How to Play Bitlife Unblocked at School or Work (2024)

Bitlife is the ultimate life simulator! Bitlife is a game that allows you to make any choice you want, whenever you want, with zero real-life consequences! Whether you choose to spend your in-game life as a criminal, an upstanding citizen, or just an average person is entirely up to you, but you’ll always be able to start your in-game life over no matter what you choose. Bitlife is one of the most addicting life simulators on the market right now, it’s nearly impossible not to try and play it everywhere you go.

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The temptation to play this ridiculously addicting game at school or work is nearly overwhelming in its intensity, so thankfully, you no longer have to fight the urge! There are plenty of ways to play this addictive life simulator while you’re not at home. Keep reading to find out how you can play Bitlife unblocked at school or work!

The best way to sneakily play any game while at school or work is by utilizing websites that provide the game for free (you never want to try and download a game to your device from a shady website). Unfortunately, however, most gaming websites are blocked on the private networks that school/work computers run on.

Since Bitlife is such a popular game, there are many websites that offer this game for free, but most of them are not allowed on restricted networks. Thankfully, however, there are a few that manage to slip through the cracks! Although some of these websites may still not work for you, you should be able to utilize at least one of the links, even on the most restricted of networks. Here are a few safe websites that should allow you to play Bitlife unblocked at school or work:

  • Tyrone’s Unblocked Games
    • Tyrone’s Unblocked Games is a Google Site that hosts a variety of playable games, not just Bitlife! In addition to Bitlife, this site offers popular games like Pac-Man and even Among Us! Since this website is also a Google Site, it has a higher chance of going undetected by restricted networks. Google Sites are commonly used for projects in schools and workplaces, so it’s uncommon for restricted networks to block them.
  • Bitlife Online
    • Bitlife Online is the official website for the game, so you know for sure that it’s safe! This website allows you to play Bitlife for free, though you will have to occasionally watch sponsored ads while you’re playing. Many schools/workplaces will block large gaming websites, but small websites dedicated to singular games can occasionally go unnoticed, so there’s a good chance that Bitlife Online won’t be restricted on many networks.
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  • Unblocked Games World
    • Similar to Tyrone’s Unblocked Games, Unblocked Games World is a Google Site that features many more games than just Bitlife, such as Happy Wheels and Stickman School Run (which would be hilarious to play unblocked at school). Since Unblocked Games World is a Google Site, it’s unlikely to be blocked or restricted on school/workplace networks.
  • Play School Games
    • Play School Games is a minor gaming website dedicated to offering free games mainly to kids who are stuck at school, though it should work on many workplace computers as well. This website offers a handful of other games in addition to Bitlife, though you’ll have to deal with a lot of ads. This website isn’t as large or well-known as many other gaming websites, so it’s less likely to be blocked on professional networks.
  • Scratch
    • Scratch is, surprisingly, a college website. Scratch is a part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s official website, so it’s very unlikely to be blocked on any networks, especially on school networks. This website only features an outdated remake of the game, so it won’t be the latest version of the game, but it’s still Bitlife and it’s still free!

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School and work are both very important, but so is having fun! There’s nothing wrong with taking a little Bitlife break now and then between studying and working. Bitlife is one of the most popular life simulators on the market right now, who could possibly resist the temptation to play it everywhere you go?? If you love playing Bitlife and would love to know how to get certain careers (such as a CEO or an Actor), then check out Gamer Journalist’s massive archive of Bitlife guides!

How to Play Bitlife Unblocked at School or Work (2024)
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