAVIS: Oh, dude! What.

The fuck does that mean? MATT: We're, going to take a break.

TRAVIS: What, is that mean?! (shouting) MATT: Be back here in a few minutes.

We'll, see you all shortly.

SAM:, Woo!, AABRIA:, Oh, no!, (dramatic, music) It, didn't have to come to this.

Oh, Captain Crosswinds.

It did have to come to this.

I will take this ship.

I will crush your band of pathetic rebels once and for all.

(sword scraping) It is my destiny.

Your destiny is to die by this blade, Commodore Chauffage.

(both yelling) (dice clattering) Ha, I lunge forward and strike you with my rancorous rapier.

(gasps) Ah! You pierce my shoulder, but we are just getting started.

Announcer: From, Darrington, Press, steel yourself and prepare to duel, "Till The, Last, Gasp.", The, two player storytelling game of duels, (metallic whirring and clanking) danger, (whip, cracks) and drama.

Don't do this, Chauffage, you're just a pawn for the Sky Lords.


Don't care about you.

The rebellion cares about you.

I care about you., Lies., (yells), If, I'm lying.

Then why are you so rattled, Chauffage? I hurl, a grenade at the fuel cells and recklessly destroy scenery.


You can't.

You'll, destroy us all! (explosion booming) (fire, crackling), You're, a..., A, monster., (laughs, evilly), Your, move, Captain, Crosswinds., (continues, laughing evilly), (Captain Crosswinds yells) Announcer: Dive into the fray, with nine unique maps and 12 pre-made characters.

Or unleash your imagination and bring your settings and characters to the climactic showdown.

They deserve.

I shall slay thee in the name of Charnak the Spider Lady.

Charnak, the Spider Lady? I, don't know, I thought it sounded: cool., No., Yeah, sure does.


If I am Charnak the Spider Lady (screams, evilly), (screams and groans) and I dissolve you into goo with my digestive enzymes.


Does that decisively end the duel? I think it does.

(chuckles) Hell yeah.



(hands slapping) Announcer: "Til The Last Gasp" available everywhere.

Darrington Press games are sold., (triumphant music) Previously on 4-Sided, Dive., And, I, guess now.

I have to clean up or something..


(screaming) (screams) What happened? (gasps) Oh, my god.


Somebody killed Broomie.

But who and why and how? (action music) Narrator: Find out what happens on the next 4-Sided Dive.

Hey Critters! Laura Bailey here to guide you through.

What's new in the Critical Role shop.

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Isn't, it fashion?, So, much fashion happening, here., (gasp), Could, anything be more perfect?, The, cuteness!, It's, overpowering., And, hey! If you want, you could head over to the Critical Role shop right, now., DANI:, The, Cobalt Soul prides itself on being an institution dedicated to the preservation of knowledge and truth.


Recent changes to Ruidus have shocked all of Exandria.

We are just now beginning to feel their reverberations.

New information about the gods has surfaced, and it seems connected to the changes we are seeing.

It is the Cobalt Soul's duty as curators, librarians, and archivists to ensure that this knowledge reaches the world of Exandria at large, so we may be prepared for what is to come.

Thus, I present an appendix to our previous Intimate History of Exandria.

To cover these revelations about both the gods and the moon, Ruidus.

In Exandria.

There are two moons in the sky.

One is a large, white moon, known as Catha with a typical monthly orbit and phases.

The other is a small, red moon, known as Ruidus.


Is this small, ruddy moon that is haunted by a plethora of ancient superstitions, garnering it? The nickname, "The Moon of Ill-Omen." Ruidus has no phases, and its orbit takes six months to travel.

The Exandrian sky.

It is also prone to flaring, a phenomenon in which the moon, glows bright, red., When Ruidus is high in the sky or flaring.

It is said to be a sign of misfortune and a bad omen.

Children born during a Ruidian flare are called "Ruidusborn.".

They are often regarded with suspicion and fear, as theories and superstitions commonly follow them.

Their entire lives.

Ruidusborn are considered to be cursed with lives that will be full of grief, misfortune, and ill fate.

Some Ruidusborn have even showcased psychic powers that seem to be linked to the moon.

These people are known as Exaltants.


Many have long assumed that both moons fall under the domain of the Moonweaver, Ruidus has been recently discovered to have strange history with all the gods of the pantheon.


The Founding, when the gods had not split into Prime and Betrayer.

There were two gods that have, until now, been forgotten by history.

These were Ethedok, the Endless Shadow and Vordo, the Fateshaper.

Ethedok oversaw darkness and winter, while Vordo was the god of fate and order.

It was during this time, when Exandria was still in its infancy and the Schism had not yet occurred, that the gods faced a threat from beyond the stars.

Predathos, the god-eater.

This being devoured, Ethedok and Vordo, and was only stopped when the other deities joined forces with their enemies.

The Primordial Titans.

They carved a prison from Exandria's earth itself to capture and seal away Predathos.


They attempted to send this prison away into the darkness of space.

It clung to the sky, and became a new moon.


It is theorized that the gods and their acolytes spread false superstition and various myths about Ruidus, in the hope that people would be too afraid to study the moon, and Predathos would never become a threat.


They wrote, Ethedok and Vordo out of history, and kept an air of secrecy and mystery around the strange, ruddy moon.

Lumping it with Catha under the Moonweaver's protection., Now Vasselheim and its divine agents guard the secrets of Ruidus and the gods.


The Ruidian flares have been getting stronger and more frequent.

Research, undeterred, by superstition, has revealed that Ruidus is laden with raging red storms, and what appears to be a city on its very topography.

It is surrounded by a divine latticework similar to the Divine Gate that surrounds Exandria and keeps the gods separate from the world.

This divine net is likely the protection that keeps Predathos sealed away., A rare celestial event known as an Apogee Solstice has arrived, in which the leylines of Exandria align, some shifting, permanently, and magical miracles are able to take.


It was unclear whether the flares were connected to this convergence of magic, but now that the moon has been..

besieged, it seems unlikely that the events are separate.

What is to come of.

This strange phenomena is yet to be seen, but all of Exandria awaits the rest of the Apogee Solstice with bated breath and careful planning, for both good and ill.


The light of knowledge and the truth of experience guide you in these uncertain days to come.

OFF-SCREEN VOICE: Archivist! There's been another flare! Archivist, you're needed! DANI: Yes, I know! I'm coming! (peaceful music), (epic, music), (mischievous, music), (typewriter, clacking), (peaceful, music), Hey Critters, it's me, Marisha, Ray.

I had exactly a minute and a half of free time.

Today, so I thought I'd make a little unboxing video for y'all unpacking everything you get with a Twitch subscription to Critical Role.

(bright music) Okay.

Safety third.

(ethereal voices, laughing) What, the fuck was that? (Marisha exclaiming in awe) So.

The first thing we've got here is our live and professionally-moderated chat.

Twitch is the only place that you can actually get this.

You know, it's a little strange to hold because it's an amorphous concept, but honestly.

You can't deny this craftsmanship.

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Put that in your chat and click it., Oh yeah.

This is cool.

This is the ability to watch all of Critical Role's VODs immediately after the live broadcast ends and before they're uploaded to YouTube.


It smells like ranch.

Oh, wait., Oh no, that's me.

I had ranch on my salad, earlier.


This smells like nothing.

Oh, oh.

Here we have (Marisha grunting) gift subscriptions, which you can either give to a fellow Critter by name or at random.

Using a fancy.

Twitch algorithm.

You can give away a lot of subs with this, which I guess is why it's so heavy for something.

That's technically non-tangible with a value.

That's deeply subjective to the consumer.

Oh, sick, yeah, I'm, so excited to show y'all this part.

With a Twitch subscription to Critical Role.

You can use all of our incredible custom.

Emotes in chat.

We have so many emotes in here.

Let's see, we Art Dad, super cool.

We got Ashley Hype, fun, one.

Look at Trinket, here., He's, so, oh, oh god., (clattering and crashing) Oh god., Broom, broom., Hang, on, I can fix.


I can fix this.

I'm fixing, it! Jerry! Oh god, okay.

I'm sorry, Trinket., (machine, whirring), Yeah, that'll work.

I need more glue.

This is not gonna, be enough.

(Tape, ripping) Don't tell Rachel, okay? Okay, please nobody.

(metal clanking) Schapiro.

Will you cut all this out? (electronic buzzing) MATT: Welcome back.

(chuckling) MATT: So after an evening of various degrees of rest, MATT: So after an evening of various degrees of rest, depending on who you are-- SAM: ♪ Who? Are you ♪, MATT: --? Eventually, consciousness comes around you in a still freezing, but comfortably less freezing morning than the night you went to sleep in.

The fire has mostly petered out at this point, but it looks like daylight and a somewhat clear sky greets you as the snowfall does not impede your vision or your journey.


You have about a day and a half of travel across the mountains to get to Uthodurn.

Unless you have means of expediting that.

So on foot, about a day and a half of travel.

But, you all come to consciousness.


Would you like to do? LAURA: Was there, a moon last night? Did.

You see a moon? CHRISTIAN: I, don't believe I did, right? MATT: Not, with the way the weather, was, unfortunately., ASHLEY: Do I recover my exhaustion? CHRISTIAN: That's, a long rest for everybody? MATT:, You, do., Long rest for everybody.

SAM:, Oh., She, does?, AABRIA:, Can I have pulled off some shit before people wake up? SAM:, She, recovers?, LAURA:, Her, exhaustion?, SAM:, Oh, cool., MATT: After, a long rest.

You recover the exhaustion.

SAM: Oh, great.

MATT: Sorry.

What were you saying?, AABRIA: Can I have pulled off some sneaky shit before this one gets up? MATT: Sure.

What would you like to try? AABRIA: I want to go over in those very early hours right before dawn, hits., MATT:, Mm-hmm., AABRIA: I.

Think I just adjust his little beanie, while he's asleep and I'm going to cast Death Ward on him.

SAM:, Oh., MATT:, Okay., AABRIA: I.

Just don't want him to know.

MATT: Okay.

Make, a sleight of hand.


AABRIA:, Oh, yo!, LAURA:, Your little beanie., AABRIA: Why.

Would you make me roll? Oh, that's good.

It's, not that good.


MATT: 19? Yeah, no, unawares.

LAURA: What! Did you cast on him? AABRIA: Death Ward.

TRAVIS: Death Ward.

(laughter) AABRIA:, What? Nothing,? It was nothing., Don't worry about it.

MATT:, All, right., AABRIA:, I, cursed, him., (laughter), ASHLEY:, Bane!, AABRIA:, Bane!, (laughter), MATT:, All, right., TRAVIS:, (deeply), Burn., MATT:, You, all slowly begin to come to consciousness.

You rouse yourselves.

You gather your materials, and pack up for a day's journey.

LAURA: This is the first morning.

In a long time we haven't woken up to Orym, doing pushups or-- AABRIA: Who's Orym? TRAVIS: Orym of the Air Ashari.

He's, a friend, halfling, capable fighter.

ASHLEY: Very capable fighter.


Is he one of the-- But he's still alive, he just-- SAM: We, don't know.

LAURA: We have no idea.

CHRISTIAN:, I'm, sure they're, still alive.

LAURA: Yeah.


If I prayed really hard, I could try to use magic to find him?.

Travis: Yes, yes.

That would be wonderful., SAM: Please, do., AABRIA: I can try.


LAURA: You can do that?, AABRIA: I can try, yeah.

It worked before.

Can I attempt a Sending to someone.

I've never met before?, He's, short, I heard he's short and does pushups.

MATT: You probably need a little more context.

TRAVIS: Can I use Minor Illusion to make a small bust of Orym and his head rotates.

360 degrees?, MATT:, Yeah., TRAVIS: There's, a little vine that comes up and grows around his ears.


Okay, I can dial in on that.

That's fine.

LAURA: I mean.

We tried to do it a couple times yesterday and it didn't work.

But if it works for you, that would be amazing.

Aabria: Might, as well.

If I can help, I'd like to.

MATT:, Okay.

AABRIA: I attempt a Sending.

MATT: Okay, roll, a d100 for me.

AABRIA: Oh no.

LAURA: (laughs) TRAVIS: Oh.

This is what happened: before., AABRIA: Why! Would you do that? TRAVIS: This is what happened: before., AABRIA:, Nothing bad will happen.

Do I need to roll high or low? I need to tell my dice.

(laughter) LAURA: I rolled 98 and took psychic damage.

SAM: Go low.

Go for low.

AABRIA: Okay, cool.

TRAVIS: I have to tell my-- AABRIA: Low, please.


SAM: How.

Do you read that? TRAVIS: Damn! AABRIA: That's, a double-- TRAVIS: Double aught.

AABRIA: That's, a tens place,? That's a one's place., Six? ASHLEY:, Whoa!, MATT:, I, know.

We'll show you how to use dice.


(laughter), LAURA:, Wait, Sam.

If you-- SAM:, Those aren't numbers.

LAURA: -- don't understand how to do it--.

Aabria: That's, my handwriting.

Talk, more shit., LAURA: --.

How were you rolling, d100 before,? If you don't know how to read it? SAM: No, these aren't numbers.

TRAVIS: She's got some dope-ass dice.

AABRIA: They're, my handwriting.

You have to be able to read them or it hurts my feelings.


That's actually pretty awesome.

TRAVIS: Mm-hmm.

MATT: Hell yeah.


So what do you say when you reach out through the Sending spell to this Orym figure?, AABRIA: I, think I want to reach out and remembering when I was the ocean, and the people that have lived and died and loved Orym of the Air Ashari, and reach for that and send that love forward to knock on the door.

So? There's, not any words, just love and hope for connection.

MATT:, Okay.


You imagine that sense of being part of that ocean.

You remember the interconnectedness, that odd absence of self that came with that period, and you begin to press your consciousness beyond the boundaries of both your memory and who you currently understand, as you are to reach towards somebody who is unfamiliar to you., But life and hearts are familiar outside of language.


Carry that tether forward, and as you do, (growing static).

This heavy static begins to fill your ears and your consciousness and that concentration of yours breaks and you pull away and the spell is lost.

AABRIA: (grunts) TRAVIS: Same thing? AABRIA: Ow! SAM: Are, you okay? AABRIA: Fuck! Is, that-- Aw.

You could have warned-- LAURA: Well, we kind of-- AABRIA:, I'm, fine., MATT and TRAVIS: (laugh) AABRIA: It didn't work.

It did not work.

CHRISTIAN: What is it? Are you okay?, AABRIA: I, don't know, I! Think my brain's on fire.

Thank you very much., LAURA: There's a heavy static.

If you try to-- AABRIA: Yeah, fucking, sucks., I'm, sorry, language., ASHLEY:, It's, all right.

CHRISTIAN: Are, you guys all still feeling that today? SAM: Well, we haven't tried, but-- TRAVIS: What.

If it doesn't have to do with us or where we are? What, if it has to do with where they are? LAURA: It might, I mean that's, FCG was thinking, but it happened when he tried to contact Dorian, too., TRAVIS: Oh, that's right., LAURA: I have this circlet on.

AABRIA: It's, very pretty.

LAURA: Thank, you.

CHRISTIAN:, Oh, yeah.

LAURA: I'm, going to take it off for a second and try to let the mental walls down and see what happens if it comes in like a flood or if I hear static, just trying to listen.

MATT: Okay, you feel all the surface.

Thoughts of your companions, new and old, begin to flood your mind, and a familiar, though uncomfortable state, and behind it all.

There's this faintest level of static that exists throughout it, just simmering.

(static buzzing), LAURA:, Okay., It's there, it's everywhere.

It might just be having to do with communication.

AABRIA: Oh, okay.

CHRISTIAN: Forgive, me, Imogen, but your hands.

The markings are different than they were when we met.

LAURA: You are observant.

CHRISTIAN:, I, try., AABRIA:, You, good? Ooh, that doesn't look healthy., MATT: You see.

It's not like! There's a split in the skin at all.

Actually, as a point of order on this, there would've been no noticeable change from when you met her.

This would've been the first time.

You've really looked at it yourself.

Since you arrived here.

So you're, not certain at what moment this happened.

LAURA: Oh, it might have happened.

When-- Oh, god, okay., TRAVIS: When.

You were (whistles).

Okay., MATT: But.

You do acknowledge and look at it, and as you do, you can see, there are almost like-- They look like electrical scars, like when a person's been burned through electricity.

A, large amount's, going through the body, but instead of scarred skin.

It's just these lavender-purple markings that weave and entwine and eventually fade up.

Her arm.

You can see some creeping up the sides of her neck almost reaching to the ears now.

LAURA: Really?, MATT:, Yeah., TRAVIS: When.

You hold a current to wood.

MATT: Yep, yep., AABRIA:, Lichtenberg, scarring, I.

Think it's called?, MATT: And super dangerous.

Nobody should ever do.


There was a really bad, dangerous trend of that going on the internet, a while back.

But, whereas previously it was just that coloration, you can see where it was thickest, where it had originally begun, when these changes on your skin begin to apparate.

It's transitioning to a deep red, coloration.


A second change is happening where the first began.

CHRISTIAN: Is it similar in color to the moon? Would I notice that it's similar in color to the moon? MATT: It's deep red, yeah.

Based on the questioning line that she brought you the evening before, you could probably guess.

CHRISTIAN: I will say, I want to try and make this a private moment so as not to embarrass you.

If it's a question that might embarrass you, but-- MATT: Okay.

So while the rest of you are gathering your things and preparing.

AABRIA: Does, anyone want some stew? ASHLEY: Yeah, I'll have some more, please.

AABRIA: Okay., CHRISTIAN:, I mean.

You've asked about the red, moon and pardon me.

I, don't want to pry.

But do you have some connection to the red moon? LAURA: (laughs) You, hear in your head: Yeah, a pretty powerful one, apparently.

CHRISTIAN: Can you hear me? LAURA: Yeah.

(laughter) CHRISTIAN: Can.

They hear me? LAURA: No.

CHRISTIAN:, Just, you?, LAURA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN: You are fascinating.

Laura: As are you.


You hear everything: I'm thinking?, LAURA: Not.

If you don't want me, to.

This, circlet, helps, actually., CHRISTIAN:, Okay.


You need someone to talk: to, I'm, here, or I'm here.

LAURA:, (chuckles), All, right., CHRISTIAN:, I'm, going to think really loudly-- (laughter) MATT: No thoughts.

Only stew., (laughs) AABRIA: I, wonder if I could add broccoli.

That's all.

ASHLEY: I'm, going to make a mental note of Imogen's markings since I pay attention to them just to see where they're at., MATT: Okay.


You all finish, gathering up your materials for the day's journey.

You can exit the cave and continue the path.

You know the path well, but you know it very well.

This is your return? Journey.

So! You all begin.

The day's plus foot hoofing in the direction of Uthodurn.

You have now crested into the Flotket Alps and the rest of your journey is going to be a lot of up and down, a lot of climbs and descents.


That point, I would like everyone to make a constitution saving throw to acknowledge your physical prowess in traversing.

This dangerous and challenging terrain.

TRAVIS: You're, assuming a lot, Matt.

You're, assuming a lot.

MATT: Yes, I know.

SAM: This is a constitution.

Save? LAURA: Wait, a constitution, saving throw? MATT: Saving throw, yes., CHRISTIAN:, (laughs), CHRISTIAN:, 17, plus seven, my brain broke.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Good roll, huh?, AABRIA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN:, 20..., MATT:, You're, fine, you're, good., CHRISTIAN:, Okay., TRAVIS:, I'm, hot., AABRIA:, Mm-hmm., LAURA:, 26., MATT:, 26, great., ASHLEY:, Natural, 20., MATT:, Dang!, All, right., This, table side, rocking this., SAM:, Nine., MATT:, Oof., AABRIA:, Four., MATT:, All, right., TRAVIS:, Showing I still got skills after two hundo with a 21.

(laughter) MATT: Okay., AABRIA: I, don't notice-- (laughter) AABRIA: -- because I have fallen a lot: today.

TRAVIS: That's, because you're behind me and can't concentrate.

MATT: Fair, enough., (laughter), AABRIA:, He's, right and I hate.


CHRISTIAN: I would just like to say that this is also the first morning in a very long time that I have not been gifted the Death Ward.

SAM: Oh.


CHRISTIAN: As we're leaving the mouth of the cave, there, I'll, look and see that that etching on my arm is not glowing or hasn't been etched.


I will just zero in on Chetney and assess him, and then zero in on Deanna and assess her., Then I'll, say to the group: I think I'm quite quiet., I think I'm.

Quite quiet.

I should probably move a few paces ahead and make sure that we're not in danger, and if there is, I can alert you and sort of travel a little bit in front of you all to make sure that nothing jumps.


SAM: Are you going to be safe up: there? CHRISTIAN:, Maybe., AABRIA:, FRIDA's, very good.

At this., TRAVIS: I rolled a d100, I didn't die in the middle of the night.

(laughter) TRAVIS: (laughs) LAURA: What number makes you die? TRAVIS: I won't tell.

(laughter), ASHLEY:, ♪ I'll, never tell ♪ SAM: About this time, a ding goes off.

In my belly and I pull out three mango flavored, four, sorry, I've, leveled up, four mango flavored, Bundt cakes., TRAVIS:, What?, MATT:, (laughs), SAM:, I'll, pass them, forgive me, FRIDA.

I, don't think you would enjoy this, so I'll give it to all of the-- TRAVIS: Oh yeah, you got to get in on the Bundt cakes, they're, really good., SAM: Yeah., AABRIA: Did.

You just make this? TRAVIS: Yeah.

SAM: I've modified my form to be able to cook, bake, things, SAM: I've modified my form to be able to cook, bake things.

CHRISTIAN: That is incredible.

Sam: This will give you a little extra boost.

If you eat it.

AABRIA: Is it good? SAM: I, don't know,! Is it good? I can't taste.

MATT: Roll a d20 and add your-- SAM: Perform-- MATT: No, wisdom, modifier.

LAURA: Where? Did you get mango? SAM: I got a whole bunch.

Of-- AABRIA: What's, a mango? SAM: When.

We were in the kitchen.

I took a whole bunch of baking supplies.

TRAVIS: Where.

Has it been sitting until now? (laughter) AABRIA: Oh no.

SAM: That's, a natural 20., LAURA: (gasps) MATT: It tastes, fucking delicious., TRAVIS:, Come, on., ASHLEY: Oh, my gosh, this amazing, FCG.

TRAVIS:, Interior, refrigeration, unit.

SAM:, Can I just have a nibble? ASHLEY: This is delicious.



He just do that.

All the time? LAURA: This is the best-- SAM: Nothing.


LAURA: This is seriously--.

I think this might be better than the cookies.


I will remember this one.

For next time.


LAURA: You should write this down.

CHRISTIAN: All of their reactions seem authentic.

Aabria: You made this? MATT: (laughs) SAM: I did, yeah., AABRIA: It's, so good.

It's, so fluffy.

SAM: Well, I was given a book of recipes.

I'm, just following-- CHRISTIAN: And, you can't taste them? LAURA: Do.

We get temp hit points from that? SAM: You get three temporary hit points unless that's-- MATT: I'm going to make it four with a natural 20.

LAURA: Ooh! AABRIA: Oh, my gosh! TRAVIS: Thank you.


You've never been able to taste what you make? SAM: No, I keep trying.

Yeah, I keep trying, but nothing really tastes like anything.

ASHLEY:, Sorry.

Well, that's why-- SAM:, That's, okay., ASHLEY:, -- I was asking you if you could taste, because I was just seeing.

If maybe you could and-- SAM: Oh, you all get a plus four, so this would be a plus five.

MATT: Plus five temporary hit points.

SAM: Temporary hit points.

AABRIA: What? ASHLEY: All right! SAM: Yeah, I've, leveled, up., TRAVIS:, Dang., AABRIA: I've never had a better cake in my life.


This is delicious.

SAM: FRIDA, when you play back, sounds that you hear.

How do you access that? Is that something that you can just sort of think and it comes,? Is it a specific part of your--? CHRISTIAN: It feels like a programming function, and it sort of happens.

Innately, automatically.

I feel as if there's insight into what you all would call a soul in laughter.

into what you all would call a soul in laughter.

One, sound, Deanna's laughter, reminded me of who I may have been before all of this.


It's just a feeling.

Like a word, you can't quite remember, but it's on the tip of your tongue.

SAM: Your tongue.


LAURA: Your fleshy, fleshy, tongue., CHRISTIAN:, Mm-hmm., That's disturbing., AABRIA: Why.

Does he have a fleshy tongue? CHRISTIAN: Oh.

TRAVIS: (laughs) ASHLEY: Do? You have any memories.

Prior to-- TRAVIS: Being woken up?, ASHLEY:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN: I have developed what I imagine are memories.

It was an odd sensation at first, and I asked Deanna what it was.

I believe you call it.


SAM: You can dream?! CHRISTIAN: Well-- AABRIA: You can bake! CHRISTIAN: Yes.

(laughter) SAM: All right, all right.

TRAVIS: It's, all about perspective., CHRISTIAN:, Yes, I wish I could taste as well.

But I have the same dream.

Over and over.

The dream, expands, I suppose, a little bit each time.

Not much, but it seems the more I dream, the more whole.

The picture.


Do you dream? SAM: No, I, don't.

But I've, experienced other people's dreams.

CHRISTIAN: How so? SAM: Like Imogen, I can connect with people mentally.

CHRISTIAN:, Oh., AABRIA:, Seems, invasive., SAM:, With, consent., AABRIA: Mm.

Imogen has very vivid dreams.

If you don't mind me, sharing that.

LAURA: Not at all., SAM: I've been able to ride along and see what they're like.

I haven't experienced.

Anyone else's, dream, though, so I, don't know if they're all like that, or-- LAURA: You should try it.

SAM: Maybe, if you're comfortable with it, maybe I, could see.

CHRISTIAN: I'd be interested in trying.

I'm fascinated to see if you could be there, while I dream.

I've, never dreamt with anyone.


TRAVIS: That's, a great idea.

LAURA: That's, a really great idea.

ASHLEY: Just, two Aeormatons, just taking on a dream.

CHRISTIAN: Sounds fun.


TRAVIS: Aeormaton dreaming.

SAM:, Okay., Well, later, obviously.

We're, moving now, but., MATT: Yeah.

Which, to the point.

Both of you have a point of exhaustion for the day's journey.

(groaning) MATT: (laughs), AABRIA:, Ugh., MATT: Are you pushing on carefully or are you pushing on at max movement? If you go max movement, at the end of the day will require another constitution roll, but you might get to Uthodurn before it gets too late in the evening, or it'll.

Take a secondary day of travel, which comes with its own challenges.


The choice is yours.

CHRISTIAN: If, you want to go: far, go slow., AABRIA:, Hmm., TRAVIS:, (laughs), SAM:, Great, advice., Great, advice., TRAVIS: Yeah, it's great., SAM: I'm, going to remember that.

MATT:, All, right., Then I would like a group stealth.

Check, please, as you carefully make your way through the mountains.

♪ Makin' our way: ♪ ASHLEY: Pass Without, a Trace.

TRAVIS: ♪ Making my way: ♪ (gawking) MATT: Oh, look at that.

CHRISTIAN:, That's, what, plus 10? TRAVIS: Excuse me?, AABRIA:, (laughs), TRAVIS:, Pass Without, a Trace? LAURA: Oh.

This is a thing, Fearne.

TRAVIS: Hot, shit., ASHLEY:, Oh, me?, MATT:, All, right., CHRISTIAN:, 17, plus 12 is 29.

Plus 10 is 39.

I am the night.

MATT: (laughs) LAURA: Shut up.


LAURA: 39?, ASHLEY:, What?!, MATT:, You stealth, out of being a guest.

(laughs) You're, just gone.

CHRISTIAN: I'm gone.

MATT: All right, that's great., All right, so 39.

Imogen?, LAURA:, Jesus., CHRISTIAN: I got really lucky.

LAURA: 21.

MATT:, 21, okay., Fearne?, ASHLEY: I forgot because it's-- (laughter) ASHLEY: It's 23.

MATT: 23, all righty.


SAM: I actually did okay.

22 with the Pass Without a Trace.

MATT: 22.

All right.

AABRIA: I kind of forgot to tell my dice to roll high again, and I got a natural one., MATT: Okay, natural one.


Still a failure on that end.

All right.

What have we got over here? TRAVIS:, I hold my hand up for FRIDA, 36., MATT:, Oh, damn., TRAVIS:, Pow!, CHRISTIAN: But.

No one sees us.


(laughter) AABRIA: I felt a high five happen.

But I think I'm drowning in snow, so who could say? TRAVIS: We just "Endgame" turn into nothing.

AABRIA: (laughs) MATT: Yep, perfect.

CHRISTIAN: I'd like to remain in the front.

A few paces.

MATT: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN: To keep my wits and make sure-- Yeah, cool.

MATT: With that roll, sure.

Keeping eyes forward.

You end up traversing two large mountains throughout most of the day's journey.

A heavy trek.

But the recent snowfall means that the soft powder is beautiful, and, aside from a handful of natural game creatures that live in this part of the mountain, no immediate danger that seems to catch your attention, or you've caught their attention.

Eventually, the day draws to a close, still a little ways out from Uthodurn, and you make camp for the night.

You find, with you out front as well, a small half alcove that sits within part of a mountain cliff side that can comfortably fit you all.

With about a 10-foot distance from the actual mouth of the entrance, where you can set a fire and keep warm for the evening.

But nevertheless, you can rest well here.

Is there anything you wish to accomplish before you call it for the night? TRAVIS: I'll, try and find my way over to Deanna.

Can I--.

Do you mind--? Could I sit? AABRIA: Yeah, go ahead.


I got to admit.

This is one of the stranger but cooler things.

200 years is a long.


It doesn't feel like it.

It really doesn't.

It feels like yesterday.

AABRIA:, (quietly) Yeah.


Thanks for saving our asses, first off.


Sorry to hear about everything that happened.

I'd be lying.

If I said, I wasn't a bit curious about you and what happened after we-- AABRIA: (laughs) TRAVIS: -- you know.

How was your family? AABRIA: (clears throat) Well, I was-- They were pretty young when I-- So, they ended up leaving Uthodurn at some point.

Last I heard, they've got families of their own.

But Dustel didn't stay.

He didn't stay around to raise them.

Just left them with his sister, so.

TRAVIS: No! AABRIA: Yeah, but, you know.

I was kind of the home one.

AABRIA: They're fine.

TRAVIS: You said you came up to Uthodurn for-- AABRIA: Look.

I have to admit, our time together, was-- Look, I know it was a fling.

I know what it was.

I was on.


CHRISTIAN: (laughs), AABRIA: Sometimes you just let it..

I had a hard time, letting it go.


AABRIA: So I wanted to kind of see where you were from, and maybe just get a little perspective, and then I stayed, and I made a home.

Even now, I have a second chance at everything, and I still feel pulled back there, you know? Not like you, I like home.

Even, though it hasn't been my home for that long.

All things considered.

It still feels like it is, so I keep going back., TRAVIS: Yeah, it's a good place.

It must've been a good place to raise a family.

It's wild.

We never ran into each other, but then again, it's fucking huge.

AABRIA: Wait, were you there? TRAVIS: Yeah! AABRIA: (yells) Oh god! TRAVIS: I know, I was there for a long time.

AABRIA: How did I not run into you? TRAVIS: Well, I was on the Deliberation Disc.

AABRIA: Oh, my god! It's fine.

It's fine.

TRAVIS: I know.

AABRIA: Water under the bridge! TRAVIS: Yeah.

AABRIA: It's fine.

TRAVIS: But also-- It is a great place.

I kind of left on bad terms.

Aabria: Wait, why? TRAVIS: Well, I-- AABRIA:, Chetty.

TRAVIS: Okay, I established a really good woodworking trade, with a focus on toys.

AABRIA:, Mm-hmm., TRAVIS: Do.

You know Oltgar's toy shop on the Deliberation-- AABRIA: Yeah!, TRAVIS: Yeah, so me and him were real.


We were putting out some good stuff.



There was a guy that came in and tried to fuck all that up, and I might've stabbed him in the knee, and Oltgar in the hand, and I ran.

AABRIA: (laughs) Puppy.


So the Glassblades chased me out, and I hid in the Savalirwood.


TRAVIS: I haven't been back in a while.


Is it going to be kind of a thing?, TRAVIS: I? Don't know what kind of a memory span the Glassblades have, or if Oltgar's still around, or if the homie that got kneecapped is going to have a bounty out or whatever.

AABRIA: Why the kneecap? TRAVIS: Because.

It was right at eye.

Level., (laughter), AABRIA: That makes perfect sense.

No, you're good.


You took someone out at his ACL.


You miss a knee, you know? AABRIA: You do.

TRAVIS: You miss a knee.


We were walking all day.


I tore my meniscus way back in the day.

TRAVIS: That's a long rehab period.


Oh my god.


You don't really rest it up.

It fucks you forever.

TRAVIS:, It, does., AABRIA:, Yeah., TRAVIS:, But, look, I've, changed.

Not in a, hey, we-- More of a, I've had a fundamental change.

That I want you to be aware: of, because you guys seem-- AABRIA: I'm, going to cut him off and hug him.

MATT: Okay.

AABRIA:, Hey, bud., It's, okay., It's, really good to see you.

TRAVIS: It's really good to see you, too.

You're kind of like a time.


It's kind of magic., AABRIA:, Yeah., (clears, throat) Not, to make it weird, but you're kind of the first thing from my life before that didn't hurt to see again, so thanks.

I'm going to be very clear.

All that stuff I could do before.

That was 10 years max for me.

I still got it., No pressure or nothing, but I need you to know that I, knee aside and former agility in the snow, aside-- It doesn't matter.

It's good to see you.

I just do the three pats.

MATT: Chetney.

TRAVIS: Yeah? Please.

Don't make me roll for a heart, attack., MATT: No, but I do want you to roll-- AABRIA: I want him to die in my arms! MATT: I do want you to roll a wisdom, saving throw for me.

AABRIA: Oh no.

TRAVIS: Why? Against magic? AABRIA: (laughs) MATT: No.


AABRIA: I, try to kill him! SAM: Against love., TRAVIS:, Seven., MATT:, In everything that's been happening, both the evening perspective of the weaves of magic in the sky-- TRAVIS: Mm-mm.

MATT: --.

The cloud cover during the travel.

That's been transpiring, there's a facet that hits in the center of the solstice with the full, complete alignment.

When everything comes together, that involves the larger moon to become full.

TRAVIS: Bro! AABRIA: (whispers) Am I, going to die? TRAVIS: Do I..., see it? AABRIA:, (laughs) MATT: In the midst of this wonderful, calm moment, as she pats you and pulls away for a minute-- TRAVIS: Matt Mercer, man.

MATT: You feel that-- (growls), TRAVIS: I'm, so sorry, I had something-- MATT: (growls) TRAVIS: Excuse me, I have to find a bush.

AABRIA: What's wrong? TRAVIS: I'll be back.

I just-- (rapid footsteps) As fast as I can.

AABRIA: What'd I do?, LAURA:, A, bush!, SAM: In, the snow.

AABRIA: No, my stew's perfect.

So it's not me.

MATT: Chetney just runs out of the cavern into the night.

TRAVIS: Dead into the middle of the night.

LAURA: Wait.

Is it nighttime or is it day? SAM: No,? It's day.

MATT: No, no, no.

You guys have set down for the evening.


This is camp.

Matt: This is camp.

Sam: We already walked all day? TRAVIS and MATT: Yeah.

SAM: Oh wow.


We see-- MATT: That's why the stars are out.


SAM: Oh, wow.

AABRIA: You have to look at the-- There's one., A, window!, SAM:, Amazing.

TRAVIS: I'll be like-- (growls), LAURA: Do.

We see him, take off? MATT: Most of you are bedding.

Down, yeah.

You see Chetney dart out into the night.


He have the shits? TRAVIS: (quick footsteps), AABRIA: I, don't think so.

I, think I said something: wrong.

TRAVIS: Oh, what-- ASHLEY: No, no, no, no, no.

He gets diarrhea a lot.

TRAVIS: (laughs) MATT: At about this moment-- TRAVIS: That is not--.

(Laughs), MATT and SAM: (laugh) AABRIA: I am not going to interrogate that.

Okay, thank you.

Travis: I am not there to defend myself! MATT: No, but you do hear loudly and echoing through the canyon below this side of the mountain, around this moment, a heavy, echoing, wolven howl.

ASHLEY: Huh., LAURA:, Oh., TRAVIS:, (howls), CHRISTIAN: What.

Do you mean, oh? AABRIA: Why're, you saying oh? SAM: I mean,? Is it our place to share? LAURA: I? Don't know if it is.

SAM: Chetney-- AABRIA: Is there something wrong with Chetney? CHRISTIAN: He's, a werewolf.

SAM: Not wrong with! AABRIA: What? SAM: Special about.

AABRIA: A, what?, SAM: What'd, you say? CHRISTIAN: He's, a werewolf.


How did you know? SAM: Very perceptive, very perceptive., ASHLEY: Very, smart.

AABRIA: Yeah, I know,? But how do you know? LAURA: Wait,? You know he's a werewolf? AABRIA: No.


AABRIA: How do you, what? What are we-- That's nothing., TRAVIS:, (laughs), MATT:, You did, last night, watch, as you're watching the sky and everything, Catha was on the cusp of full.

AABRIA: The fuck is a werewolf? Like, the stories? CHRISTIAN: You've never-- LAURA: You've, never seen a-- SAM: Turns out-- AABRIA: Why, the fuck would I see a werewolf? LAURA: Well, I, don't know! I, really don't know! SAM: Just have an open mind, because when he comes back, he might look.


AABRIA: Don't tell me how to feel.

SAM: No, I'm, just saying that it might make him feel uncomfortable.

If he comes back and you-- AABRIA: I hugged him and he turned into a werewolf? What.

The fuck?! SAM: It, probably wasn't you.

ASHLEY: Maybe.

He got a little excited.

LAURA: You know, maybe, yeah.


It made him feel real good, and he lost control of those primal sort of urges.

Aabria: I feel like I'm being condescended to, and I'll.

Take it., LAURA:, No, really not.

AABRIA: No, I need it.

I need the boost.

Ashley: I think he probably just got a little-- (shudders) Then.

He had to-- LAURA: All things, considered, I mean, for the most part, Chet seems really proud of the fact that he's a wolf, you know? ASHLEY: Mm-hmm., LAURA:, So I, don't think-- CHRISTIAN: He won't harm us?, LAURA:, Not-- SAM:, Well-- LAURA: Mostly no.

AABRIA: What?! SAM:, I mean.

He has before.

AABRIA: What?! LAURA: But only when he was really-- SAM: Only, when the moon was full., AABRIA: Okay.

So here's the thing.

You're a murderbot.

He, turns into a wolf that kills people.


Never fucking, seen you before.

You're beautiful, but kind of freak.

Me out, and you've got shit all over you that you seem not-- LAURA: What.

Do you mean all over me? It's? Just on my arms, all right? AABRIA: No, it's on your neck.


Can you feel it? SAM: It's, not shit.

It's just,! It's moon, stuff., LAURA: It's, my face? What,! Is it on my face? AABRIA: It's kind of on your neck.

Look, feel right.


Can, you feel it? LAURA:, Can I feel anything? MATT: The very faintest bit of texture.

You can see, has now moved up, and it's starting to caress.

Just beneath the earlobes.

ASHLEY: It looks beautiful.

AABRIA: A little lotion or something, but y'all are wild.

Sam: Yeah, well, we're having a rough time right.

Now., AABRIA:, I'm, sorry., SAM:, We lost half of our friends, and we don't know.

What's going on.

LAURA: They could be dead.

We don't know.

AABRIA:, I'm, sorry, I'm, sorry., SAM: We.

Don't need this added stress! Go easy on us.

AABRIA:, I'm, sorry, I'm, sorry., I'm, sorry!, SAM:, Go, easy on him, he's had a rough time, too.

ASHLEY: I feel like Chet was probably trying to protect you, if he felt the urge.


You, don't have to comfort me in this moment.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

LAURA: Fearne.

Do you have a mirror in all your pouches? ASHLEY: Yes, I have-- AABRIA: I'm sorry.

I spoke out of turn.

ASHLEY: I have silver teapot? SAM: I can't connect with my god.

LAURA: That'll work.

SAM: Are, you there, Changebringer? TRAVIS: Oh no.

LAURA: Oh my.

SAM: No.

What's going on? (laughter) AABRIA: This is really bad, and I'm stressed, and you said it's because of an Applebee's, Solstice, and I.

Don't know what that means, really.

You were explaining it.

When we were in Eiselcross, and I was real, stressed out and I don't remember.

TRAVIS: In the distance, you hear-- (snarling ferally), SAM: Do, you guys have Applebee's? LAURA: Do I have purple titties? (laughter) ASHLEY: Do.

You need me to check? SAM: GM.

Does she have purple stuff on her titties? MATT: Are you looking? LAURA: I'm looking!, SAM:, She's, looking., ASHLEY:, I'm, looking!, AABRIA: Do.

You need a light? I cast Light on her sweater.

ASHLEY: You, probably can't see from that angle-- MATT: A little bit., ASHLEY: -- so I should probably check.

TRAVIS: Too much.

SAM: You have purple shit on your titties? LAURA: It's.

All over me! I got lightning titties!.

(Laughter) MATT: Yeah, a little bit.

LAURA: All right, you know.

MATT: Hints of red once again, peeking through at the source, places.

LAURA:, Great., CHRISTIAN:, Imogen, I, think., LAURA:, Yes? CHRISTIAN: Please be honest with me.

LAURA: Mm-hmm.


We in danger traveling with you? LAURA: Me?, No., CHRISTIAN: All of you.

LAURA: No!, No, no no, not at all.

AABRIA: Can, I insight check, her?, LAURA:, Honestly-- SAM:, Yes., LAURA: --.

If anything, we're trying to help.

AABRIA: Fuck! LAURA: We're, trying to help-- TRAVIS: Goodbye.

AABRIA: Don't worry about it.

LAURA: -- people.

We're, trying to-- SAM: Imogen.

ASHLEY:, No, no, no.

You're, so perfectly safe., SAM: You might be.


SAM: You might be! LAURA: No! SAM: Everywhere, we've gone, everything, we've done, we've been surrounded by danger and people trying to stop us, hurt us.

AABRIA: Stop you from what? SAM: We're, deep into things that we don't understand that involve people that are eons old, maybe, and gods, and all sorts of stuff that we don't even understand.

So we would totally understand if you don't feel safe with us and want to separate.

We-- I-- I.

Don't want to speak for you.

I think that you two are very nice people, and have been so kind to us, and I.

Don't want anything bad to befall you.


If you don't want to be with us.

It's okay.

Maybe just point us on our way, and we can split.

AABRIA: No., I'm, sorry., CHRISTIAN: I, don't think I can.

You may be the closest thing to family.

Besides Deanna that I will ever encounter.

SAM: Well.

Are you two scared? AABRIA: Oh, no.

We? Don't let being scared stop us.

CHRISTIAN: I'm, always scared, which is a new sensation.

AABRIA: I'm, sorry for freaking out., SAM:, It's, okay., It's, very normal., AABRIA: That's on me.

ASHLEY:, No, no, it's totally fine.

AABRIA: Is there anything I can do to help? SAM: No, no, no.


CHRISTIAN: Will Chetney be okay?, SAM:, I, mean-- LAURA: Yeah.

It usually wears off after a little bit.

ASHLEY: Yeah., Yeah., SAM: He might go, kill a possum or something.

LAURA: Yeah.

Sometimes he comes back having hunted, you know.

But, it's usually just-- ASHLEY: Little snacks.

CHRISTIAN:, Forgive me.

This may be a silly question, but does he-- Does.

He grow when he--? ASHLEY: Yes.

LAURA: He does.

CHRISTIAN:, Oh, okay., ASHLEY:, He, does., SAM:, All, over., CHRISTIAN:, Oh., MATT:, (laughs), TRAVIS: That's, not necessary., (laughter), LAURA:, Rolling!, ASHLEY:, (laughs), AABRIA: I, just smirk in monsterfucker., Like, okay!, (laughter), AABRIA: I'm.

Having a normal reaction to this.

(grunts) ASHLEY: Sometimes, you know, there's differences, you know.

When, the Catha moon is full.

That's when he gets-- Right? TRAVIS: Haven't had one yet.

This is the first Catha.

LAURA: The Catha full moon.

The last time was-- ASHLEY: I just started, saying: it, and I'm like.

That's not right, actually.

TRAVIS:, The, biggun., ASHLEY: When, the red moon gets full.

He gets a little wild.


He can turn.

There's differences.

CHRISTIAN: All of you are affected by this red moon? SAM: No.

ASHLEY: Well., LAURA:, No, FCG, isn't., CHRISTIAN:, No?, SAM:, No, I'm not, but they are.

ASHLEY:, I'm, not., LAURA: That's, not true.

You had little red bits flying off you out: there, too., SAM:, You, did., AABRIA:, Oh, no!, LAURA: You, know that, right? ASHLEY: I did?, LAURA: Yeah.

There was a little bit of red mist coming off of you.


SAM: At.

This event that we were all at, they started to sort of melt a little bit., AABRIA: Oh! Shit.

ASHLEY: I'm, going to write it down.

SAM:, I mean, not melt, but they-- LAURA: I, don't know what it was.

SAM: Red.

Something was sort of floating off of them and they were-- LAURA: How.

Did it feel-- SAM: -- becoming one with the moon.

LAURA: -- by the way.

When that happened? AABRIA: Oh no! LAURA: Did, it feel, like our bodies were being disintegrated?.

What did it--? MATT: You hadn't had a moment to really sit on the memory of the sensations in that moment.

It was overwhelming, from a sensory standpoint.

But, remembering back on it.

It felt for a moment, like you were connected to something that had been missing.

Your entire life.

TRAVIS: Whoa., LAURA: Did.

It feel good?, MATT: It felt fateful.


We all feel that? SAM: Did.

She feel that way? MATT: You felt it a little bit, too.

TRAVIS: Never, a good thing at this table.

AABRIA: Ah! MATT: It's, like a-- Not, good, but I'd, say the satisfaction of when something fits just where it's supposed to.

When you're organizing, and everything just goes, perfectly.

LAURA: Getting the five rows on Tetris.

MATT and ASHLEY: Yeah.


CHRISTIAN: You felt-- It sounds peaceful.

LAURA: Yeah.


There were people that are looking to, speaking to what you were saying: earlier, actually, to remove the gods.

As we know, them.

CHRISTIAN:, Good., AABRIA:, Okay, now., CHRISTIAN:, What?, AABRIA:, The gods, are-- CHRISTIAN:, Unnecessary., AABRIA: But.

They exist.

LAURA:, Well.

CHRISTIAN:, Because-- AABRIA: Speak, your mind.

We've had this fight a lot, so you can be a part of it.


If they don't exist.

What replaces them? LAURA: That's a good question., CHRISTIAN: Us., AABRIA:, No.

CHRISTIAN: I have never believed in anything more than I believe in you.


The gods aren't there.

If the Matron of Ravens isn't there, what happens when we die? AABRIA: Oh, well.

Let me be very clear.

I think, and this is sort of my opinion, and I understand.

It comes with some extra context, because I was dead for a while., LAURA: Yeah., AABRIA:, The, afterlife and the gods don't have that much to do with each other.


Doesn't she guide you to the afterlife? SAM: And? Didn't the Dawnfather-- AABRIA: But? It's not hers.! Sam: -- bring you back to life? AABRIA: Look, our relationship, mortals and gods.

It's not like a parent and a child.

We're, not their children.

We're, their batteries.

Our faith and our devotion, feeds and sustains.

Them, gives them power, and they see fit on occasion to give sips of that power.

Back, I think in order to inspire further faith.

I know how that sounds as a cleric of the Dawnfather.

It's night.

I don't give a shit.

But the afterlife.

If the Matron of Ravens guides us, she guides us to a place that existed before her and that will exist after her.

It's like being a little kid, and you think that your parents are gods, that they're the whole world, that they're the sun and moon.

And then you get old enough to start asking who made your parents, you know? CHRISTIAN:, A, hypothetical, question.

If, you couldn't sleep for thousands of years.

Wouldn't you just want to go to sleep? We keep them turned on by believing in them to be more than us, but.

Maybe we should give them the gift of rest.

LAURA: Well.

This isn't a gift of rest.

What the people that we've been fighting are trying to do.

They're, not trying to allow them to sleep.

They're, trying to destroy them.

They're trying to eat them.


AABRIA:, I'm sorry, did she say: "eat"? SAM:, She, did., We, sort of learned about a god, eater.

It's, all very complicated, but also.

It's put us in a very weird position where we're trying to protect these gods that we don't even know about, and for most of us, except for me, don't really care about.! My! God is the one true god.

(laughter) AABRIA: You can say that to SunnyD's fucking face.

TRAVIS: (laughs), SunnyD!, SAM: But other than me, no disrespect for anyone.

Else, we're in this weird position, where we're essentially trying to protect the gods from something that we don't even care: about., I mean, not for our own personal, reasons., AABRIA:, Quick question, do the gods, especially yours, "the, one true god--", SAM: Yeah?, AABRIA: Do.

They know about the god eater? SAM: Do.

You know about the god eater? AABRIA: God fucking, damn it.

SAM: That's, another no.

I'm, starting to get the idea that the communication is just severed., She ain't, home right, now., LAURA: Have.

You tried communicating with the Dawnfather? I mean, I, don't know how much he speaks: back., AABRIA:, We're, not-- It's, not that kind of relationship.


Never is.

They only appear when they want to appear, when they think it's of benefit.

SAM: (sneezes), CHRISTIAN:, Bless, you., AABRIA: He can sneeze? LAURA: Changebringer bless, you.

SAM:, Oh!, (whispers), Thank, you., MATT, AABRIA, and SAM: (laugh) CHRISTIAN: Has, this god eater been released? LAURA: I'm, not sure., SAM: Maybe., CHRISTIAN: Perhaps.

The connection is severed because they're already under attack.

LAURA: No, they are under attack.

It is under attack.


Where we came, from.

They were attacking., ASHLEY: So.

Maybe that's why you don't feel your connection.

LAURA: They were trying to release it.


Think it's a little worse than that.

SAM: What? AABRIA: I thought he was just kind of leaning, away.


Maybe the thing I felt was fear., Dread.

I didn't know they could feel that.


You see the thing they were trying to release? LAURA: Well, no.

Not really.


You looked in the sky? Is, the moon in the sky? MATT: Make, a perception, check.

AABRIA: She keeps fucking looking up! Maybe.

If you stop looking up, you wouldn't have shit all over your neck.

LAURA: God, wait, I can't roll.

Anybody else want to look at the sky? Do.

You see Ruidus? ASHLEY: I'm, going to give it a looksie.

MATT: It's-- ASHLEY: It's, not there?, MATT: It's, not a super high DC.

LAURA: Real low rolls.

AABRIA: Up is really hard to check.

TRAVIS: But still, somehow.

Your toes are your focus.

LAURA: I rolled six.

MATT: Rolled, a six, yeah.

TRAVIS: Aw, baby.

MATT: With, the help of your friends doing a full scan of the skyline-- SAM: No.

It's up! LAURA: Oh, I was looking, shit.


The only way your controller can't go.

TRAVIS: Who inverted the Y-axis? Fuck! LAURA: I'm, spinning in a circle.

Looking at the ground.

MATT: Who put this on southpaw? AABRIA: Yeah! (laughs), TRAVIS:, (laughs), ASHLEY:, Me!, AABRIA:, Same., MATT: This is the second night really paying attention, and there's been no sign, day or night, of Ruidus in the sky, which you would know as individuals that traversed this path before and utilize the positioning of the moons and the stars to guide you during evening and late day, treks and such.

Now that it's been pointed out, that's odd., LAURA: Are, the leylines still looking very active in the sky? MATT: Yeah.

AABRIA: (whispers) The what? ASHLEY: The leylines.

LAURA:, The, Apogee, Solstice, only-- AABRIA: Y'all, keep saying new shit.

All the fucking time.

LAURA: -- lasted for three days, right? ASHLEY: That's.

What all these wiggles and stuff are.

LAURA: It's ending., I mean,! It's going to be over, and we're missing it all because we're in the snow.

SAM: Should we press on through the night and try to get to Uthodurn? LAURA: What good.

Is it going to do? SAM: Maybe someone there can reach out.

Maybe someone! There has a skyship, I, don't know.

CHRISTIAN: We'll, be there tomorrow.

I think it'd be dangerous to travel.


ASHLEY:, Imogen-- MATT: You hear once more.

The wolf howl in the distance of the nearby ravine.

LAURA: We, don't even have Chet with us.

SAM: We can't press on through night.


Don't even have our old weirdo.

ASHLEY: No, Imogen.

Do you think? Maybe you could try to contact one of them through your dreams? LAURA: I, don't even know if the dreams will work.

If Ruidus isn't there any more, but I can try.

We can try.

SAM: Oh.

LAURA: What.

Do you think? SAM: I was kind of looking forward.

To-- LAURA:, Oh, right., SAM: No, no, no.

This is more important.


This is more important.

This is more important., It really is., LAURA: I can just go, and you can share a dream with FRIDA.

SAM: No, no, no, I want to see if our friends are alive.

Ashley: We'll do that.

Maybe tomorrow night, or-- CHRISTIAN: No rush, here.

ASHLEY: -- vice versa.

Doesn't, matter., LAURA: It might not even work.

SAM: It might not.

CHRISTIAN: When we arrive at Uthodurn.

We should check in with the temples, the various clerics, and see if there's been a disturbance-- LAURA: In the Force.

CHRISTIAN: In, the Force.

AABRIA: In, the what? Y'all, keep saying new shit! MATT and TRAVIS: (laugh) AABRIA: I'm, not even southern.

This is just stressing me out! (laughter) TRAVIS: It's catchy.

AABRIA: It's catching! I cast Greater Restoration to use my original character, voice.

(laughter), MATT:, All righty.

So what's the plan of action? Are you casting-- TRAVIS: Dream walk.

MATT: -- dream walk with her? SAM: Shared Dream, sure.

MATT: Yeah.

CHRISTIAN: Can I Bless? Yes, I will Bless both of you.

MATT: Okay.

SAM: Thank, you., CHRISTIAN:, Yes., LAURA: Thank you.

You want to come with, Fearne?, ASHLEY:, Sure., CHRISTIAN: How many people.

Can you bring into a dream? LAURA: Oh,? Do you have to cast at a higher level? SAM: I don't, I don't.

No, I can do-- LAURA: (mumbling) Higher level? SAM: Let's, see here.

It doesn't matter.

We're going to sleep.

AABRIA: What's that mean? Oh yeah.

I know how spells work.

SAM: I can get at least Fearne.

I know how spells work.

SAM: I can get at least Fearne.


Someone else, too, if they want to come, but I, don't want to be inviting people into your head.

AABRIA: Is that weird? Is it helpful for more people, or is it kind of weird? SAM: I mean, we just met.

LAURA: Yeah., AABRIA:, I'm, sorry.

Oh, my god, that's so rude of me! LAURA: No, not at all.

AABRIA: I'm, just like, hey, can I be-- LAURA: No, not at all.

AABRIA: -- in your dream? My god! SAM: Oh, you're, getting married? Can, I, come?, AABRIA:, Yeah! MATT and ASHLEY: (laugh) LAURA: Seriously.

It's not at all.

I'm used to people being in my head, believe me.


It's actually kind of a danger to anyone that comes in, depending on what we run.


I would hate for you to get trapped in some other state.

AABRIA: Is that a thing that could happen? LAURA: It's happened.

AABRIA: Damn, y'all are wild.

TRAVIS:, (howls, mournfully), LAURA: Oh.

He seems sad.

TRAVIS:, (howls, mournfully), LAURA: Oh, he's a sad wolf.

AABRIA: Sad wolf.

TRAVIS: (snarls) SAM: Oh! CHRISTIAN: That sounds like he killed something.

LAURA: He's, a hungry wolf.

AABRIA:, Okay, well.

Why don't-- SAM: I'll take Fearne.

LAURA:, Okay.

SAM: We'll, go, maybe-- AABRIA: I'll watch out for you all here.

Your bodies, stay, right?, SAM: Yeah, but also maybe watch out for Chetney.

There's, a slight chance.

He'll come back and try to murder us all, so.

CHRISTIAN: We should go find him.

AABRIA: I got Chetney.

I'm, not worried about Puppy.


Now it's funny that he's called puppy.

That's funny.

CHRISTIAN:, If I could feel uncomfortable, I believe I would.

(laughter) AABRIA: Yeah.

Hey, FRIDA? CHRISTIAN: Yes?, AABRIA:, Be, safe, okay?, CHRISTIAN:, You, too., AABRIA: I can't lose you.

CHRISTIAN: I'm going to go.

Look for Chet, I think.

LAURA: You're, going to go look? MATT: Okay., LAURA:, Oh, jeez., CHRISTIAN: Well, he's important to her.

Yes, I'm going to.


MATT: Okay.

We'll, get to that momentarily.

You prepare yourself for a rest.

What intent.

Are you going into this rest with? LAURA: I'm, going to try to find Laudna.

TRAVIS: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm., MATT:, Okay., LAURA: But should I-- I should try to see.

What's going on with-- SAM: Don't, you have to direct-- LAURA: I should probably see what's happening-- SAM: Do you direct towards a person? Do, you direct towards a place? A feeling? LAURA: Before, I, directed towards my mom.

SAM: And.

It brought you where she was.

LAURA: To, the Key, yeah.

SAM: Do, that with Laudna, I guess.

TRAVIS: Damn, tough., LAURA: But.

It might be smarter to try to find out.

What's going on, with-- TRAVIS: The, Key?, LAURA:, The, Key., TRAVIS: If, it's there.

If, it's even there.: LAURA: If, it exploded.

If there's anything around.

TRAVIS: Who, knows?, SAM: We got to find out.

If our friends are okay., LAURA:, Okay, yeah, I'm, going to search for Laudna.

TRAVIS: Nothing, we can do about it.


MATT:, Okay.


You lay down.

You, cast your spell.

SAM: Mm-hmm.

MATT: The, two of you coming along? ASHLEY:, Mm-hmm., SAM:, Yes, please., MATT:, Okay., You, breathe, quietly and concentrate on your friend and the connection you hold.

LAURA: I'm, going to touch the yarn around my wrist.

CHRISTIAN: (whispers) So cool.

MATT: You're pulled into the current of a stream far stronger than you were expecting.

You immediately slip into a dream, and you feel your consciousness not directed towards your intent, but pulled, dragged, yanked, the two of you pulled alongside like you, are tethered and chained to something that is being carried away by a flood.


All of a sudden being torn through the multicolor strands of the sky.

You are being dragged across the weave of leylines and magical energy in Exandria.

At a speed you can't comprehend until they all go red, where everything is pulled.

Towards, where all streams are directed., The, singular nexus of all magic in Exandria, here., The, strong column of red energy.

The beam that still holds, piercings upward from the center of Marquet into the now locked, unmoving moon of Ruidus.


It looms in the sky above, between the ground, the bridge.

You are pulled into and are fighting from the force of being dragged into it.

Make, a perception check.

LAURA:, (babbling nervously) I'm, going to do the Ruidus die! ASHLEY: Can I Guidance her? LAURA:, That's good, that's good., Do I still get my Bless, too? CHRISTIAN: Yes.

MATT: I'll allow it for this.

I'll, allow it.

LAURA: What.

Does that do? MATT: Plus, a d4.

CHRISTIAN: Plus, a d4.

LAURA: I, can't believe I didn't remember: that.

Come, here, you!, Hee, hee., ASHLEY:, Hee, hee., LAURA:, Perception?, MATT:, Mm-hmm., LAURA:, 19., Wait, yes, 19., MATT:, 19., As you're, resisting this continuously funneled flow of magical energy that is being brought into the place right above where the Malleus Key sits, the energy, then being redirected.

This continuous string, upward, and simultaneously downward, both passing past each other.

You withstand and glace up, and you can see where it intersects with the red moon, the faint imagery of a weave of golden thread that is ever so gently broken and pulled apart.

Where that beam has passed, through.

As you glance back down towards where the Malleus Key is, there's a faint red storm gathering of dust, swirling around like a slow moving cyclone right here in the center of the Hellcatch.

For, a brief instant.

You swear, you can see people down there.

Dozens, maybe 100 or so people.

They're, not people, at least not how you know: them.

Their, red skin., LAURA:, No, they're, the red people! ASHLEY:, The, Reilora., SAM:, (gasps), MATT: At, which point you feel yourself being pulled closer and closer into this nexus.

It's getting loud in your ears, the sound.

The static growing, stronger and stronger still.

You have very little mooring at this point.


Do you do? LAURA: Oh god., SAM: We're, getting pulled up? ASHLEY: May I, try to grab her? MATT: You can certainly try.


MATT: Go ahead and make, in this instance, make a d20 roll and add your wisdom.


This is not a physical connection.

This is pure willpower.

ASHLEY: Come, on, bitch.

Natural one.

LAURA: Oh no! AABRIA: Oh no.


MATT: You are shunted from the dream.

You feel yourself dragged back-- TRAVIS:, Oh, shit!, MATT: -- through the ever growing weave of energies in the sky above and come back to consciousness.

AABRIA: Are you okay? What's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong? ASHLEY: I saw something really bad.

MATT: Imogen.

What are you doing?? Laura: Oh.

MATT: (whooshes) LAURA: Can I, try to use all of my telekinetic force and push myself away from it?.

Matt: You can certainly try.

Roll a d20 and add your charisma, modifier.

ASHLEY: I am going to cast Earthbind on Imogen.

SAM: On, her physical body? ASHLEY: On, her physical body.

MATT:, Okay., AABRIA: Can I cast Guidance on sleeping Imogen?, I, don't know if that does anything.

MATT: I, think in this instance, she's, physically and spiritually in separate places., LAURA: Is it my charisma saving, throw or my modifier? MATT: Your modifier.

LAURA:, 11., MATT: 11.

You feel yourself losing ground.

Wherever, your spiritual essence, is, it's being pulled closer and closer still.

You begin to feel the scattering of energy 100 feet.

Away, 80 feet, away, 50 feet, away., LAURA:, No, no, no!, MATT: It feels like it.


It feels almost like.

The sun is burning your skin, but it's not heat.

It's just energy, and a weird part of you wants to just run into it.

That little voice in the back of your head.

That tells you to jump from the cliff when you're near the edge is just telling you, "Go.

"Run into it.

Embrace it.

"Take yourself into it.

"Become, one with it." SAM: Is.

She getting farther from me? MATT:, Yeah, and you're being dragged slowly along with her.

You're, tethered to her consciousness.

SAM: Oh god, okay.

But I'm, not touching her physically, right? MATT: No.

SAM: Okay.

In, the dream.

If I can, I'm going to shoot my grappling hook at her and try to latch on tighter., MATT: You will that, and there is no arm.

There is no grapple.

Sam: Shit.

MATT: You are just a mote of spiritual energy.

In the middle of this dream, tethered to her.

SAM: Then I will try to just, again, with my will.

Try to pull or push us out of the stream.

MATT: Make, a wisdom.

Check, please.

AABRIA: You got this! SAM:, Pretty, good., Wisdom, check?, MATT:, Yeah, so add your wisdom, modifier to it.

SAM:, 17., MATT:, 17., You, lock into place, and as opposed to pushing her out of the way, you at least become an anchor.

As you hold in there.

You feel that tether between the two of you go taut, and you are now maybe 40 feet from her, watching this endless wave.

This beam that you can't even conceive how large it may be at this proximity.

It almost fills your periphery to the front, to the side, to side, and it's little bursts of red energy up and down, up and down, and occasionally you see what looks like entities., (whooshes) You, don't know if it's just bursts of power or if it's people, what it is.

You can't quite grasp it.

But a little part of you just wants to break that tether.

A little part of you wants to just let go.

LAURA: FCG! ASHLEY: I'm going to go stand over Imogen.


Are you doing? Wake, her up! ASHLEY: I'm, going to slap her in the face.

AABRIA: Okay! ASHLEY: I'm, going to scream, Imogen! Wake up! MATT: I need you to make a wisdom, saving throw., AABRIA: Oh shit.

LAURA: Am I, trying to succeed, here? Whoa., AABRIA:, (laughs) LAURA: Should that count, because it just escaped out of my hand? AABRIA: Bless, the Changebringer.

LAURA: Wisdom saving throw, 19.

MATT: It's too late, now., MATT:, 19, okay.

At the moment that you feel yourself begin to even consider giving in to this primal urge that's telling you to just release and embrace.

You feel this shock of pain in your head and you have just enough strength in the back of your mind, to pull out of that primal urge, acknowledge where you are, and embrace the pain and the sound of your voice being shouted, recognizing the sound of Fearne's voice, cutting through.

In that moment, you put all of your frontal focus into escape.

With that moment, you both are yanked from this vision and back into your conscious minds.

AABRIA: What, the fuck? ASHLEY: Right? CHRISTIAN: (laughs) AABRIA: Are, you okay? Are, you okay?, SAM: You were happy.

AABRIA: (weak, laugh), Good, dream.

SAM: You wanted to go there.

LAURA: It felt amazing.

CHRISTIAN: Oh, buddy.

LAURA: Thank you.

SAM: Well.

Should we have let you go? LAURA: I? Don't know.

I, don't know if-- Would I be gone?.

Ashley: No,! We shouldn't have let her go! SAM: Well.

If that's where her heart wants to go..

ASHLEY: No, that's not-- LAURA: Did, you see all the people there? ASHLEY:, They, weren't, people.

I mean, not to be rude.

Those were the things-- LAURA: What.

If that's what we become when we give in? LAURA: What.

If that's what we become when we give in? What if-- What, if that's what my mama is now? Do, you think? ASHLEY: I, don't know, Imogen.

LAURA:, It's, tethered.

It's, tethered in Marquet, Ruidus.


Why we can't see it.

TRAVIS:, Mm., AABRIA:, Okay., Context clues sounds like that's real fucking bad?, LAURA:, Yeah., AABRIA: Are, you okay?, LAURA:, Yeah., AABRIA: Are, you just saying: that?, LAURA: I, don't know.

No, I'm, not all right.

No, I'm, not all right., AABRIA: Is it! Okay! If I touch you? I want to go over and she's medium size, so I gesture for you to kneel and I want to grab your face.


Whatever it's worth, I want to cast Greater Restoration., MATT:, Okay., AABRIA: I, don't know! What's going, on.

This is all a much bigger, I'm new to this, and it's fucking bad, I, think., But I know you're not and I'm sorry, for whatever it's worth.

MATT: You make contact.


She touches your face.

You feel this warmth, this.

You feel this warmth, this, for lack of a better term, spiritual embrace, come over you, and the anxiety, the fear, everything that you're processing.

In that moment, just for now, washes away.

You know probably not forever, maybe not even for more than a few minutes.

But in this brief moment it's just you two and a welcome calm.

LAURA: Thank you.


Oh, sweetie.

LAURA: Thank you., AABRIA:, Yeah., MATT:, FRIDA., SAM:, Oh!, MATT: I'd, like you to roll a stealth check for me.

If you don't mind., TRAVIS: Oh no.

AABRIA: Roll, a 49.

LAURA: Thank, you., CHRISTIAN:, 16, plus 12, so 28.

AABRIA:, Goddamn! MATT: I'd, like you to roll perception for me, with advantage.

TRAVIS: Oh no, come on., MATT: Because, it's through scent and hearing.

AABRIA: If, you eat my friend, I'll fucking kill, you., TRAVIS: I, believe it.

13., MATT:, 13.

You spend the next hour or so following sounds, following bits of the snow where it's been messed., Streaks of blood and cracked bone and the mostly devoured husks of squirrels, rabbits, a deer.

SAM: (laughs) MATT: There are just murder sites.

After murder sites surrounding you here in nature., TRAVIS: (low growl), MATT: But.

It is a very easy to follow trail for a person that knows how to track.

Roll survival check for me.

If you don't mind., I'll say advantage on this because he is leaving quite a trail., CHRISTIAN: I think that's a nine.

Is that a nine or a six? SAM: Doesn't matter, you'll get a better roll.

ASHLEY: That's a nine.

LAURA: That's, a nine.

CHRISTIAN: Well, that's with advantage, so that would be a 12 on the first one, and a 10 on the second one.

So 12.

MATT: Okay.

It takes you a little longer than you would hope.

He's moving quick, and his hunger is guiding him in sporadic directions.

SAM: Fucking, brutally bad.

MATT: You quickly figure out that there's not a direction or a path to this.

It is impulse.


You lose him for a while.

CHRISTIAN: Can I do something, DM? MATT:, Mm-hmm., CHRISTIAN:, I've, never tried.

This, FRIDA has never tried.


So, rather than projecting laughter, could I attempt to project Fearne's voice? SAM: Ooh, cool, cool, cool., LAURA:, Oh, shit., MATT:, Yeah, yeah., CHRISTIAN: I will say-- MATT: Now, so these are recordings.

Christian: I will say: Chet! Chet! ASHLEY: Chet.


(laughter) TRAVIS: It's, that AI shit.


TRAVIS: (laughs) MATT: (shudders), AABRIA: Bro.

You got deep, faked! ASHLEY:, Chet!, AABRIA:, It's, a horror game, now.

MATT: Blood, not enough.

Not enough, blood., More, taste, the iron, the iron taste.

More, stomach, still, empty.

Feast, kill, tear, kill., Familiar., Familiar, near., (grunting) You follow the voice and you hear the slightly growing sound of growls and claws.

CHRISTIAN: I will go somewhere very visible, so I can see him when he emerges.

I will project Deanna's voice and the recording of her saying, "This is the first thing from my past that hasn't felt--" "This is the first thing from my past that hasn't felt--" AABRIA: That didn't hurt.

CHRISTIAN: "-- that didn't hurt," when he emerges.

I'll say that over and over when I see, him.

I will not be aggressive.

Matt: Okay., TRAVIS:, Oh, man., ASHLEY: That's, so cool.

MATT: The.

First time it goes through, silence., Lost, him., The.

Second time.

You think you hear a twig, snap.

You turn and look and you don't see anything other than the light of the moon hitting past.

This one batch of bushes, and catch two eyes reflecting it in the darkness.

TRAVIS: (low growling) MATT: You, hear the voice, familiar.

A combination of twisted self-loathing, but hunger, fighting, fighting.


Do you do? TRAVIS: It's, confusing, even in that state.

MATT: It's, confusing.

We'll, see based on what-- TRAVIS: I, think it's the nose, down, low, crouch, slow crawl out from behind cover, smelling at FRIDA, with the little head turn when a dog is trying to figure out what the fuck he's.


MATT: He's, certainly not pouncing yet.

But for what you've gotten to know of Chetney, in the past couple of days of journeying.

This is a formidable predator.

Christian: Well.

You don't turn your back on a predator.

So, whereas FRIDA's movement in battle and sort of while ranging is very fluid, the more dextrous human things, the more dextrous human things are a little bit clunkier and feel more robotic.

Chet would see a sort of clunky unclasping of the jacket as I widen.


I will kneel, maintaining eye contact.

I'll hold my hand out and I'll say, I'll echo again Deanna's words, and then it'll be my voice.

I'll say: I know you're in there, Pock O'pea.

My friend needs you now.

Please come back.

MATT: Rip, tear, eat, bleed, sunder., TRAVIS: It's that one, it's bleed.

I'm, led by my nose, and though the sound is like a distant memory.

Familiar, the smell isn't there.

MATT: There's, no blood, either., TRAVIS:, Scent., MATT: Do.

You wish to resist or attempt to resist this murderous, urge?, TRAVIS: I would say I crawl, all the way out.

I get to his hand, give it a sniff, and then rear up on my hind legs and stare into his eyes and try and resist.

MATT: Make a wisdom saving throw for me.

If you don't mind., AABRIA: Oh, that's very cool.

That's real good., TRAVIS:, 13., MATT:, 13., CHRISTIAN:, Can, I-- MATT: I would like you to make a persuasion: check.

ASHLEY: Come, on., MATT:, With, advantage., SAM:, Ooh!, MATT: Because.

You have been using-- TRAVIS:, Yeah., MATT:, -- Deanna's, voice., AABRIA: Why did I, give the dog Death Ward? (laughs) CHRISTIAN: It's a three.

AABRIA: (laughs) TRAVIS: With advantage? LAURA: No, no, no, with advantage.

CHRISTIAN: Yeah, see., LAURA: That's, a five.

LAURA: Oh no, negative one., CHRISTIAN: No.

It's a minus one.

(laughter) AABRIA: Laura.

You made it worse.

Go away! TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (laugh) AABRIA: Damn, that hurt extra.


If the five, though.

She was like, "No, no, no.", ASHLEY:, "No, no, no, it's better than-- Never, mind.", (laughter), MATT:, Hunt., LAURA:, (laughs), MATT: I'd, like you both to roll initiative., (exclaiming) AABRIA:, This, fucking, slaps., CHRISTIAN: That's, an 18 plus-- SAM: Robot versus werewolf.

TRAVIS: I had the poo rumbles.

SAM: This is high fantasy.


(laughter) AABRIA: I've written this spec script and it was not good.

(laughter) MATT: What you got? CHRISTIAN: 26.

MATT: 26., TRAVIS: 21.

He goes first.

AABRIA:, Goddamn!, MATT:, All, right.


You notice in that moment, that brief moment, where you see that glimmer, that faint spark of humanity vanish, that faint spark of humanity vanish,- and there is just the beast.

You- can see in that split second.

Your reflexes that are already attuned to facing off against natural terrors.

You know this is about to go to blows.


Do you do? AABRIA: Don't? You hurt his coat.


I realize this is imminent.


(laughter), AABRIA:, Good.

CHRISTIAN: I'll release the blunderbuss and shoot straight into the air, and she would know what that sounds.


AABRIA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN:, So I crack one into the air.

SAM: (mouth fart) (laughter), CHRISTIAN: It's, exactly that.

(laughter) MATT: We are children.

(laughter) AABRIA:, Morning, toot!, CHRISTIAN:, Then I would take off-- (lingering laughter) CHRISTIAN: I would take off left, or no, I'd take off back towards camp.

MATT: Okay.

So you do a back track., CHRISTIAN:, So I'm, going to slowly back away, fire, and as I fire, turn and run.

MATT: Bolt.

All right.


MATT: The creature's, going to run, the hunt is on.

You do get an attack of opportunity as he runs out of your range.

AABRIA: Oh no! TRAVIS: Okay.

I'll take a swipe with my just regular claws.


This is full claws.

Here, there's no conscious use of weapons here,! You are a beast.

TRAVIS: No, it's 24., AABRIA: I swear to god.

If booty call kills my friend, I'm going to be so fucking mad.

CHRISTIAN:, That, hits., MATT:, Roll, damage., TRAVIS:, Okay., AABRIA: Travis.

If you send home a guest on the first night, that's fucked, up.

TRAVIS: I ran to go shit in the woods..

(laughter) TRAVIS: It's.

Eight points of slashing damage.

MATT: You feel the impact, and a part of you is like, fuck, the jacket.

TRAVIS: Not, the jacket! ASHLEY: Not, the jacket.

MATT: But.

You continue into a run.

What's your movement, speed? CHRISTIAN:, 30, feet., MATT:, Great., What's, yours?, TRAVIS:, 35., CHRISTIAN:, Shit., SAM:, Oh, god., LAURA:, Uh-oh., SAM: But.

You used an action.

Can't you dash or something? CHRISTIAN: I can bonus action dash.

Another 30 feet.

MATT: Okay.

So you immediately-- This is a quick creature, but this hunt is thrilling.

Travis: (laughs) Oh no.

MATT: Your turn.


Are you doing, Chetney? TRAVIS: Yeah, I'm, going to try and catch and-- I like the hunt, so I'm going to swipe for a leg instead of a pounce, see if I can get it to trip.


MATT:, Okay, okay., So you're, just going for a shove attack as opposed to a claw? TRAVIS: Yeah.


If I can knock it off its feet.

MATT: Okay, go for it.

So that would be athletics versus athletics or acrobatics.


You hear behind you (galloping) and a sweep towards you.



(exclaiming) ASHLEY: Oh, my god.

MATT: Your leg gets yanked out from underneath you and you watch as night sky turns end over end before you land in snow and slide about two or three more feet before the beast is upon you.

about two or three more feet before the beast is upon you.

Does that finish, your turn? You still have another attack.

If you want to.

TRAVIS: Sure, I'll take a swipe.

MATT: Okay.


No quarter, baby., TRAVIS: At.

This thing that doesn't smell like it has blood, but let's find out.

If it does.

AABRIA: Oh! TRAVIS: 17 to hit.

CHRISTIAN:, Meets, it., MATT: Go ahead and roll damage., TRAVIS: Eight again.

MATT: Eight points of slashing damage.

Takes, a big old, not even a slash across your body, jamming it into the front of your chest, armor and it sinks about an inch into it before it pulls up.

You see what you expect to be blood, and there is a liquid that comes out, but it's a black oil-like material.

It has a weird smell.

You're not used to it, and it sets you off for bit.

It confuses you.

This is new blood.

This is new blood.

TRAVIS: (gruffly) New blood.

MATT: What.

Are you doing? CHRISTIAN: As I feel the pressure of that second strike and I'm sliding back, I will tumble onto my feet and rise and I'll say: Bad puppy.

In, her voice.

(laughter), ASHLEY:, Awesome., CHRISTIAN: My eyes will glow white and I? Will Guiding Bolt Chetney from my eyes straight into the center.

LAURA: Oh, sick! MATT: Great! That's awesome! ASHLEY: That is so cool.

TRAVIS: Ocular blast! LAURA: That's, a pulsar beam! (laughter) LAURA: Oh no.

(laughter) ASHLEY: Come on! (laughter) ASHLEY: Get, that out of here.

LAURA: Get rid of it.

AABRIA: Give that die, give me that die.

CHRISTIAN: I don't hit him.

MATT: Okay.


Did you just roll? CHRISTIAN: That was a one on the die.

SAM: (groans) AABRIA: It was a fucking five.

LAURA: He, just chucks it back.


That's my action.

MATT: So yeah.

You lean forward and blast, and you at the last second see this flash and duck low and go in for the under lunge.


Do you do? CHRISTIAN: I'm running right at him., AABRIA: (laughs, nervously), No., CHRISTIAN:, Yeah., MATT:, Okay., CHRISTIAN: I'll run right at him.

I'm going to bonus action run right at him., TRAVIS: Oh no.

MATT: All right.

So you you charge straight into melee distance.

Does that finish your turn? CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

MATT: All right.

TRAVIS: I will admit, when you run at a predator like that.

It usually causes them to go, what the fuck? And start flanking around, so I'll turn and flank on him, but I'll keep my eyes, and I will lunge and try to make another swipe.

MATT: Okay, go for it.

TRAVIS: I would try and make a bite, but would that be an unarmed strike?, MATT: It's just flavor to your claw, attack.

TRAVIS: Okay, cool.


Let's just do that.

17 to hit.

CHRISTIAN: That, hits., AABRIA: Hey.

Do I, hear the gunshot, Matt? TRAVIS: 12 points of slashing damage.

MATT: Another heavy chunk of a wound put upon you.

Does that finish your turn? TRAVIS: No.

With, the second one, with the hit, I'm, going to try and bite down on a limb and see if I can get it to like-- I'm, going to dog, throttle.

MATT: Full-on dog, thrash?, Yeah, yeah, all right.

AABRIA:, You're full-on, my dog, it's so important.


If you're trying to hold him there, this would be a grapple.

TRAVIS:, Cool., MATT: So.

This will be another athletics versus athletics or acrobatics.

ASHLEY: Come on., SAM: Are you trying to rip his arm.

Off? TRAVIS:, Well yeah,! You can eat it easier if it's off the body.

CHRISTIAN: Eight., SAM:, (groans), AABRIA:, You'll love, it.

It just falls off the bone.


MATT: 12., TRAVIS:, 14, 14.

MATT: You feel the jaws of the beast clamp down onto you and you are currently unable to pull away as you're being thrashed around, to the point where you're lithe and nimble enough to move with the thrashing motion to not sustain any immediate damage, but you're currently held and pinned.

The rest of you.

You hear the gunshot go off, and it's a little ways: away.

(echoing gunshot), TRAVIS:, Oof!, SAM: Are.

We still dreaming or are we out of the dream? LAURA: We would've been out the dream at that point.

MATT: You've been out of the dream.


You probably had a moment to communicate, and this is maybe two minutes after you came out of the dream when this happens.

LAURA: Chet! AABRIA: There's no delay.

LAURA: Just take off running? AABRIA: Deanna's, taking off.

LAURA: Same.

MATT: Okay.

You, all dart out into the night, the bright white light of Catha above almost alighting everything with a silver gossamer layer over it.

SAM: I'll cast Light out of my eyes-- MATT: All right., SAM: -- and shine headlights forward for us.

MATT:, Okay.

You're, not sure which direction they are at the moment.

All right.

Coming back to you.

That finishes your go.


Currently clamped and held.


Do you do? CHRISTIAN: (quick exhale) Okay.

Rather than trying to move away from it, I'm, going to lean into the bite and make eye contact with this beast.

AABRIA: Oh my god.

It's too much.

MATT:, Okay., CHRISTIAN: I'm, going to be speaking to him in Deanna's voice, calling him puppy, puppy, puppy, while shifting my arm into the blunderbuss.

I will-- I will Dazing Shot.

So I'll burn a grit point.

TRAVIS: Ooh! MATT: Okay.

TRAVIS: Oh, grit, point.

Grit points!, SAM: We haven't seen those in a while.

CHRISTIAN: Please hit this thing.

AABRIA: (laughs) LAURA: As we ran out-- TRAVIS: Yeah.

LAURA: I will have cast Fly on myself-- AABRIA: Thank you., LAURA: -- and Deanna.

MATT: Deanna.

MATT:, (whooshes) As.

You see her take off.

You feel this energy come over.


You, don't quite understand it.

Until you look down and realize your feet are two or three inches off the ground.

AABRIA: Oh shit! I wish I could register.

This was cool!.

Laura: That gives us 60 feet: movement, speed., MATT:, Yeah.


You both arc up to get a better vantage, point.

CHRISTIAN: That's, a 26.

MATT: 26 to hit! CHRISTIAN:, Mm-hmm., MATT:, All, right., TRAVIS:, That, hits!, MATT:, So roll damage on that., CHRISTIAN: Yes, and the Dazing Shot, "If.

It takes damage.

It must make a con--", so damage.

That is 2d8, plus four.

MATT: Con save on his point? CHRISTIAN: Yes.

MATT: Make, a constitution, saving throw, Chet.

TRAVIS: 16., CHRISTIAN:, 11, plus four.

15., LAURA:, 15., CHRISTIAN: What.

Do you want? MATT: So 15 points of piercing damage, but reduced to half, because you are in your wolf form.


Did he roll on that?, MATT:, 16., TRAVIS:, Eight., CHRISTIAN: I believe that meets it., MATT: (sighs) Resist, the Dazing Shot.

As? Much as the blunderbuss point blank would daze a less hardy creature.

This beast is in predator mode.


I will reload and take a second shot.

MATT: Go for it.

CHRISTIAN: Oh, so close! LAURA: That was so close! CHRISTIAN: 13.

MATT:, 13, I think, unfortunately, misses.


Instead of missing, one of the claws, it's still holding you in the grasp.

You put the gun there, the claw forces.

It up out of the way, right as it fires and (blasts) shoots off in the air.

You hear another series of shots go off.

I'll! Need you both to make perception: checks, please.

AABRIA:, Fuck, me!, 16., MATT:, 16., SAM:, Echoes!, Lots of echoes! MATT:, Up above.

You see the flash (whooshes) down and it's a ways down the mountain.


Take you a couple rounds of full double action: speed to get there.

But! You can see where the source of this battle's happening.

LAURA: We can move twice as fast as we normally would be able to with the double fly: speed.

MATT: Yeah.

That's what I'm saying.

At full 60 feet of movement, double to a dash.

Movement, you'll get there in two rounds.

TRAVIS: (whooshes) LAURA: I'll send Dazzling Lights, my little light, globies, out in front.

MATT: Okay, and they're gliding along, moving.

LAURA:, Dancing, Lights, yeah., MATT:, Okay., All, right., Coming back to you, Chetney., TRAVIS: The shot goes off., (growls) Plus.

The fucking taste of this thing is just weird! But, it's fun!, (growls), So I'll, pick it up and thrash it and throw it back down.


MATT:, (thumps) Is.

This going to be a slam attack onto the ground? TRAVIS: Yeah., MATT:, Okay.

So, another athletics versus athletics or acrobatics.

TRAVIS: Oh god!, Jesus!, So, sorry!, (laughs) It's, a 27.

AABRIA: Oh, my god! CHRISTIAN: 22.

AABRIA: Hey, bro! MATT: 22, 27.

ASHLEY and MATT: Oh! AABRIA: You, going to chill the fuck out for two seconds! TRAVIS: I'm trying! AABRIA: No, you're, not!, MATT: You.

Try and pull away from the grasp of this and, instead, once again, feel yourself lifted up off the ground and then (impacts) slammed down into a pile of snow with a rock just below the layer that you feel the (cracks) crack of something.

You automatically feel this tingling sensation that runs through you.

As you sustain a bit of a shock and impact, and you are prone.

CHRISTIAN: Mm-hmm., (exhales), MATT:.

Does, that finish your turn or you have another attack? TRAVIS: Yep.

MATT:, You, good?, All, right., CHRISTIAN: How many points of damage? MATT: That, just knocks you prone.

CHRISTIAN:, Okay., I'll, start laughing, but it's Deanna's, laugh.

AABRIA:, Oh!, (sobs), SAM:, Oh, god!, Brutal!, CHRISTIAN:, I'll use half my movement to stand up: and-- MATT: Well,! You are currently still grappled, which means your movement is zero.


You can't get up.


MATT:, Because, you're literally prone and cannot move while you're in the jaw.


You have to try and break free, which is an action.


Don't want to.

I'm going to use a grit point: to-- Oh, my gosh! I will use a grit point: to-- Dead Eye, which would give me advantage.

Right? MATT:, Mm-hmm., CHRISTIAN:, But I have disadvantage because I'm prone.

So it's just a regular roll? MATT: Yep.

CHRISTIAN: I'm, going to try and get the muzzle back into his mouth.

MATT: Okay.

Into, the mouth! AABRIA: Oh gosh! Oh! So true!, LAURA: Oh, so close! It was so close!.

Christian: That is a 15.

TRAVIS: Misses.

ASHLEY: (groans) TRAVIS: You're, getting them out-- CHRISTIAN: Advantage!, TRAVIS: Oh, that's right!, LAURA: Oh, oh!, Yeah!, MATT: Well.

You said you had disadvantage because you're prone.


So it's just a straight roll.

MATT: So, it's just a straight roll, yeah.


AABRIA:, (laughs) CHRISTIAN: I rolled a 19 for the second shot.

I just rolled now.

I rolled a 19.

MATT: I'll allow it.



So that's a 29.

TRAVIS: That does it.


Does hit.


You going to take some damage: now, buddy?, CHRISTIAN:, 2d8, plus four.

TRAVIS: Just, a little! CHRISTIAN: Nine, plus four, 13 points of damage, halved.

MATT: 13 points, damage., TRAVIS:, Seven.


You take seven.

Six, technically, because it's rounded down.

TRAVIS:, Six?, Okay.

So, another shot goes off-- SAM:, Looking, pretty rough! MATT: -- a third shot.

(laughter) CHRISTIAN: I, amateur, but I need to pee.

(laughter) SAM: Oh no! TRAVIS: Yeah, yeah.

No!, MATT:, No, worries!, SAM:, Oh, no!, MATT: In, the interim.

You guys are coasting down.

You, see a few more flashes going off down: there, below.

ASHLEY: Booking it.

Booking it over there., SAM: I'm, just, yeah, rolling., MATT:, Yeah., SAM:, (whirs), LAURA: How far away.

Is it at this point? SAM: Nice and slow.

MATT: At, this point? About 120 feet.

LAURA: Okay! I'm, going to use a sorcery point, two sorcery points to double my distance.

MATT: Yeah.

LAURA: I'm, going to hit Chet with a Calm Emotions.

AABRIA: Ooh! Nice! MATT: Okay.

Chetney, make a wisdom, saving throw., TRAVIS: Advantage, because it's against magic? MATT:, Yep., TRAVIS:, (groans), 19., LAURA:, Oh, fuck!, AABRIA:, Ooh!, MATT: The beast is strong in its mind.

LAURA: Ugh! TRAVIS: (gruffly) The beast is strong! MATT: (laughs) AABRIA: I'm, both horrified, and also.

How fun! (laughter) AABRIA: This is very cool!.

Travis: However., AABRIA:, What? TRAVIS: The laughing was fucked up.

AABRIA: (laughs) Yeah.

TRAVIS: That goes somewhere deep.

So in between (blasts) (laughs as Deanna).

The laughing, Chet backs off for a second and starts to sniff again, because the taste is wrong, the smell is wrong, and that laugh sounds like something.

So I will again try and push towards that sound because everything else is registering as off right.


MATT: That makes sense.

Make another wisdom, saving throw for me to try and resist the beastly urge.

TRAVIS: Natural 19 for a dirty 20., SAM: Ooh! AABRIA:, Damn!, MATT:, Natural 19 for a dirty 20.


You just managed to pull away, try and clear your mind for a second.

You glance up, looking for partially an escape route.

That urge to flee kicks in, as well as that need to pounce, as well as the sudden sensation of magic.

Cruising past, your mind, a familiar but yet alien sensation of something pushing into your will.

It's, all so much at once, and the laughter peeks through one more time.

You, in your beast.

Form, look down and see.

You now begin to acknowledge.

For a moment a new friend, hurt.

You did this.

You lost control.

You hurt a friend., Other friends are coming., Shame hits you, deep shame.


Do you do? TRAVIS: No! No! (growls) I tear off into the woods, (thumping gallop).

As far as I can, arcing wide.

MATT: Okay.

You watch as Chetney bounds off into the dark shadows of the Flotket Forest.

Do you pursue?, AABRIA: What.

Is he doing? Where? Is he going? LAURA: Take care of your friend.

AABRIA: I make a beeline to FRIDA.

LAURA: I'm, going to see if I can track Chet, flying overhead, see where he's bounding, to.

MATT: Perception, check, stealth, check., ASHLEY: I'm, going to Wild Shape back into a shoebill and I'm going to start flying alongside Imogen.

MATT: You got it.

SAM: (caws) LAURA: A nine.

CHRISTIAN: (laughs), TRAVIS:, 26., LAURA:, (laughs) I swear I'll, be able to-- TRAVIS: (howls) LAURA: Hold on! Just.

Give me a second.

He's gone.

MATT: You realize after a few minutes that the beast has escaped and Chetney is beyond your grasp for now, though, at least.

The current scuffle has come to an end.

ASHLEY: Wait, do I get to see if I can see.

Him? MATT:, Yeah.

Make a perception check: to-- AABRIA:, Come, on, shoebill! (laughter) SAM: They have night vision, I think.

AABRIA: (caws) LAURA: But she's, not polymorphed.

Right? It's different than a polymorph? She uses her own abilities? ASHLEY: It's different for Wild Shape.

MATT:, Yeah, Wild Shape.

She gets to use her own.

SAM: Great! ASHLEY: Perception, you said? MATT: Yeah.


LAURA:, Aw!, TRAVIS:, 26., AABRIA:, Damn, dude!, ASHLEY:, Fuck!, MATT:, Yeah., SAM:, (laughs), TRAVIS:, (deeply), Peace!, MATT:, (laughs), ASHLEY:, (sighs), Get, out of here! AABRIA: Dunkst upon by a wolf! MATT: So.

You keep searching before you eventually come to the realization that he doesn't want to be found., ASHLEY:, (caws), (laughter), ASHLEY: That's.

What I have to say.

MATT: There you go.

You rush up to the side of your friend and you approach shortly: thereafter, eyes: glowing.

FRIDA, you still processing the scuffle that you'd gotten into, but you immediately are approached by Deanna.

AABRIA: The moment: I land.

It is like the noon day: sun as I Channel Divinity, and put all 45 points of Preserve Life into FRIDA.

TRAVIS: Damn!, SAM:, Channel, Divinity?, AABRIA:, Yeah., SAM:, Whoa!, CHRISTIAN:, The metal will start to fill the gaps and the gashes that he left.

But my jacket is still torn.

Sam: Oh no! LAURA:, Oh!, CHRISTIAN:, But I grab your face and I say-- AABRIA: I'm, so sorry! CHRISTIAN: He's in there., AABRIA: I'm, sorry!, CHRISTIAN:, It's, fine!, AABRIA:, Fuck, him!, CHRISTIAN: He's in there., No, no, no! He was trying to fight! AABRIA: I'll, get him out.

I'll, get him out the old fashioned way! Where, the fuck.

Did he go? LAURA: Wait,? What do you mean the old--? Are you going to fuck him or are you going to-- AABRIA:, No!, (laughter), LAURA:, I'm, sorry! I just wasn't sure what the old-fashioned way was.

ASHLEY: Because.

You probably should wait until he's out of wolf.


AABRIA: I'll tear that geriatric gnome outside of the little wolf that he's running around in! You're, going to be down one more fucking party, member!, SAM:, Well-- LAURA:, Well-- AABRIA:, What?, Yeah.

Calm me: the fuck down right, now!, CHRISTIAN: No, it's okay., It's okay., I'm, fine!, SAM:, I mean, we could.

LAURA:, Oh, right., AABRIA: You could absolutely try! LAURA: I'm, going to Calm Emotions on you.

SAM: We'll, both cast Calm Emotions.

AABRIA: You can both try.

(laughter) TRAVIS: Double the-- MATT: Make, two wisdom saving throws for me, please.

AABRIA: Yay! TRAVIS: (tranquilizer darts), (groans) AABRIA: The.

First one is a 23.


Second one's bad, though.


SAM: Mine's, a 15 save.

LAURA: Mine's, an 18.


Spite of the fury, you do have a moment of clarity.

It doesn't absolve you of how you feel, but at the very least, you're now focused on the words of FRIDA.

CHRISTIAN: He's fine!, I mean, he's in there.

AABRIA: Okay., CHRISTIAN:, I mean.

It was a fight.

AABRIA:, Yeah., CHRISTIAN: I went easy on him.

I think maybe he went easy on me.

AABRIA:, That's, very kind of you! CHRISTIAN: But he's there.

He has more control than I.

Think he knows.

AABRIA:, Sure.

Everything you're saying is so good and I appreciate so much.

Whatever this is.

It doesn't intellectually change.

Like, I'm going to be very calm-- SAM: Sure.

AABRIA: -- when I rip his spine, out.

LAURA:, Right., AABRIA: I'm, going to chew it.

With my teeth.

LAURA: But now you'll enjoy it.

AABRIA: Aw! I think that actually does break tension.

(laughter) AABRIA: Oh, my god! You were in a dream and it was weird and then you got-- This-- SAM: It's, a weird night.


AABRIA: Yeah! LAURA: We should get back-- AABRIA: Fuck! LAURA: -- to the camp.

Just in case Chet does come back around.

AABRIA: Where did he go? LAURA: I couldn't-- SAM: He just goes off.

We, don't know.

AABRIA: Okay., LAURA: Hopefully.

It ends by the morning.

I've, never seen him-- AABRIA: What.

If it doesn't? CHRISTIAN: He, feels like an apex predator out, here.

I think he'll be fine.

Aabria: Why, are you being so cool? CHRISTIAN: Well, I infringed on his-- AABRIA: I'm being calmed by magic, and I want to lose my mind! CHRISTIAN: But I'm, really happy that you're not! AABRIA: I'm so-- (laughs) CHRISTIAN: I, just think he needs that sometimes.

It felt like he did.


He was there!, I saw in his eyes! AABRIA: Oh.

He needs to vent off some tension? CHRISTIAN: Wow, you're, really angry.


Don't need to make excuses for his very bad behavior.

He hurt your jacket.

CHRISTIAN: He did hurt it.

LAURA: I'm, just scritching you.

SAM: Hey, look! There's, a bird over here.


Is there a bird? TRAVIS: Head scritches? LAURA: It's Fearne.

AABRIA: What is happening? ASHLEY: These are my feets! (laughter) TRAVIS: You are not role playing your feet! (laughter) TRAVIS: Come on! LAURA: This is the cutest bird I've ever seen! Seriously, Fearne! You.

Look so good! TRAVIS: You're doing the head: shakes!, AABRIA:, The, cognitive, dissonance off of this group of people-- TRAVIS: Look up that horn bill head shake., AABRIA: -- is going to kill me.



He attack you if he saw you? ASHLEY: (caw) LAURA: He attacked you before.

When this happened, didn't he? ASHLEY:, (squawks), (laughter), AABRIA: I feel like I speak shoebill., SAM: I've attacked us before, too.

It's, not a-- LAURA:, It's, true., CHRISTIAN: It's, a rite of passage! SAM: We're, all a little on edge.


ASHLEY: I'm going to drop my shoebill.

SAM: Oh! MATT: Okay., AABRIA: No.

This is the funny part, is you were absolutely like, "It's actually dangerous and you should walk.

Away." We were like, "No, it'll be fine!" It's, not fine!.

It's, not fine!, ASHLEY: He's attacked me pretty badly.

CHRISTIAN: So, it's just something.

He does.

ASHLEY: Yeah, it's kind of a thing.

CHRISTIAN: That's okay., ASHLEY: It's, one of those traits-- SAM: You're, very understanding about this.


You all were here to help.

TRAVIS: (deeply) We all go a little wild sometimes.

No, I'm, just kidding! (laughter) AABRIA: Yeah, good!, Guiding, Bolt!, TRAVIS:, Ah!, (laughter), MATT:, You.

All slowly ponder over the events that just transpired.

But do return to your campsite, deciding to leave Chetney to his evening, romp and hope to maybe gather him in the morning light.

While you wrestle with the beast more than you have in a while, alone in the shadows of nature.

FRIDA, could you roll a constitution saving throw for me, if you don't mind? CHRISTIAN: Oh! I, can., LAURA:, (gasps), ASHLEY:, No!, SAM:, (gasps), CHRISTIAN:, I, mean, I'm, all for it! SAM: (gasps) AABRIA: Oh, shut the fuck up! ASHLEY: That! LAURA: (gasps) CHRISTIAN: It's, a 10.

MATT: All right.

ASHLEY: That dice! SAM: 10-- MATT: We're, going to end the session there.

AABRIA: No! (exclaiming), ASHLEY:, No!, No!, No!, TRAVIS:, (laughs), ASHLEY:, Matthew!, (laughter), CHRISTIAN: I! Don't want to-- AABRIA: Oh, my god.

If! That's what I think it is-- LAURA: That's! Why you bit! CHRISTIAN: I'm down.

LAURA: Oh, my god! LAURA: Can! You do that to an Aeormaton? CHRISTIAN: We'll have to find out.

TRAVIS: I, don't know, but-- AABRIA: That's, so cool! TRAVIS: I was just waiting for Catha.


You guys remember-- CHRISTIAN: That's, my dream! Come true! AABRIA: Do! You guys remember in 1994 when you could have a little robot dog that would flip and roll over? We're going to have one! MATT: (yips) AABRIA: We going to have one! MATT: (yips) AABRIA: Oh!, ASHLEY:, (yips), SAM: Oh.

My god! LAURA: How is that possible? ASHLEY: Holy moly! LAURA: Magic! CHRISTIAN: Ruidus.


AABRIA: (laughing) Magic.

CHRISTIAN: Woo! SAM:, Fancy.

MATT:, We'll figure.

It out.

We'll see what happens.

If anything.

But nevertheless, we'll see you next time with the continued adventures of this crazy-ass bunch.

First off, once again, welcome, both Christian and Aabria., (cheering) TRAVIS: Christian and Aabria! AABRIA: Big swings! MATT:, Yeah!, AABRIA: Oh, my god! MATT: Only, big swings! That's.

The only way to play this game! TRAVIS: This is fucking fun!, MATT:, Ugh!, All, right.


Thank you so much for joining us.

We love, you very much, and is it Thursday yet? Good night! (cheering).


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"Far From The Others" (3x52) is the fifty-second episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. With the magic of the apogee solstice having split the party across Exandria, half of Bells Hells must contend with the dangers and surprising connections of Northern Wildemount...

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They inform him that he has lost his Deck of Many Things privileges. Scanlan says that Percy lost his arm trying to rescue Grog. Pike reveals to Vex and Keyleth that she has constructed a bench to put in the clearing she found in the woods, as a memorial for Vax.

What happened to Grog after campaign one? ›

As revealed in "The Chapter Closes" (1x115), Grog returned to Vasselheim to turn himself in for punching a guard in a certain potion merchant's shop. However, he was recognized as one of the saviors of the city and forgiven of his crime.

What race is Imogen? ›

Imogen TemultEdit
Imogen Temult
ClassSorcerer (Aberrant Mind)
RaceHuman (variant)
Biographical information
Full nameImogen Temult
17 more rows

How far in the future is campaign 3 Critical Role? ›

First aired

Campaign Three: Bells Hells is the third campaign of Critical Role, which began airing on October 21, 2021. It is set on the continent of Marquet and begins in 843 PD, within a year after the events of Exandria Unlimited Prime.

Does Vox Machina follow Critical Role? ›

The Legend of Vox Machina is an American adult animated fantasy action television series produced by Metapigeon, Titmouse, Inc., and Amazon Studios, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on January 28, 2022. The series is based on the first campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role.

What happens in Critical Role campaign 3 episode 15? ›

"The Tunnels Below" (3x15) is the fifteenth episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells awaken to the repercussions of their antics at the ball, but the unwanted attention of certain parties could be the key to unraveling some of Jrusar's mysteries

What level was Vox Machina when they fought Vecna? ›

During Vox Machina's last encounter with Vecna, he used the following spells: Power Word Kill (9th level)

What race is Grog Vox Machina? ›

Grog was a goliath , a race born of the breeding of humans and giants, meaning he stood 8 feet 7 inches and weighed upward of 645 pounds.

Why Tiberius is not in Vox Machina? ›

Upon returning to Emon, Tiberius announced to the other members of Vox Machina that he was leaving, as the "path of Vox Machina and the path of Tiberius Stormwind haven't been aligned for some time." Specifically, he hadn't made progress on his quests or earned the respect of his family.

Who does Vex love? ›

It was during the ritual that Vex finally confessed her feelings for Percy, unsure whether or not he heard her, and sealed it with a kiss. He was shortly resurrected afterward thanks to her efforts along with those of Pike and Keyleth.

Did Keyleth love Vax? ›

As Vax poured his heart out to her and expressed his doubts about the two of them and where they stand, Keyleth interrupted, telling him about her conversation with Pike and the realization that they ultimately had "nothing to lose." Then she finally confessed that she loved him—and had for a long time—and apologized ...

Why did Vex not like Keyleth? ›

Keyleth and Vex'ahlia are good friends. Vex held some resentment towards Keyleth for a while due to the druid's growing relationship with Vax'ildan, but eventually Vex came to accept the couple and let go of those feelings.

Does Imogen get pregnant? ›

It's revealed throughout the season that Imogen's pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault. Her closest friend, Tabby, was also recently sexually assaulted, which - unfortunately - was not a coincidence. So who is Imogen's attacker and the father of her unborn child? All the answers are ahead.

Who is Imogen pregnant to? ›

one fan asked. According to comments liked by Imogen, she is expecting a child with entrepreneur Tremaine Fernandez. She rose to fame after a short stint as the bombshell Aussie intruder on the new season of Netflix's raunchy dating show, Too Hot To Handle.

Who is the father of Imogen pregnant? ›

Chip flat-out said he was the father of Imogen's baby, which honestly should have been the biggest giveaway of all. Not only did he insist on accompanying her to the adoption center, but when the worker mistook him for the baby's father, he stopped Imogen from correcting her and said he was the baby's dad.

Why did Imogen turn blue? ›

Imogen cleverly uses a twinned catapult to slam two boulders into the creature, but her usage of Metamagic activates her Feywild Shard's wild table shenanigans and causes Imogen's skin to turn blue.

Is Laudna related to Percy? ›

Laudna previously revealed that she was a former resident of Whitestone, the ancestral home of Vox Machina's Percy de Rolo and the location of one of Campaign 1's most iconic storylines.

What is Laudna's new form of dread? ›

It seems Laudna's Patron has changed (her Form of 'Dread' now resembling the Sun Tree) and that she's now a pact of the chain Warlock (Pate coming to life).

What is campaign 3 episode Critical Role? ›

Campaign Three: Bells Hells is the third campaign of Critical Role, which began airing on October 21, 2021. It is set on the continent of Marquet and begins in 843 PD, within a year after the events of Exandria Unlimited Prime.

What episode of Critical Role does Vox Machina end? ›

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115) is the one hundred fifteenth episode of the first campaign of Critical Role and the final episode of Vox Machina's campaign.

Why did Robbie Daymond leave Critical Role? ›

Fans lamented Daymond's departure in the Twitch chat on the next episode that aired. In a recent interview for ComicBooks.com, Daymond expressed that, “one thing that Matt said to [him] from the beginning was 'Let's just play. ' So there was never a plan to have [him] there for a set number of episodes.”

Why did Dorian leave Critical Role? ›

His character Dorian Storm departed for Emon with his brother Cyrus Wyvernwind, after Cyrus was falsely implicated for the destruction of the Moon Tower. Dorian helped Cyrus escape arrest and the pair were smuggled away by the party's patron Lord Eshteross.

Why was Tiberius removed from Critical Role? ›

Upon returning to Emon, Tiberius announced to the other members of Vox Machina that he was leaving, as the "path of Vox Machina and the path of Tiberius Stormwind haven't been aligned for some time." Specifically, he hadn't made progress on his quests or earned the respect of his family.

Did Scanlan marry Pike? ›

They stayed married for years, having together two children: Juniper and Wilhand'ildan (Juni and Wax for short); once both kids were grown and off to school, Scanlan and Pike divorced amicably and went their separate ways (she went to Whitestone and he traveled accross Exandria), although when they saw each other they ...

What kind of cleric is pike? ›

Pike Trickfoot is a gnome cleric of Sarenrae and a member of Vox Machina. She is played by Ashley Johnson. Pike was raised in the city of Westruun by her great-great-grandfather Wilhand Trickfoot, who had redeemed their family of thieves by becoming a follower of Sarenrae.

How old is Keyleth in campaign 3? ›

Because of the druid ability Timeless Body, even though Keyleth is 47 years old at the time, she should appear to be around 25 years old.

Who does Travis play in campaign 3? ›

Travis Willingham is a voice actor, a member of the main cast of Critical Role, and the CEO of Critical Role Productions LLC. He plays Chetney Pock O'Pea in Campaign Three. In previous campaigns, Travis played Grog Strongjaw and Fjord. He played Bertrand Bell at the start of Campaign Three.

How many episodes are planned for Vox Machina? ›

The Legend of Vox Machina
No. of episodes24 (list of episodes)
Executive producersChris Prynoski Sam Riegel Travis Willingham Brandon Auman Laura Bailey Taliesin Jaffe Ashley Johnson Matthew Mercer Liam O'Brien Marisha Ray Shannon Prynoski Ben Kalina
AnimatorsProduction Reve Red Dog Culture House (1 episode)
15 more rows

Is Vox Machina only 3 episodes? ›

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 episodes and release schedule. The series is being released for streaming exclusively by Amazon Prime Video in batches of three episodes, as you can see with the season's patterned release schedule below: Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more.

What dragon killed Vex and Vax mom? ›

Syngorn was unkind to the half-elven children, and so Vex and Vax bonded together to withstand the harshness of their new home. About two years after the duo departed Byroden, the dragon Thordak the Cinder King laid waste to their hometown, killing their mother.

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