Why do people call me Reviewbrah? (2023)


Why am I called Reviewbrah? What are the origins - where did it come from? Today I embark on a quest to find out why people call me Reviewbrah and not TheReportOfTheWeek.

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It had to come from somewhere, It had to Everything has a beginning.

Everything has its origins, but where it all began Where it came from? How.

Did it happen? Tonight I'm, going to find out Strap yourselves in with the met- meta; metaphorical metaphorical seatbelt, because it's gonna be a wild ride.

Tonight we are going to find the origin of review brah Welcome the greatest mystery of all time.

The single biggest question in the 21st century You've heard the news you've seen the discussions.

You've probably read one of the 1400 books that have been authored.

Trying to tackle this issue.

It was an evolution.

It was a metamorphosis.

A lot of people don't know that Thereportoftheweek, reportoftheweek Review lad, review brah, review, bruh, review, dude and review bro Why.

Did that happen? How did that happen? Where when what's going on? Why am I even here right, now? I have those answers for you and I'm going to give you that knowledge that information and In doing so I'm, risking everything, But I, think it's for the greater.

Good I, I do..

and before anything else over the years, I've been referred to as many things even to this day, and you know Predominantly, it's review brah, but on occasion you'll get some other things that will get thrown in here and there and I want to cover a few, the probably the most well known Whatever.

You want to call it Just things I've been referred to and that perhaps we'll just be able to clear up a little bit of confusion.

So then we can get to the real important answers.

First I want to cover the topic of Baby Brah There there he is baby brah That was where it all began.

That was the the start.

That was the beginning.

That was the real You know, it's not rebuke.


It was baby, bro first suit right there and I was uncomfortable.

I was really scratchy at first, but then I kind of got used to it.

You can see right.

There started getting more comfortable, My eyes, they just started getting gigantic I mean that was that was a crazy time and I started going with the pompadour and everything I mean those were the days right there.

Then you have a few people, Review BrA.


Another thing that that was referred to me.

Just listening to this man's voice is or is great, thank you review breath and then it looks like there's two dots and then a Number.

It's like a number three, so you have that there.

The review, bruhhe That, was another one that you'll see from time to time.

Review bruuhe It's one of those crazy things right, there.

You can see in the suit You know.

Massive, I mean that is the only way to describe it.

Bruhgh Why does he look? Like? He is living in a fun, our old House, and then that's followed by at least a dozen and a half squares, Hey, I, mean, I, don't even know the ant I, don't even know where to begin with that, one We're just gonna go with it, right, you know squares and the font of the fun on wall and all that so good enough, More pepperonis, more pepperonis, Surprised I am NOT, enjoy your 2019, reviewdude Looks great Thanks, Ryan That actually was my my name for a very short time.

Sometimes people would even be a bit confused When.

It came down to what I was even referred to and it be asked as a question.

Some people would be unsure and they would say.

Are you? Are you this? Are you that you you remind me of you know,? Whoever or whatever?? Are you a hand model That's? That's a really weird name.

I've never really heard that one before I don't know anyone who goes by that name to be quite honest, but if he meant a Hand model.

I'm, not fingernail model Yes.

Indeed, But not a hand model.

No, fingernails.


No one no hands like you, know, I, don't go into that type of of territory, but I will delve into the the occasional fingernail modeling business Take a effin bite.

Already you salamander, looking And, then that's followed by a few of the smiley faces with the tears dripping and then a square in between them.

You Know, he's actually right.


Do kind of look like a salamander.

Let me show you.

Let me give this up.

I Would say that the resemblance is uncanny.

No, he's right, there.

There was there was a time when you could easily see the comparison there who got that, right? this guy is such a pencil-necked little I swear.

If I see him, I'm going to punch him in the sucker punch him in..., Where, I, guess I guess he means the mouth.

That's an odd But! That's actually the oddest way I've ever seen that referred to, but I, guess that's what he was referring to there.

But you can see that was another name that some people called me.

A pencil-necked Little, you know, you know what.

Then it eventually because I made the change over to pens.

You can see I always got the two pens in my shirt pocket Then.

It changed over to double pen, necked little expletive So.

That was just the early early example.

There isn't too much from the pen neck days, though There are a few things.

If you really kind of dig around and and really go through the archives you'll be able to find Some people tried to take a guess at my name at what I was referred to in this intermediary period.

As I said, anything goes, They tried to guess it for me.

This is dumb.

Asf That was not me, but I guess he thought.

I was Then, you have cases of mistaken identity, and this dude looks like a female version of mr.


You know, I have been called Mr.

Bean a few times and I've always enjoyed that show to be honest, I had never bothered me even in high school Like I called that, if a few times of those and that's completely fine, though the female version, female version of mr Bean, that is, a new one.

Never, had never seen that one before What a classic eighties nerd.

That's another new one, because I always you know, that's that's kind of That's kind of on the bald.

I'm, not quite mix again on the subject of evolution.

Metamorphosis change, changing, right, What I, am is what The 80s nerd became in ten years, the mid nineties accountant That's.

What that's? What I? That's, what I always go for so close close, but no cigar.

You know he was on the point just off by a decade and Here we are.

I, Think I, cleared everything, up., I, hope, I, did., Anyway, I, my best I Tried, to cover every single possible nickname, alias positive identity, false identity, mistaken identity and Everything.

In between., I tried to clear everything: I could up and I hope, I hope that was satisfactory.

I Wanted.

To do everything that I could possible, possibly to clear up any possible confusion, because now we're gonna get serious and that's kind of why I adopted the Semi disheveled look, you know, you want to go with it.

You got to loosen the tie, a little bit.

Not too much You know.

You don't want to look like you just stepped out of the bar at 3:00 a.m.

Yet But, you know, so you still got to keep it.

You know somewhat presentable, but just just enough gotta find that perfect balance, We're gonna get serious.

This is what you've all been waiting for and you know, all I can tell you with this point, is prepare yourself I've been trying to figure out how to deliver this I'm.

Just gonna say it out right.

So, if you're ready, Physically, mentally, if not, you know, take a break, look you do what you have to do.

We're gonna go in The name: Review Brock came about in early 2013 When.

My reviews were shared about and posted on.

Bodybuilding forums of all things and I guess it was just because of the I, don't know the Culture, the community on these sites.

Everyone called each other brah.

I, don't know if this is done anymore.

But at the time, you know, hey, brah, yeah, What's, up, brother, know this bra.

That bra and the members of these sites, decided? Okay? Well, the guy who does the food reviews, is ReviewBrah.

And I, remember at first I kind of I didn't really look at it as any sort of serious name at all.

You know, as a matter of fact, I, just I adopted it initially tongue-in-cheek, but I I Personally found it ridiculous.

I thought you know.

The juxtaposition of ReviewBrah compared to the actual channel is incredible.

So I thought: okay, I'm, just gonna, you know, adopt it as a joke, and that'll be that well.

Of course it turns out that Compare, the name ReviewBrah to TheReportOfTheWeek, which is gonna, stick with people better, you know, which are people going to Remember better.

Even if you don't try to promote that name to them.

Reviewbrah! Before, then I remember A.

Report of the week lion, though the weekly the review of the week.


Could you say that again? You have such a long name and you know, even though it's based of simple words.

It's, easy to forget I, remember when I first started, the channel, I was kind of forgetting it at the time so review blah, you know, it's it's kind of absurd, but It's, easier to remember, easier to say it kind of has a little bit of a catchiness to it.

And, that's why it was adopted I, think by the public at large.

You compare ReviewBrah to TheReportOfTheWeek, and one of those is exponentially easier to remember than the other and You know from 2013 on I've completely adopted it.

You, know, I, always I can't help, but look at it.

Lightheartedly and you know, just just see it kind of as uh, Yeah.

Almost this is the joking type of thing.

But I've adopted it and I'm fine with that And.

You know every time I see that name.

It brings me back to the to the days back and probably late 2013 When I was doing the bodybuilding craze, I used to be hitting the gym, I'd, say 15 to 25 hours.

A day.

I could see right there.

Those are the results that I got and sometimes I look back and I.

Think about those days, and you know I look right now and I say you know: what? You still got it..

[Yeah, right..

you're, even more ripped, now!!] Incredible, isn't it? I.

Just that one thing: Can possess such, Such, a journey.


The only way to put it, you know, I mean Well.

Thank you for watching this video Ladies and gentlemen, everyone watching I'm your host thereportoftheweek, also known as reviewbrah, baby brah review, brass review, bruh, The, pencil-necked piece of you know, whatever, and everything in between Hope you enjoyed it.

You know: I wanted to take a look at a serious topic and just Try to break it down, for you have a bit of fun with it to it, the same at the same time, It's something that I've been asked.

So many times.

As a matter of fact.

This video was actually a viewer request.

I had a lot of people that were coming up to me and saying: could you can you make a video, explaining?, ReviewBrah and I decided to go forward if there is a place where you can get? Your opinion heard Have that direct means of communication be able to support this channel as well as the podcast and the radio show Where I got this from was patreon.

My patreon page is patreon.com/thereportoftheweek That's patreon.com/thereportoftheweek It's a great way to help keep this channel this podcast, the radio show going.

Airtime is expensive.

There's, no other way to To.

Put it you know, that's the honest truth and I was thinking about cutting back on a lot of the shortwave broadcast.

I was thinking you know who even even listens to it anymore.

But I sent out some surveys the other day and I was amazed at the results that came in Lots of people still tuned, in probably tens of thousands If not more across the world and a lot of these people that that wrote in they don't have internet access.

They, don't even have a computer that a lot of people that were saying my internet is just so bad at this point.

They still have to listen to the radio or you know, I'm, using a computer at the public library It's.

It's a way that reaches a lot of listeners even today that just don't have the fast Streaming abilities or smart phones or the good internet that you and I have and there's many people out there The show is able to reach still - and it's your support that keeps it going.

You know, as I said, airtime might be expensive, But.

In my opinion, it's worth every single dollar that sent forth for those costs.

Recently thanks to your support.

I've, just included a broadcast to northern Africa and You know hoping that everything goes Well with that endeavor So with that.

Please consider supporting.

We don't want to use patreon I understand, you know, it's all up to you.

You could also donate via PayPal to vorwinfo@gmail.com With.

A thank you for watching and I.

See you again in a few days with another video.

Take care.


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